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Alas, this TV (and, I think, all LG's Smart TVs) only records on external HDD (40 GBs at least); USB sticks are only for playing contents. This was unmentioned both in the manual and in the built-in guide. The TV's recording feature (Time Machine II) just ignores the USB stick and asks to connect an external HDD I have a LG 55uj634v TV and I am trying to use an ordinary USB memory stick to record video. What happens is that most recordings end abruptly after a few minutes (5 to 10 mins) even if the tv is on. LG tech support say that PVR recording works reliably only if the destination medium has an external power source, like a HDD An electrostatic discharge can cause a USB device to malfunction. In this case, try plugging in the USB device again. If the TV does not recognize a connected USB storage device, replace the cable and try again. Do not use an excessively long cable. The TV does not support some USB storage devices properly Connect a USB device to one of the USB ports on your TV. Press the Home button on the Remote. Use the OK button to select the Input icon. Click USB Flash Drive. You will now be able to browse the files and folders found on your USB device. To eject the USB storage device safely, press the Home button on your remote The best USB stick size for recording TV is at least 128 GB with USB 3.0. There are a lot of factors that can affect the file size, such as video resolution, frame rate, length, and others. If you're going to record a high definition TV show, then you'll need plenty of free space on the USB stick, and 128 GB is more than enough

If your TV comes with a USB stick port, plug a USB memory stick for recording TV via USB. For detailed steps, read the following points. Step 1: Connect USB HDD . Get a USB HDD and connect it to a free USB port located on the TV's back. Step 2: Format the USS HDD. Format it to remove all the data and start using a USB stick to record TV Format USB to NTFS or FAT32 for LG TV. If your USB flash drive is formatted with an incompatible file system or the file system is corrupted, it won't be recognized by LG TV. To fix this issue, it is not a bad choice to format it with FAT32 or NTFS in Windows. To format USB flash drive for LG TV, a free yet powerful USB format tool - AOMEI. The USB ports on the TV are designed to playback movies and/or pictures that are already downloaded onto a USB from a PC or Laptop- meaning you must do any and all recording to the USB from a computer and THEN can play the USB stick on the TV. Feel free to reply back if you need more help, or want to reply back with more details A quick demo and tutorial of how to enable the recording feature on LG Smart TV with a USB HDD. A quick demo and tutorial of how to enable the recording feature on LG Smart TV with a USB HDD

right i know have bought a lg 49 inch smart tv with all the apps and this tv records aswell right this is the problem i record a program off the tv onto a usb stick i formated it to NTFS through the pc then i put it in the back of the tv to record the program i wanted to record it record all ok but i can only play it through the tv cos when i. I recently recorded something from digial TV using the LG 55LW6500 Smart TV. The recorded file is on a USB HDD (I believe the file type is .ts). I believe that the HDD is formatted specifically for LG and it is not able to be accessed on a PC. I would like to get the recorded video file from the HDD to my PC

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Models made before 2010 will have only a single USB port, and it doesn't work with external drives or media. The port is solely for running a diagnostic test on the television to determine and resolve problems. The older models don't work with an LG TV memory stick, LG TV flash drive or any external output Notes for Using USB Devices. We recommend using a USB device with a capacity of between 40 GB and 2 TB. SSDs have limited recording/deleting capabilities. We recommend using an HDD. To remove a USB device, select Quick Menu > USB Device > Eject and wait for the message notifying you that the USB device may be safely removed before disconnecting it Amazon's Choice for usb for lg tv recording SanDisk Ultra Flair 128 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Upto 150MB/s read - Black. 4.7 out of 5 stars 27,318. Limited time deal. tv usb stick for recording Yesterday I formatted a 128gb Samsung the bar usb stick to ntfs and put it in slot 1of my 55 LGC9. After the tv verified the usb (a few quick steps) I tried recording a random cooking show 30mins. I then went into my recordings and hey presto it's there. I rewatched a bit of it, fast forwarded through it and it's all good. I couldn't believe it Look out for a USB port and a REC button on your remote control. If you have these two features, then we are good to go. How to Record on LG Smart TV. Are you wondering how to record on LG smart TV? Then check out the steps below to find out: Insert your USB drive to your television. Afterwards, press the Q. Menu button on your magic remote.

In my opinion, using USB storage to record on a smart TV is the best option. See also: What size memory flash drive you need for TV recording; Best external drive for TV recording; Recording TV to USB Tips: Another pointer when it comes to recording TV to a USB device is the USB device will have to be formatted I brought the LG 42LB6500. One thing I cannot figure out is how to record on USB. The TV can recognize the USB and can play files from the USB fine, but I cannot make it to record TV program onto it. I tried a USB stick, I tried USB HDD, does not seems to work. I tried format to NTFS, and FAT32. The TV just will not allow me to record to it With the LG Smart TV, you can use a variety of recording functions. Using Instant Recording. To record what you are watching immediately, press the Wheel (OK) button on the Magic Remote and press the Record button on the progress bar that appears. The Record button changes to the Stop Recording button when recording is in progress I have a LG Smart TV in my bedroom and want to be able to record programmes to catch up with when I go to bed of an evening, only 1-3 hours probably, but I have no idea what I need to buy in a USB stick to do this. I'm not very tech knowledgable so any advice would be great! Thanks in advance Fire TV Recast, over-the-air DVR, 500 GB, 75 hours, DVR for cord cutters. $229.99. $229. . 99. The Fire TV Recast grants access to live sports, local news, and other OTA content without monthly fees, and acts as a DVR to record two shows at once and store up to 75 hours of HD programming

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Plugging directly into the USB port on your Windows computer, the Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD USB TV tuner is a great choice for viewers who want to enjoy multiple channels at a single time. The Dual TV lets users select one channel to watch and allows them to record another at the same time (although another possibility is having two simultaneous. Amazon Fire TV Recast, $230. The Amazon Fire TV Recast, one of the newer DVRs on the market, is a good choice if you already have—or plan to buy—an Amazon Fire TV television or media player. The Patriot Supersonic is a USB 3.1 drive (compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0) from one of the most established memory players on the market. However, the manufacturer is a relative newcomer to this.

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How to set up USB Recording Once you have purchased a USB hard drive and connected it on the back of the TV you can move on to pairing the USB HDD with the TV. Here is how to set up USB recording. Connect the USB HDD to a free USB port on the back of the TV. The USB hard drive now needs to be formatted (all data will be deleted) There's not enough detail provided in the question to reach a specific answer. It could be the USB drive causing the problem, the TV or even the movie files. Here's a list off the top of my head of things that can go wrong when watching movies on. I managed to record on 256 w1 if you add a m3u file to the inner portal and use record manager you can record from there onto a usb stick it is a bit inconvenient as I have to check in outer portal the time of the programme I want to record as no tv guide in inner portal go to record manager set time and channel from there and the recorded. Buy usb tv recorder products and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Oakcastle SB110 HD Freeview Box for TV, with USB Slot For Recording & Playback. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Oakcastle SB110 HD Freeview Box for TV, with USB Slot For Recording & Playback Report Inappropriate Content. October 2016. There are no system settings for HDD record (Android TV KD-55X5509C) - but it does exist! If you plug a USB device into the HDD, switch off YouView in Settings and press record while watching a Digital channel tou will be promted to register your USB device/HDD. 0 Kudos

Hi. I have a new ue49mu7070 paired with a new Seagate 1tb hard drive plugged into the HDD USB port on the one connect device. The tv records scheduled programmes fine when the tv is on but when the tv is off on standby all scheduled programmes fail to record. Timeshift works ok. I tested this last.. If you connect USB device to Samsung TV with a USB extension cable, the USB might not be recognized by Samsung TV due to the loose connection or something like that. The file system of your USB device is incorrect. Your USB drive stores too many files, for example more than 4000, so that some files cannot be opened Buy today with free delivery. Find your Cheap Memory sticks / flash drives. All the latest models and great deals on Cheap Memory sticks / flash drives are on Currys. View our great range of Memory sticks / flash drives deals today Free delivery or Order & Collect In-Store

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  1. USB Recording giver dig mulighed for at optage programmer til en ekstern lagerenhed, der er direkte tilsluttet tv'et via USB. Din eksterne HDD fungerer stort set som en videobåndoptager. Du kan også bruge den til at sætte live-tv på pause. Bemærk: Kun europæiske tv'er har USB Recording
  2. USB Recording - what is it? Many TVs nowadays are equipped with one or more USB port(s). We have already grown accustomed to playing back photos and movies from a USB hard drive or USB stick on the TV. Now an additional USB feature has been added to TV sets - USB Recording
  3. So if you want to use the Time shift in the TV you will need to buy a USB flash drive or hard drive, and the devices will be connected to your TV. Then you must enter your TV settings and activate time shift. Select the number of the TV program you want to record and the recording time, for example, from 6 am to 9 am. Save settings
  4. It converts the signal either to an analog signal that your old TV can use, or to a digital HDMI signal that you can plug into a more modern HDTV. Many of these boxes today have a USB port where you can plug in a USB drive or stick. You can then record broadcast TV shows for viewing later. My Recommended Converter Box: The Mediasonic HOMEWORX.
  5. This article troubleshoots connection and compatibility issues with external media playback/recording devices (PC, VC Recorder, DVD Player/Recorder, AV Receiver / Home Theatre) and external storage devices (USB Stick, HDD drive). Note: Not covered are Set-Top Boxes and issues related to Wi-Fi Direct , or Internet and home networks in general
  6. >> get it onto a USB drive ( just follow the simple instructions in the link mentioned ) and then Boot your PC into Puppy Linux . >> when Puppy linux starts , plug in your HDD . it might Recognize the drive .( i think it should.! ) and then explore the contents of the drive and just copy paste what you want onto your PC's hard drive
  7. Scheduling a Recording. Click to Expand. 1 Press the Home button on your remote control and select Live TV. Press up on your remote and select Schedule Manager. 2 On the Recording & Schedule Manager page, cycle across to the Schedules tab. Select either Add Viewing or Add Recording. 3 Select the TV Channel you wish to record

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Best USB Stick for LG TV. I have LG smart TV LG 86UM8070 86″ 4K HDR Smart LED IPS TV and needed to record and store some videos in 4K to my external hard drive. I tried different hard drives test but WD wireless My Passport is the best fit for me to work with. I now enjoy transferring my files from WD to my PC and live recording from my. The LG DVD Player with USB Direct Recording, Model # DP132 will support an external USB Hard Drive that has been formatted with Windows FAT16 or FAT32 format. I had no problems with transcoding the video and putting it on my USB memory stick (My USB memory stick is a Sandisk 3.0 Ultra flash drive). Just follow the directions in the dvd.

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How to play common video, DVD and Blu-ray moveis on LG TV via USB? What if we want to play other video formats like H.265/HEVC encoded MKV and MP4 movies on LG TV via USB? A simple workaround is to convert them to LG TV supported video format. Acrok Video Converter Ultimate (Windows | Mac) is just the right any video to LG TV Converter! Besides. I have a LG 47LB650V SMART TV. It says in the manual it'll record to a USB device over 40GB. My old laptop drive works fine (120GB). But not wanting a mechanical drive spinning up every time the. I assume you mean what format does the file on the USB stick need to be for a USB equipped TV to play it? In that case the answer really is it depends since different TV's will be able to read different formats. Some will read a wide variety of. That being said, there is nifty way to game the system. If you are currently shopping for a hard drive that can be used to play media through your TV's USB port, try to stick to drives that are less than 2TB in size, that way no space will be wasted if you need to convert the drive's format. This article was updated in 2020 by Fergus Halliday Step 2. Select Recording Area. After that, you will see four options in the main interface including video recorder, audio recorder, snapshot and more. As you need to record YouTube videos, so just select video recorder. Then you need to choose the recording area by clicking on ∨ button in the display section and then choosing Full screen.

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  1. g device like the Firestick, I suggest viewing our storage guide below. Your Android device must be capable of storing large video files for this solution to work well
  2. @Nyarry Mus, You don't say what is wrong with the USB connection in your TV, so here's a link to the user manual that details how to use the USB port (p.28) and also the remote control (p.23) to access the USB functions etc.. Scroll down to Owner's manual and click on the language link that suits you.. If your USB device is not being detected, plug in a USB mouse and see if the mouse.
  3. Step 5: Convert M2TS to MP4. Click Convert from the toolbar and set the directory to save the output file on the pop-up sidebar. After that, click Convert at the bottom of the sidebar to kick off the process in no time.Once the conversion is done, you will get the converted M2TS files and now you can transfer the files to your USB and stream them on your big screen TV smoothly
  4. The LaCie Rugged Mini is an external hard drive that you can have for less than 100 euros with 2 TB of storage and with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connection. If you are looking for one of the best hard drives for Smart TV but also compatible to go with you on a trip, for photographers or audiovisual artists
  5. g services. This LG OLED TV has HDMI and USB ports for hassle-free connection to external devices
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Next you need an external USB hard drive. The PVR's front-facing USB port has a USB 2.0 rating, but you can use a current self-powered USB 3.0 hard drive. Do not use a drive with larger than 1 Terabyte capacity. Even though the documentation says it can go higher, I find that a 1TB is more reliable with this device and less expensive That manual does not mention tv recording to a SD (or any other) card. Only to a usb drive. Even my dvd/hdd recorder in 3-hour mode will take 1.4 gig per hour but ultimately it does come down to the recording format. If your PC does not recognise them it is a proprietory format but you can always do a short recording and upload that here My TV is a relatively new LG full HD 3D model, but as yet we've not switched over to digital, so all Freeview is still SD. If someone could walk me through how to copy a video file to my USB drive and then be able to play it on my laptop, I'd be very grateful 3. Opening the SmartIPTV folder, you see again two folders: ' FINESTIPTV ' and ' userwidget '. '. Copy both folders and past in the USB root/main directory

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  1. To make use of it you'll need a USB hard-drive or memory stick, which then plugs into one of the USB ports on the TV. You'll only be able to record broadcasts that are received locally by the TV's built-in Freeview or Freesat - that means it won't be able to record anything off of an external device like a Sky set-top box or an Amazon Fire TV.
  2. I can get the TV to read any stick and play media off it, but it doesn't want to record to anything :/ same here. I've given up on the usb and just going to stick with hdd for time shift and recording. if you find a solution please post it
  3. The best USB flash drives make it easy to store and transfer your files. Here are our top picks for memory sticks, including fast USB 3.1 drives and USB-C drives
  4. Hi there , I have a video file in my flashdrive and when i connect it in our TV, the video plays well but there is no sound . What file type would i will convert it so that it would have sound. The current file type is VLC , thanks in advance. Hoping that you guys can help
  5. Using the TV's PVR/Recording Function. On some models of TV's, you are able to record from Digital TV (Freeview in the UK and SAORVIEW in ROI) onto a USB Memory stick or External Hard Drive. Please note that some low cost/older USB memory sticks are not capable to be recorded on correctly due to the hi speed that the TV writes to the USB.
  6. As per title I have already formatted the key (which i bought today) to NTFS and it won't automatically show on my LG menu when i insert it. PC Windows 10 detects it just fine. The LG TV software is up to date. I have already tried rebooting the tv and trying different ports. I have a few other NTFS Sandisk pendrives (Cruzer Edge 32 GB) that always worked with zero problems. I cannot use.
  7. How should I format my USB drive (FAT32, exFAT, NTFS)? If none of your videos exceed 4GB in file size, you should be using FAT32 as this is the most compatible filesystem and works on all Smart TVs. However, if any of your video files are over 4 GB, you will need to use either exFAT or NTFS
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Additionally endorses multi linguistic programming. [Rating: 9/10] £29 Get It → MyGica USB TV Tuner Stick. : iView HD Freeview DVB-T Tuner USB TV. It's possible to observe live High Definition Freeview Television using this USB DVB-T tuner, hear digital radio as well as record your favoured shows on your laptop The DVD player with USB direct recording offers support for different formats, including DVD-ROM/DVD+/-R/RW and CD-R/RW. This DVD player with HDMI output has RCA audio for quality sound. The device records from an audio CD directly to a USB drive so music and movies can be enjoyed in more than one way. It is the ideal piece of equipment. Power consumed by the Pi 2 and all components (no spinning disk, no USB hub, memory stick for storage): 6 W. It doesn't matter what the Pi is doing. It takes around 6W whether you are watching TV, recording 2 channels, whatever Video Codec Not Supported On LG TV. How to solve this problem? I cannot get any Sound when playing a .MP4 video on my new Sharp 55 inch TV. Plug in USB stick having mp4 video into TV USB port. Changed input source to Media. Select option Movie on screen. Picture shows OK, but no sound. Click Volume up and verify remote is not set to muted

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From here, the recorded content will be stored on your USB drive. Please note that when you change the channel, the PVR will need to stop recording. You will be prompted if you would like to confirm this as well. On Demand recording will cease recording once the TV is put into standby mode. To set up scheduled recording: 1 This is not possible if you are only using a TV tuner. However, if a Blu-ray player has a dual tuner, the unit can record while watching another program without swapping sources. During recording press the PROG or Number Buttons to change to the channel you want to watch USB HDD Recording. The Easiest Way to Store Your Favourite Programmes TV programmes can be recorded onto an external USB hard disk drive simply by pressing the REC button on the remote control. * This feature requires a USB hard drive with a capacity of at least 160GB

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LG LED TV Screen Blanks Out. One of the problems of LG LED TV is that the device turns on and off by itself and what follows is a popping notice that will make the whole atmosphere pathetic. This problem is followed by changing of colors like green, light which are blinked for about 2 to 4 seconds. This is a problem that many consumers have. I too had a problem with this, one LG TV claiming a problem on the USB drive. It could be a number of things so the answers below are not necessarily wrong and it would pay you to check them off as you go. but what I discovered was in my case was it was down to the Master Boot record of the device I was trying to connect to the TV Use its 'Advanced Booking' feature and store up to programs worth 1 terabyte via a USB memory stick or an External Hard Drive. Furthermore, it possesses dual chipset tuner, Free to air HD channels, Multimedia player and Home Media Center. It also gives you full control of the device by letting you record, pause, rewind or replay live TV The Rundown. Best Overall: SanDisk Ultra 128GB Dual Drive at Amazon. Since it supports read speeds up to 150MB per second, you shouldn't have any trouble accessing tracks on your devices. Best Budget: SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 at Amazon. Price is substantially less than the vast majority of other high-quality drives USB port types and maximum output (current): USB3.1 Gen 1 port: 900 mA MAX. The port is blue. USB2.0 port: 500 mA MAX or 800 mA MAX. For the maximum output of each port, refer to the labels at the back of the TV or the manual. NOTE: When recording, connect to the port labeled HDD REC

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How to Record IPTV from Your Fire TV Stick - Method 1. This is a relatively simple method for recording your Fire TV Stick's screen. While it doesn't work for recording onto a computer, you. Click here for a good Samsung USB stick we recommend for any TV. Plug USB with fireplace video on into your SMART TV and it will ask you if you want to watch the fireplace on your TV. Play the fire video on your TV and select the Repeat or Loop option so it plays continuously, looping every 20 minutes Here is the tutorial on formatting USB flash drive for car stereo via Disk Management: Connect the USB drive to a Windows computer. Open Disk Management by pressing Windows + R keys at the same time, entering msc in the Run box, and then hitting Enter key. Right-click on the USB flash drive partition and click. from the context menu

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  1. I have a Samsung Smart TV and want to delete my recorded TV shows as I can't record any more as it's full, but I can't work out how to delete them. Show More. I am using LG ultra HD TV . I want to delete recorded video but am having trouble doing that. then defaults to a screen with usb logo that has 3 options
  2. Samsung Smart TV USB not working I have a Samsung USB 128GB flash drive stored with some MP4 videos and MP3 music. When I connect the USB stick on my Samsung Smart TV, the USB is detected but I can neither play MP4 from USB, nor play music on the TV. I unplug and re-plug the USB to TV only to find it cannot be recognized even
  3. Plug the USB stick into the slot on the front of the capture card. Plug your Fire TV Stick into the HDMI input port on the capture card, and connect the HDMI output to your TV or monitor. Once you're ready to begin recording, press the red REC button on the front of the capture card, and it will begin recording directly to the USB stick
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  4. With the LG Smart TV, you can use a variety of recording
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