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DNA Genetics: Award Winning Feminized Seeds. PEV Grow want to invite you to go deep into Amsterdam's old history, its streets, its canals, its Coffee Shops and, of course, to review the best shops in the city over our Dutch universe.At 41 Sint Nicolaas Straat Street, right in the center, we can find the Amsterdam Shop, much more than a bank of marijuana seeds The most wanted strains from DNA Genetics are back in stock! Starting today, 24K Gold, Banana Sorbet, Holy Grail Kush, Bakers Delight, Rocklock, Sour Kosher, Kushberry and Cataract Kush are available in our online shop again. Let's have a look at some of these babes and recall how awesome they are! Strains From DNA Genetics With over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we've grown DNA Genetics into one of the most recognised and leading brands in the world today. Our love and passion for this plant can now be seen across our wide range of premium varieties, which have been carefully selected and packaged for your ultimate premium DNA experience across with all our official partners and associated. Reading Time 5 minutes. Top 10 Best Seed Banks with American Genetics . Today, we intend to update you with the latest information about the best American cannabis seed banks in their catalogues, even though some of these genetics are in the best clinics in states where recreational use is permitted.. In addition, some of these varieties are the most widely sold in California dispensaries.

Posted March 11, 2009. Grab a look at my current grow diary and my previous grow (links in my sig). I'm currently growing 3 Martian Haze, one of DNA's new test strains (Martian Mean Green x G13 Haze). Its a sativa dom with a 12wk flowering time. Lovely taste with a narcotic effect Best for: All occasions DNA Genetics developed Chocolope by crossing Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze to create their homage to the super-popular Chocolate strains of the 1980s. The hefty buds.. the lemon skunk was pretty good the kushberry is not a high yielder i would stay away from that one its pretty good smoke but more of personal strain for urself and the best one from dna ive grew is the la women and im not sure if its true or false but it was listed to have a higher yield than la confidential but hope this help The founders of DNA Genetics started growing in California in the 80s, then moved to Amsterdam in 2002 to breed and sell seeds in a friendlier legal environment. They brought genetics from California with them, and soon were developing new and unique strains that combined genetics from all over the world DNA Genetics. Founded by Don and Aaron in Amsterdam back in 2004, DNA Genetics have created some of the most well-known products by combining high quality genetics and expert growing practices.

Active Member. Oct 30, 2009. #25. Fuck dna genetics , def not worth it. Over priced bad quality seeds. Bought a lot of seeds and the germination rate was exact 50%. When I buy expencive seeds , the germination should be 100%, like BarneysFarm seeds,Sensi, Paradise, Serious seeds.... Again ppl from the states fucked up everything Since its inception, the genetics developed by DNA have won more than 200 awards, in all categories, at the most prestigious cannabis events around the world - making DNA the global standard in breeding and growing best-in-class strains. DNA was founded in Amsterdam in 2004 and found roots stateside in Los Angeles Hi, I'm trying to find out what are the best seed banks to help myself and others into getting the best start in growing. I've recently read a few bad reviews about DNA Genetics and reserva privada, I've heard there seeds basically ain't all that and not to bother DNA Genetics review . Visit DNA Genetics. Welcome to the online home of DNA Genetics cannabis seeds where you will find a specially selected range of smoker's delights! DNA Genetics Cannabis Strains are constant award winners and we pride ourselves on bringing that same quality to all of our products including our range of DNA Genetics Seeds, Reserva Privada Seeds, DNA Clothing, DNA Smoking.

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  1. When it comes to Kush strains, DNA Genetics consider Holy Grail Kush to be their crowning glory. It is the mix of Kosher Kush x The OG #18, and as you would expect of such names, their child is a legend in her own right - bringing together the best of both. Expect an overpowering high and..
  2. Best Selling DNA cannabis seeds. Purchase DNA Genetics, Reserva Privada, G.Y.O Collection, Crockett Family Farms and more direct from the breeder only at www.dnagenetics.com Each pack is hand selected and comes with tamper proof sealing for ultimate security. Source your winners today
  3. Growing experience, grow tips, strains reviews by home growers. DNA Genetics cannabis seed bank strain reviews. top level stuff holy grail i like it a lot very close to best iv had what makes it a 9 and not a 10 is bud structure and that's it everything else is beautiful iv done 3 seeds of it and all grew very similar with the last of the 3.

Cannabis Seeds. We have a large selection of cannabis cup winning strains that are exclusive only at DNA Genetics. Purchase Reserva Privada, G.Y.O Collection, Crockett Family Farms and more direct from Amsterdam. Each pack is hand selected and comes with a tamper proof sealing for ultimate security. Source your winners today Holy Grail Kush from DNA Genetics Seeds is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. In 9 seedbanks, we found 23 offers between EUR 14.59 for 1 feminized seed and EUR 1015.22 for 100 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy Holy Grail Kush Cannabis Seeds from DNA Genetics Seeds somewhere - have a look to our Holy Grail Kush Price Comparison page with.

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When a breeder like DNA Genetics warns you of the strength of one of their strains, you better approach it with care. Which is precisely the case with Kushberry, which by a considerable margin is one of the most potent and powerful strains these guys have produced to date out of 10!) Click on the strains to find more informations, pictures, reviews, comparisons and sources for a variety - and/or check out the Breeder Info here at the page to find out more about DNA Genetics Seeds. Its also possible to visualize all DNA Genetics Seeds strains together with all their Parents or Hybrids with our dynamic maps - check it out View all the seeds bred by DNA Genetics in the list below and find the best offer for your DNA Genetics seeds online. DNA Genetics is known for their 24k Gold seeds and 60 Day Lemon seeds, we have those seeds listed here along with the other 70 seeds bred by DNA Genetics. hybrid high thc high yield. 24k Gold. 62 offers DNA Genetics - Cannabis Seed Breeder featuring such cannabis seed strains as Rocklock, Cannalope Haze, Kushberry, Sour Kush, and more

DNA Genetics Kandy Kush Won 1st place at the Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 and was voted best Medical Marijuana on show.Dna Genetics Kandy Kush is a Classic stretch of the OG Kush crossed with Train Wreck to give you OG flavor and Train Wreck's Fat Heavy Buds.Once again there are many medicinal benefits to this strain and a True California flavor DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk Feminized Seeds from DNA Genetics now at SeedSupreme. Buy this Mostly Sativa strain with Medium (10-15%) THC levels and Low (0-1%) CBD Be the first to review DNA Genetics - Rocklock (F) Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a review. Related products. Sale! Dank Genetics - Sour Flip Mode (F) $ 150.00 $ 100.00; Clearwater Genetics - The Sweet N Beefy (F) Best Seeds - 1218 East Broadway #116,. It's all about the terpene profile, says Aaron of DNA Genetics, a weed legend responsible for some of the most famous strains — LA Confidential, Tangie, Holy Grail Kush just to name a few — and sought-after genetics in the world. Flavonoids, terpenes, aroma, smell, taste DNA Genetics is a large international seed bank that supplies the best cannabis genetics originating from California. Based in Amsterdam, the company extends its reach to every country where marijuana is made legal. Buy DNA's award-winning strains today

out of 10!) Click on the strains to find more informations, pictures, reviews, comparisons and sources for a variety - and/or check out the Breeder Info here at the page to find out more about DNA Genetics Seeds. Its also possible to visualize all DNA Genetics Seeds strains together with all their Parents or Hybrids with our dynamic maps - check it out Bred by DNA Genetics, the Holy Grail Kush strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has won a number of awards, including first place at 2011 HIGH Cannabis Cup.It is highly regarded for its distinct OG Kush aroma and flavor. Holy Grail Kush Strain: Kosher Kush X OG #18. I came across this batch of the Holy Grail Kush strain on my recent trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA

DNA Genetics - SleeStak Seeds. SleeStak cannabis seeds are the product of a project by West Coast growers collective, Reserva Privada. By blending two of their favorite cannabis strains, Shrom and Martian Mean Green, Reserva Privada have succeeded in creating a highly resinous plant with the good yields associated with Shrom and the minty. Sowah Sherbert. Overview: Sowah Sherbet is a new hybrid marijuana strain from Pheno Finder Seeds. It was made by crossing a selfed Sunset Sherbet to Karma Genetics' Sowah Diesel Bx2. The plants show the best traits of both parents, from growth vigor to bud quality. In about 10 weeks of flowering, these dank, dense buds are ready to harvest Kosher Kush is an indica strain by Reserva Privada which is a part of DNA Genetics. It has a pungent, floral and earthy smell. Kosher Kosh nugs are short, stout, dense and frosty Specializing in potent medicinal strains since 2003, DNA has won over 150 awards for their contributions to the cannabis industry all around the world. Starting life in California, DNA Genetics' founders enjoyed the best selections of local strains when they started growing in the late 80's

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24k Gold is the indica dominant strain that is based on the combining of the multiple award winners - Kosher Kush and Tangie. It consists of 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics and provides good balanced effect. The plant has a short flowering of 9-10 weeks. It suits both for indoors and outdoors and brings the yields of 450-550 gr/m2 When money actually grows on tree's Start with the very best genetics imported and bred by our team of green thumb experts here in the US. Our roots have began to take hold with the upcoming launch of our business, while many strains develop in the background we continue to build our first retail genetics store that will be semi-open to the public for those 21 & UP with valid ID DNA Genetics released The LA Confidential strain in the early 2000's and it quickly gained a reputation as an award-winning variety of cannabis. It has received a number of honors in the competition circuit, including 3rd place for Best Indica at the 2004 Cannabis Cup and 2nd place the following year

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DNA Genetics. The DNA boys are fresh off Back-to-back Hightimes Cannabis Cup wins in the Seed Company catagory, first in 2004 (3rd- place Indica for LA Confidential). And then in 2005 (1st-place Sativa for Martian Mean Green, and 2nd-place Indica for LA Confidential).They're determined to show that those awards were no flukes and their strains. DNA Genetics intentions never changed from the moment the company was created. They continue to provide and supply the highest quality cannabis seeds for the medicinal and recreational markets. Quality Recognition. In 2005, DNA Genetics Seeds won its first High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam with the variety Martian Mean Green DNA Genetics Seeds, like many others before them, settled in Amsterdam. DNA Genetics is known for the creation of many strains of medicinal cannabis seeds. In just over 8 years, DNA has won over 50 awards from prestigious cannabis events in several countries. They have been selling their clothing in their store in Amsterdam and are now.

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  1. Greenpoint Seeds - 3 for 1 (REGS) #1 Current bid: $ 50.00 Time left In House Genetics Chem-J Starting bid: $ 200.00 Time left Cannarado Genetics seed lot! 7 packs + freebies
  2. DNA Genetics seed bank. Originating from Hollywood, DNA Genetics founders Don and Aaron cut their teeth growing weed in California during the late 80s. With all of those fine Californian cannabis strains available they soon learnt the business, but due to the sometimes draconian US cannabis laws they moved to Amsterdam where they set up DNA Genetics in 2003
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  4. The answer lies in the genetics, environment, and evolution of cannabis strains. A plant's genetic structure along with the environment in which it is grown defines its final form. A plant with similar genetic makeup, when grown in a different environment will bring out a different trait from the plant's genetic code resulting in a unique.
  5. DNA Genetics creates two cannabis lovers. They have started their experience in the late 80s in Hollywood. In 2002 they move to Amsterdam to bred some new strains, as its is more cannabis friendly place
  6. The cross has earned DNA Genetics 2 Cannabis Cup championships, she even out performed all other entries in 2011 HTCC to take First place with a first ever perfect score. Holy Grail Kush is a fairly easy strain to grow for most growers, with it's vigorous veg growth and great bud to leaf ratio in flower
  7. DNA Genetics is perhaps one of the most well known and regarded cannabis seed brands in the world established over 13 years ago in Amsterdam DNA Genetics | Cannnabis Seed Breeders by LSC The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled

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  1. Operating similarly to DNA tests like 23andMe or AncestryDNA, which use their results to focus on genealogy, EndoCanna's test highlights certain genetic predispositions that might interact with cannabinoids, or cannabis compounds. (The two most common cannabinoids are THC, a psychoactive chemical, and CBD, an anti-psychoactive compound that.
  2. After we get our test results back, we can keep those 1:1 genetics by simply inbreeding; that is, we take the 1:1 plants and cross them with each other. Mr. Soul, the moniker of the man who bred the world-famous Cindy 99 strain, recommends a cubing process for breeding out undesirable traits. To cube, he advises growers to breed the.
  3. It only takes one swab of the cheek for you to unlock the most comprehensive DNA test in the cannabis industry. You'll receive a test kit with instructions and a pre-paid mailer to return to our CLIA certified lab. Most customers receive their results within 2 weeks of placing an order. Order Your Kit

Genetics play a critical role within the cultivation of cannabis, and thereafter during the consumption phase - dictating both the flavor and smell. Each strain of marijuana is best explored personally, to experience the different taste profiles and effects. However even within the same marij. DNA Genetics is a Californian cannabis seed bank that, repressed by the situation in the US, in 2003 decided to establish its headquarters in Amsterdam, a far more cannabis-friendly location. Two years later, the DNA Genetics team, led by Aaron and Don, was awarded a prize that was the starting.

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Best Medical Strain 2014 - DNA Genetics - Cannatonic - Herbies AwardsCongratulations to DNA Genetics for CANNATONIC. This strain was Voted BEST MEDICAL STR.. This genetic cross creates the legend that is DNA Genetics' Miss DNA. This strain is famous for its high yields, strong aromatic profile, and substantial returns for concentrates DNA Genetics is a cannabis company that cross breeds different strains of the cannabis plant. It was founded by Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni (D and A). The company also sells merchandise, apparel, and accessories. Morris and Yarkoni also work as consultants for other professionals in the industry Best place to buy marijuana seeds online and trusted Seed Bank. Sunwest Genetics aims to help preserve and improve the cannabis genetics for the future generations to come. We do believe that it is of great importance to ensure that diverse gene pool of cannabis strains remains when governments begin to better realize the medical applications.

24K Gold of the Seed Bank DNA Genetics, is a potent and productive marijuana plant with an excellent fruity flavour and potent Kush undertones direct descendant of two High Times Cannabis Cup winners in Amsterdam in the years 2012 and 2013, as it are [...] 3 seeds (Product sold out) 45.00€ DNA Genetics BT7 (Crockett Family Farms) Feminised Seeds. $ 41.99 - $ 60.99 Select options. $ 41.99 - $ 60.99. 3 6. *

Generating DNA-bait strains for gateway-compatible yeast one-hybrid (Y1H) screens involves three steps. The first is to generate an Entry clone containing the DNA-bait of interest. Gateway cloning is used to clone larger baits, such as promoters, into pDONR-P4-P1R. (An alternative set of steps is al Miss U.S.A | DNA Genetics. Kosher Kush and Strawberry Banana join forces to create Miss U.S.A., another DNA Genetics legend. These strains have been causing a storm in California for their good yields, great aroma and excellent concentrate yields. Miss U.S.A. is a great variety for first-time growers and experienced connoisseurs Every year is an improvement over the last, as we tinker with the genetics. We highly recommend The Bank Cannabis genetics for amateurs or professionals.. Possible Desirable/Interesting Traits: Big yields, big terps, high potency. Additional Notes: Another monster yielder form our Fall 97 series

Grouped product items. Product Name. 60 Day Lemon - Auto - Feminised 6pack. €55.00. Notify me when back in stock. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Details. Over the past 3 years DNA Genetic has had a great response from their automatic 60 Day Wonder so now they have decided to spice things up. DNA Genetics are considered one of the most popular seed companies in the world. DNA Genetics Seeds was initially established in America, founded by two guys who love cannabis. Don and Aaron found that the USA was not so cannabis friendly, so they moved to Amsterdam thus creating DNA Genetics in 2004 SKYMINT BRANDS, Formerly Green Peak Innovations, Joins Forces with DNA Genetics to Bring Flower Strains to Michigan with the Launch of SKYMINT X DNA GENETICS. SKYMINT X DNA GENETICS features a premium collection of seven of the most globally awarded and sought-after flower strains, including Bakers Delight and Ztrawberriez DNA Genetics Announces Official Launch of Premium Cannabis Flower in the Michigan Market With Skymint™ making DNA the global standard in breeding and growing truly best-in-class strains DNA Genetics. There are 17 products. DNA Genetics is an Amsterdam-based cannabis seed producer that has been producing quality seeds since 2003. In the last decade they have won more than 150 awards for their strains. We are offering 21 different feminized and autoflowering strains that are easy to grow for any grower

Marijuana Seeds. -. DNA Genetics. -. Sour Diesel. The Sour Diesel is a good yielding, stretchy strain that produces light green, frosty, sour flowers that have a pinkish color when finishing. The Sour Diesel is best if you let it go the full 10 weeks and the taste lingers in your mouth well after the exhale. It is recommended to pinch and bend. Transforming principles from the dead S strain cellsare absorbed by R strain cells, allowing them to express the traits of S strain cells. Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty (1944) Used enzymatic degradation to determine that DNA is the molecule that transforms R strain cells to S strain

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Konagold Genetics - Hawaiian Blend Variety Pack (F) $ 100.00 Konagold Genetics - Workingman Variety Pack (F) $ 100.00 Konagold Genetics - Workingman's OG (F Oasis Genetics Paradise Seeds Perfect Tree Seeds Positronics Seeds Prism Seeds Pyramid Seeds Reserva Privada Resin Seeds Royal Queen Seeds Samsara Seeds Sensi Seeds Serious Seeds Shortstuff Seeds Sweet Seeds T.H.Seeds The Plug Seedbank World of Seeds -Promotions Barney's Farm CLEARANCE Canuk PUKs BC Bud Depot Promo DNA Genetics / RP Promo.

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Devils Harvest Seeds Dinafem Seeds DNA Genetics Dutch Passion Greenhouse Seeds Humboldt Seed Organisation Moxie Seeds Sensi Seeds. Regular Brothers Grimm Seeds Cali Connection Seeds Lady Sativa Genetics Mr Nice Seedbank Nirvana Seeds Rare Dankness Seeds Serious Seeds Soma Seeds TGA Genetics Best Sellers. Mafia Funeral Fem... From: £115.00. Kosher Kush. DNA Genetics. THC 15 - 26%. CBD 1%. Would buy again? 79.6%. 142 reviews. Kosher Kush from DNA Genetics is a THC-dominant varietal from DNA Genetics, lives up to its namesake: it's legit. No stranger to winning awards, its buds are defined by a signature earthy and herbal aroma

DNA Genetics. Showing the single result DNA Genetics - Rocklock (F) $ 100.00; Breeders. Auto Flowering; Breeders 42 13 Hills; 1904 Genetics; 808 Genetics; AB Seeds Massive Seeds; Mephisto Genetics; Midwest Best; Mosca Negra; Mota Rebel; Mr. Spliff of Cannabis; MTG Seeds; Nerds Genetics; Night Owl Seeds; Nine Fold Genetics; Obsoul33t. DNA Genetics recommends this strain for stress-relief and a cosy sleep experience that shall restore the energy balance of one's mind, body, and soul. 9. BUBBA KUSH CBD (DINAFEM DNA Genetics has been in the cannabis industry for over 15 years and is one of the most recognized brands today. They have worked diligently to create a range of premium genetics that will provide you with an unmatched experience. DNA's love for this plant shines through their carefully selected products which are no Delicious Seeds ( 4 ) DNA Genetics ( 6 ) Dutch Passion ( 19 ) Green Mountain Seeds ( 4 ) Indian Landrace Exchange ( 7 ) Paradise Seeds ( 8 ) Reserva Privada ( 8 ) Sensi White Label ( 11 ) Serious Seeds ( 8 ) T.H.Seeds ( 12 ) Cheap Feminized Seeds ( 11 ) More Seed Banks; Collections. High THC ( 41 ) High Yields ( 30 ) Best Hash Strains ( 46.

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  1. Danko Approves Top Ten Best Strains 2011. Danny Danko unveils HIGH TIMES' choices for the most potent and finest-tasting pot varieties in the world - our annual, highly esteemed list of the award-winning ganja genetics available for true cannabis connoisseurs and weed aficionados. This years top ten picks: Blue Dream, Sour Kush, Jack Herer.
  2. On Sale Now. Seed Junky Genetics - Caribbean Breeze $ 550.00 $ 440.00; Seed Junky Genetics - Amoretto Sour $ 550.00 $ 440.00; Seed Junky Genetics - Bubble Spritz $ 550.00 $ 440.00; Seed Junky Genetics - Banana Cooler $ 550.00 $ 440.00; Jungle Boys - Junglato $ 200.00 $ 160.00; Oni Seed Co. - Honey Bunny $ 250.00 $ 200.00; Seed Junky Genetics - Dosidos x Animal Sorbet $ 550.00 $ 440.00; Seed.
  3. The founders of DNA Genetics, Don and Aaron, are two cannabis enthusiasts that started their growing journey back in 80's California. Growing in California during that time meant that they had access to some of the finest West Coast genetics, accumulating fine quality seeds from friends, family and various contacts
  4. ized strains to make awesome autoflowers. Beginners can benefit from autoflower seeds as they don't need to take care of the light cycle and seasons
  5. d-erasing effects. Bred from South East Asian, Jamaican Haze, and Afghani/Hawaiian genetics. Growing Amnesia Haze can be a challenge
  6. DNA Genetics. Blood Orange Sorbet FEMINIZED Seeds (DNA Genetics - Sorbet Collection) R 1,200.00. Add to wishlist. Quick View. DNA Genetics. DNA Genetics 24k Gold (aka Kosher Tangie) R 1,300.00. Add to wishlist

Providing you with the best Cannabis Genetics and Cannabis Strains from the best Cannabis Seed Breeders out there! 13 Hills (4) 42 (65) 517 Legend Seed Co. (1) 707 Seed bank (4) 3rd Coast Genetics (14) DNA Genetics (1) DNA Heritage (4) Doc Dank Seeds (22) Dojo Seed Co (7) Dragons Flame Genetics (34) Driftwood Genetics (13 As an official reseller, we sell DNA Genetics's high quality feminized cannabis seeds, regular cannabis seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds The GYO collection by the DNA Genetics is a new set of high quality marijuana seeds from one of the seedbank in the entire cannabis world. This collection of new strains is a good news for every Connoisseur marijuana seed collector