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War in Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF; October, 2001 - December, 2014) OEF is the official name used for the War in Afghanistan, together with three smaller military actions, under the umbrella of the Global War on Terror. However, the phrase is typically used to refer just to the war in Afghanistan OIF Timeline / Significant Events 2003: INVASION. • March 17: President Bush gives Saddam Hussein 48-hour deadline to give up power. • March 19: Military operations to disarm Iraq begin. Bush announces strikes during speech to America at 10:15 p.m. Eastern Time OIFStrategic Steps -Key Dates _____•••11 Oct Nov Dec Presidential Speech To United Nations Sep Presidential Approval For Iraqi Regime Change Jul Aug 2 2 0630, 14 May 03 N: \\JOD\CentCom\Current Actions\Briefs\OIF Chronology\Chronology ofthe War v9 81!8~1!!

April 21, 1898, through July 4, 1902, inclusive. If the veteran served with the U.S. military forces engaged in hostilities in the Moro Province, the ending date is July 15, 1903. The Philippin Operation ENDURING FREEDOM began on October 7, 2001, when the United States launched military operations in Afghanistan, including airstrikes against Kabul and Kandahar. In sustaining military operations for over a decade, American troops continue to fight a widespread insurgency and establish a viable government OIF Campaign Phases: * Liberation of Iraq - March 19, 2003 to May 1, 2003. * Transition of Iraq - May 2, 2003 to June 28, 2004. * Iraqi Governance - June 29, 2004 to Dec. 15, 2005 OEF is also affiliated with counter-terrorism operations in other countries targeting Al Qaeda and remnants of the Taliban, such as OEF-Philippines and OEF-Trans Sahara, primarily through government funding vehicles. Operation Enduring Freedom - (OEF), 7 October 2001 - 31 December 2014. Succeeded by Operation Freedom's Sentinel August 29, 2006. Marine Cpl. Christopher T. Warndorf, 21, of Burlington, Kentucky. Warndorf died while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Died on August 29, 2006

  1. Operation Iraqi Freedom started in March 2003 with the invasion of Iraq. Last combat brigade left Iraq August 2010. Operation New Dawn started September 1, 2011. As of September 2013, approximately 1,724,058 OEF/OIF/OND have separated from military service. Approximately 998,004 (58%) have sought care from VA
  2. Get a direct link to your local Transition and Care Management Team (formerly the OEF/OIF/OND) facility website program office or download a copy of the complete Care Management Team Contact Roster (.xls) Click on the state initials to view facilities in that state or search the list below
  3. Campaign Phases Inclusive Dates Liberation of Iraq . Mar 19, 2003 - May 1, 2003 . Transition of Iraq May 2, 2003 - Jun 28, 2004 Iraqi Governance Jun 29, 2004 - Dec 15, 2005 National Resolution Dec 16, 2005 - Jan 9, 2007 Iraqi Surge Jan 10, 2007 - Dec 31, 200
  4. This site provides information on Veterans Benefits, Veterans, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn, OEF, OIF, OND, Education, Home Loan benefits, Insurance Benefits, GI Bill, Health Care, Vet Centers for Post 9/11 Veteran
  5. U.S. Military Casualties - Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Names of Fallen. (As of July 1, 2021) Service. Component. Name (Last, First M) Rank. Pay Grade. Date of Death (yyyy/mm/dd) Age
  6. Since the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001, over 1.9 million US military personnel have been deployed in 3 million tours of duty lasting more than 30 days as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) (Table 2.1). Those wars are fundamentally different from the first Gulf War and other previous wars (see Chapter 3) in their heavy dependence.
  7. The Iraq Campaign Medal replaced the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (GWOT-EM) for service in Iraq from 19 March 2003, through 30 April 2005. Personnel who previously received the GWOT-EM for Iraq service were given the option to exchange the medal for the Iraq Campaign Medal

OEF/OIF is defined as a DoD Service member who is or has been physically located within the OEF/OIF combat zones or areas of operation (AOR), or has been specifically identified by his/her service as 'directly supporting' the OEF/OIF mission outside the designated combat zone (e.g., U.S. Air Forc 180 Day Dental Benefit OEF/OIF/OND combat Veterans may be eligible for one-time dental care — but you must apply with 180 days of your separation date from active duty. More info: Combat Veterans Fact Sheet Find Family Support at Vet Center Since the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001, over 1.9 million US military personnel have been deployed in 3 million tours of duty lasting more than 30 days as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) ().Those wars are fundamentally different from the first Gulf War and other previous wars (see Chapter 3) in their heavy dependence on the. 1. OEF stands for Operation Enduring Freedom while OIF stands for Operation Iraqi Freedom.. 2. OEF was named for Afghanistan while OIF was named for Iraq. 3. The result of the OEF in Afghanistan was the killing of Osama bin Laden and the overthrowing of the Taliban regime while the result of the OIF was the successful. See more of Free Vacations for Wounded Service Members of OIF/OEF in McGregor, MN on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Free Vacations for Wounded Service Members of OIF/OEF in McGregor, MN on Facebook. We have set the dates for the 2021 season: June 10th-13th, July 8th-11th, August 12th-15th, September 2nd-6th and.

Brixey died at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany, from wounds received as a result of an improvised explosive device while traveling in a convoy in Afghanistan on January 25, 2006. During Operation Enduring Freedom, his unit was attached to 3rd Marine Logistics Group, III Marine Expeditionary Force, Okinawa, Japan U.S. Military Casualty Statistics: OFS, OIR, OND, OIF, and OEF Congressional Research Service RS22452 · VERSION 32 · UPDATED 1 Overall Casualties in OIR, OIF, OND, OEF, and OFS Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) began on October 7, 2001, and was primarily conducted in Afghanistan. On December 28, 2014, President Obama announced that OEF had. Operation Inclusive Dates ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF) Sep 11, 2001 - TBD IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF) Mar 19, 2003 - Aug 31, 2010 . NOMAD SHADOW (ONS) Nov 5, 2007 - TBD NEW DAWN (OND) Sep 1, 2010 - Dec 31, 2011 . INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR) Jun 15, 2014 - TBD FREEDOM'S SENTINEL (OFS

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Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND) Veterans Coded with Potential PTSD - Revised Cumulative from 1 st . Qtr FY 2002 through 3. rd . Qtr FY 2012 (October 1, 2001 - June 30, 2012) Revised December 2012 . Epidemiology Program Post-Deployment Health Group Office of Public Healt Apply for and manage the VA benefits and services you've earned as a Veteran, Servicemember, or family member—like health care, disability, education, and more

VA Health Care Utilization among OEF/OIF/OND Veterans Cumulative from 1st Qtr FY 2002-3rd Qtr FY 2015, Released January 2017 2 Introduction This is a quarterly report on Veterans who served in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), or Operation New Dawn (OND) and who have used VA health care OEF, OIF, Program Managers North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System , Seamless Transition Description: This document contains contact information for the North Florida/South Georgia OEF OIF Program Managers Last modified by: Watts, Alison (NF/SG) Created Date: 7/20/2012 5:46:00 PM Company: Department of Veterans Affairs Other title Freedom (OEF), and Iraqi Freedom (OIF)) January 1, 1997 to present; December 31, 1998 to December 31, 2002 (projected); OEF September 11, 2001 to present; OIF March 19, 2003 to present Korea October 1, 1966 to June 30, 197 Special Eligibility and Coordination of Care for Combat Veterans Serving in Combat Theater After 11/11/1998- Returning Servicemembers (OEF/OIF/OND) The Post-9/11 Transition and Care Management Program offers transitional assistance, case management and outreach services to all Veterans who have served after September 11, 2001 in their.

OEF/OIF/OND Family & Friends - Mondays, 5:30pm - 6:30pm; Job Placement Services and Job Readiness Training - Thursday, 1pm - 3pm; Art Therapy for OEF/OIF/OND Veterans - Wednesdays, 11:00am (group is located in the Wellness Center) Peer Support - Tuesdays 1pm, Day Hospital Program, 2nd floor Ogden; Call or Stop in for more information about our OEF/OIF/OND/OFS veterans qualify for special combat veteran eligibility for up to five years after their discharge from service. This special eligibility includes enrollment in Priority Group 6 and exemption from copayments for care of conditions potentially related to their military service. Veterans serving in the Southwest Asia theater of. Transition and Care Management (TCM)/OEF/OIF/OND Team: TCM/OEF/OIF/OND Main Office Location: Bldg. 3, 1A103 400 Veterans Ave. Biloxi, MS 39531 Fax: 228.523.516 (Formerly Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) Team), to serve the Veterans who participated in this campaign. Each Veteran initially has 5 years of health care and 180 days to apply for dental care at the VA after discharge or retirement

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OEF/OIF/OND Combat Veterans Services The Transition and Care Management Program holds a general orientation meeting for all OEF/OIF/OND Veterans from 2:00pm-3:00pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at the Phoenix VA and the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Southeast CBOC The Hampton VA Medical Center (VAMC) OEF/OIF/OND care management program works exclusively with Operating Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn Veterans. Our staff serve as the primary point of contact for any issues related to access to health care and provide ongoing care management services as needed Transition & Care Management offices (former OEF/OIF/OND offices) at Fayetteville VA Health Care Center, 7300 South Raeford Road, 1st Floor 1C, Room 1643, Fayetteville NC 28304. Special Eligibility and Coordination of Care for Combat Veterans Serving in Combat Theater After 11/11/1998- Returning Servicemembers (OEF/OIF/OND OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager 520-792-1450 Ext. 4354. Transition Patient Advocate 520-269-1684. Eligibility & Enrollment 520-629-174 overlapping stop loss start and end dates. every effort will be made to ensure soldiers are not involuntarily retained beyond their contractual ets/ecur date or previously approved voluntary retirement date for more than one operational deployment under oef or oif. commanders are in the best position to identify soldiers tha

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Eagle (ONE), Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Operation Noble Eagle is the name given to military operations related to homeland security1 and support to federal, state, and local agencies2 in the wake of the September 11th attacks. Operation Enduring Freedom includes ongoin Publication Date: 2011: Personal Author: Melvin, K. C. Page Count: 23: Abstract: The purpose of this report is To (a) understand and explain how posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) affect couple functioning in Army soldiers returning from combat, and their spouses/partners, (b) test the moderating effects of age, gender, rank, resilience, coercion in the relationship and previous history of. Operation Enduring Freedom andOperation Iraqi Freedom(OEF/OIF) Created Date: 4/16/2009 2:25:39 PM. Said no OIF or OEF Veteran ever. That's because every single American outpost or base in Iraq and Afghanistan had a burn pit. There were burn pits at Balad, LSA Anaconda, and FOB Marez. At COP Heider, Sinjar, Talil. They had burn pits at FOB Danger, FOB McKenzie, and LSA Diamondback. They were at Sykes, Stryker, and FOB Kalsu..Al Asad, Taji OIF/OEF Veterans VA Health Care and Benefits The Oklahoma City VAMC is honored to wel-come home our new generation of OEF/OIF military veterans. As an OEF/OIF veteran you will receive 5 years of free healthcare re-lated to your deployment. If you need services that are not listed, contact the OEF/OIF program staff for assistance

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OEF/OIF Outpatient Dental Treatment Special Eligibility and Coordination of Care for Combat Veterans Serving in Combat Theater After 11/11/1998- Returning Servicemembers (OEF/OIF/OND) The Post-9/11 Transition and Care Management Program offers transitional assistance, case management and outreach services to all Veterans who have served after. Overview of Air Expeditionary Force Rotation Schedules. Join the GlobalSecurity.org mailing lis Results: Of 762 OEF/OIF veterans with CNCP, 64% were prescribed at least one opioid medication over the 12 months following their index dates. Of those prescribed an opioid, 59% were prescribed opioids short term and 41% were prescribed opioids long term

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OEF/OIF Program Manager/Point of Contact (973) 676-1000, extension 1727 Jennifer Alonso, MSW/LSW OEF/OIF Social Work Case Manager (973) 676-1000, extension 6106 June Mayer, NP OEF/OIF Nurse Clinical Case Manager (973) 676-1000, extension 2369 Barbara O Hanlon, MSW/LCSW OEF/OIF Social Work Case Manager (973) 676-1000, extension 4398 Jayne Barret OIF. /OEF. /OND SUPPORT . GROUPS . Has being at war changed your outlook on life? Looking for people who understand what it's like? Do you wonder why little things set you off? Have difficulty sleeping or maintaining relationships? STOP GOING AT IT ALONE. Come to the Vet Center to see a counselor, sit in with a group, an Multiple deployments (About 1/3 of OEF/OIF Veterans have been deployed more than once), longer deployments, & little time between deployments (Source: Army's 5th Mental Health Advisory Team report, 2008) Greatly increased 3-6 months post-deployment as seen by screenings at PDHRAs We are seeing more coming into the system & this trend will.

180 days of their separation date. The time limit does not apply to Veterans with dental conditions resulting from service-connected wounds or injuries. VA Butler Healthcare provides priority health care and assistance to our Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) service members. We can also provid Returning OIF/OEF/OND Servicemembers. Date of Meeting: September 30, 2020. Returning OIF/OEF/OND Servicemembers. Visit the Fargo VA website for more information. Resource Category: Healthcare

U.S. Military Casualties - Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Names of Fallen (As of May 22, 2015) Service Component Name (Last, First M) Rank Pay Grade Date of Death (yyyy/mm/dd) Age Gender Home of Record City Home of Record County Home of Record State Home of Record Country Unit Incident Geographic Code Casualty Geographi 5 Years of VA Health Care — OEF/OIF combat Veterans can receive medical care for any condition related to their service in the Iraq/Afghanistan theater for five years after the date of their discharge or release. In order to take advantage of these benefits, OEF/OIF Vets need to enroll in VA's health care system

Mandaree, ND. Afghanistan (OEF/OFS) - Fallen. Branch of Service: National Guard. Company / Ship / Flight or equivalent: 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery, Grand Forks, N.D. Date of Loss: November 23, 2006 / Age: 25. Died Nov. 23 of injuries sustained when his unit came in contact with enemy forces using small-arms fire and rocket. The Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation is a non-federal entity. It is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status For exceptional heroism while placing his own life at extreme risk during military operations against a hostile force in Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, on 27 July 2007. Sergeant Fortner's courage under fire distinguished him while serving as the medic for 2d Platoon, B Troop, 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry

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Cover your head with a customizable Oif Oef Veteran hat from Zazzle! Shop from baseball caps to trucker hats to add an extra touch to your look! Delivery Date. Arrives by Wed (5/19) Arrives by Mon (5/24) Arrives by Memorial Day (5/31) Price. $15 to $25. $25 to $50. Officially Licensed What are the dates of the OIF phases? Wiki User. ∙ 2011-09-19 18:55:10. Best Answer. Copy. Liberation of Iraq /19 mar 2003 - 1 may 2003. transition of iraq/2 may 2003 - 28 jun 2004. iraqi.

IRAQ AFGHANISTAN VETERAN W/ SERVICE RIBBONS PATCH OIF OEF ENDURING IRAQI FREEDOM. Regular price $12.00. NMCB-14 AIR DET SEAL TEAM 14 OIF SEABEE PATCH. Regular price $10.00. OIF Veteran Jacket Back Patch - 2019. Sale price $25.00 Regular price $32.00 Sale. SHIT BURNER PATCH. Regular price $5.00 Prazosin vs. Paroxetine in Combat Stress Symptoms in OIF/OEF Returnees The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government Mobile Sleep and Pain Intervention for OEF, OIF and OND Veterans: Actual Study Start Date : October 20, 2015: Actual Primary Completion Date : November 16, 2016: Actual Study Completion Date : November 16, 201

Veterans from the OEF/OIF conflicts have been found to have high rates of PTSD. Specifically, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that some 11 percent to 20 percent of OEF/OIF veterans have or had post-traumatic stress disorder and may be at risk for other mental health problems. 1 . PTSD was more likely to be diagnosed in. 5 Years of Cost Free Health Care — OEF/OIF/OND Veterans can receive free medical for five years after the date of their discharge or release. Enroll in VA health care today ! 180 Day Dental Benefit — OEF/OIF/OND Veterans may be eligible for one-time dental care — but you must apply with 180 days of your separation date from active duty 1. REPORT DATE January 2013 2. REPORT TYPE Final 3. DATES COVERED 1 July 2008 - 31 December 2012 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER Combat, Sexual Assault, and Post-TraStress in OIF/OEF Military Women umatic 5b. GRANT NUMBER W81XWH-08-2-0080 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT NUMBER Anne G. Sadler, R.N., Ph.D. 5e. TASK. OEF/OIF (Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom) Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans' Hospital is grateful to the men and women who risk their lives to fight terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq and many other places around the world OEF/OIF TEAM Under The Direction of The Overton Brooks Medical Center Director Chad Dupre RN,BSN,CCRN OEF/OIF Case Manager Loreta Leavitt, MSW OEF/OIF Case Manager Keith Fontenot OEF/OIF Transition Patient Advocate. OEF/OIF Contact Information: 1-800-863-7441 ext. 5070,5028 or 5123 Fax: 318-990-501

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We have an OEF/OIF/OND Transition and Care Management Program to work with returning service members and veterans. To contact one of the team, dial 413-584-4040 + extension.-Sarah McNary, RMSN, RN, Program Manager: Ext. 2373-Christine Dunn, LICSW, Case Manager: Ext. 2821-Leigh Paz, Transition Patient Advocate: Ext. 280 OEF/OIF/OND Coordinator: We have appointed a special coordinator to assist you in your transition to Chillicothe VA Medical Center. Please contact our Returning Veteran Coordinator at 740-773-1141, x7459 or 1-800-352-8262, x7459 to assist you in your transition from active military duty to VA care Operation Enduring Freedom/ Operation Iraqi Freedom/ Operation New Dawn (OEF/OIF/OND) Points of Contact STVHCS OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager Linda Ray, LCSW (210) 949-3439 Fax (210) 949-3556 OEF/OIF/OND Program Support Asst. Tiffany Charvet (210) 949-9240 Toll Free 1-866-604-0106 STVHCS Transition Patient Advocate John Sanchez (210) 949-920

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OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager 757-722-9961 . Noel Craig, MSW, Social Work Case Manager 757-722-9961 . Special Eligibility and Coordination of Care for Combat Veterans Serving in Combat Theater After 11/11/1998- Returning Servicemembers (OEF/OIF/OND -Killed, wounded or injured requiring medical evacuation from Operations OEF/OIF . Service members who, as a regularly assigned crew member flying sorties into, out of, within or over the area of eligibility in direct support of OEF or OIF, are eligible to qualify for award of the expeditionary medal Date Range Conflict NATO Kosovo Force Operation Enduring Freedom Operation Freedom's Sentinel Operation Inherent Resolve Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation New Dawn Operation Octave Shield Operation Odyssey Lightning Operation Spartan Shield Task Force Sinai U.S. Africa Command Operations U.S. Central Command operation An OEF/OIF/OND Post Deployment Integrated Care Clinic is located at the Columbus VA ACC to best serve returning Veterans in the area. The team is committed for accessible services and have extended appointment hours that range Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

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OEF/OIF Care Management Team OEF/OIF Program Manager Tonia Hardyway, LCSW 615 873-8638 VA TVHS-Nashville Campus Virginia Spini, Social Work Care Manager 615 873-8124 Marjorie Randall, Nurse Care Manager 615 873-7539 Ft. Campbell/Clarksville Area Cassandra Price, Social Work Care Manager 270 412-8978 VA TVHS-Murfreesboro Campu The OEF/OIF Program is here to meet the needs of veterans returning from Iraq, Afghanistan or other hostile fire areas. Our mission is to assist OEF/OIF veterans in accessing all aspects of VA care/benefits. For Assistance Contact: It's our turn to serve you Your Alaska VA OEF/OIF Team Matt Dowling, Program Manager 907-257-4860 or toll fre

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The prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder in Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) Veterans: a meta-analysis. Fulton JJ, Calhoun PS, Wagner HR, Schry AR, Hair LP, Feeling N, Elbogen E, Beckham JC. This meta-analysis examined 33 studies published between 2007 and 2013 and PTSD prevalence was estimated at 23 percent Unclassified Unclassified 2 Operation Iraqi Freedom - By The Numbers Purpose To establish a single source of aggregated facts about Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) from the Combined Forces Ai Please call 208-422-1000 ex. 1016 to ask about getting signed up (enrolled) for VA health care and for questions about what benefits/services are available to you as an OEF/OIF/OND veteran. In Person Visit: Please come to the Business Office at the Boise VA Medical Center between 8:00am - 4:00pm with a copy of your DD-214 (member 4)

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  1. OEF/OIF/OND Combat Veterans have five years from their date of discharge to receive free VA medical care for any service related conditions. You may be eligible, call 907-257-7432 or toll free 1-888-353-7574, ext 7432
  2. A fghanistan (Operations Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Iraqi Freedom (OIF): OEF September 11, 2001 to present; OIF March 19, 2003 to present Berlin: August 14, 1961 to June 1, 1963 Bosnia (Operations Joint Endeavor, Joint Guard and Joint Forge): November 20, 1995 to December 20, 1996; December 20, 1996 to June 20, 1998; June 21, 1998 to presen
  3. Saturdays from 8:00am-2:00pm, Location: Second floor lab window (Room C230) Walk-Ins Welcome. After hours and Sundays by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please call 513-475-6321 between 9am and 3pm Monday-Friday. Kindly note the outpatient lab is closed on all Federal Holidays
  4. OEF/OIF/OND Veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs has made it easier to access VA healthcare services. ho is eligible? Veterans who served on active duty in a theater of combat operations during a period of war after the Gulf War, or in combat against a hostile force during a period of hostilities after November 11, 1998, and wh
  5. g in the next months. Please help spread the word. The bottom line is that the Sierra Club was generous is helping Outward Bound to exponentially grow its Veterans Expedition courses
  6. Returning OEF/OIF/OND/OFS service members--Programs and Services. Published 06/17/2008 11:58 AM | Updated 02/29/2016 12:41 PM . What programs and services are available for returning OEF/OIF/OND/OFS service members? The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a web site for returning Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve service members of.
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You are eligible to participate if you served in Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield (ODS), New Dawn (OND), or Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) *. We encourage you to join even if: You don't think you were exposed to specific airborne hazards. You are not experiencing symptoms or illnesses you think are related to your exposures The percentages (29 for non-OEF/OIF and 34 for OEF/OIF women, 3 for non-OEF/OIF and 2 for OEF/OIF men) of homeless veterans who had received MST-related treatment were over 3 times higher than those of their domiciled counterparts (5 for non-OEF/OIF and 9 for OEF/OIF women, 0.2 for non-OEF/OIF and 0.3 for OEF/OIF men)

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Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) began in Afghanistan in October 2001 as an immediate reaction to the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11 of that year. More than 1,800 hostile deaths and about 20,000 wounded-in-action (WIA) incidents among U.S. military personnel in the Afghanistan theater had been recorded through November 2014 OEF/OIF Program Manager (334) 725-3102 (800) 214-8387, ext. 3102 . If you are a recently discharged veteran with service in a theater of combat operations, VA can provide you with free medical care for five years from your discharge from active duty for conditions possibly related to your service, regardless of your income status Madison, WI - William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital; Name Title Phone Pager/Cell Phone; Jay White, LCSW: OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager (608) 256-1901 ext. 1195 Returning Service Members (OIF/OEF/OND) Page Content VA Healthcare - The VA Provides free healthcare for veterans who served in a theater of combat operations after November 11, 1998, for any illness possibly related to their service in that theater

OEF/ OIF Veterans CIT Officer Conference Tracy Clemans, PsyD VISN 19 Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center . Disclosure This presentation is based on work supported, in part, by the Department of Veterans Affairs, but Created Date: 3/11/2013 1:17:11 PM. date signed: 3/27/2008 | maradmins number: 210/08 for marines deployed iso oif or oef and to extend the deadline to retest to 90 days after returning to home station. 2. background Transition Care Management (OEF/OIF/OND) 330 341 340. Map of First Floor, Main Directory 1st Floor Hospital Bldg. Complex Emergency Dept. Entrance Restrooms Radiation Therapy/ Oncology CT Waiting Area Bldg. 310 Radiology, Created Date: 3/15/2018 8:34:52 AM. The Mitchell Proffitt OIF-OEF Veteran with Soldier is 4.75 x 4 Vinyl Decal. This Iraq Afghanistan Veteran Decal is an Adhesive Decal That Applies to Outside of Window. UV Protected. Officially Licensed and Made In The USA. Comes Packaged in an Exclusive Butler Online Stores Bubble Lined Poly Mailer For Added Shipping Protection 1 Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) began on October 7, 2001; Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) began on March 20, 2003 and was redesignated Operation New Dawn on September 1, 2010. These operations are not defined in statute; the dates presented here are commonly accepted. The abbreviation OEF/OIF is used throughout this report to refer t

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OEF/OIF Health Benefits Veterans who served in a combat theater of operation after Nov. 11, 1998, are eligible to enroll in the VA health care system and will receive cost free health care for 5 years from the date of discharge or release from active duty for any condition potentially related to their combat service 94 K.H. Seal et al. / Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 116 (2011) 93-101. et al., 2010; McDevitt-Murphy et al., 2010); 7% of OEF/OIF veterans in a small sample screened positive for cocaine and marijuana us With 600,000 veterans of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom enrolled in higher education with the Post-9/11 GI Bill, recognizing and responding to their predictable adjustment issues is imperative. Existing qualitative research has identified some transitional issues encountered by small groups of veterans. Because of qualitative research's limited generalizability, however. tion Iraqi Freedom in Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom in and around Afghanistan. It has been estimated that 5-17% (OIF) in Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in and around Afghanistan (Tanielian & Jaycox, REPORT DATE 28 MAY 2011 2. REPORT TYPE 3. DATES COVERED 00-00-2011 to 00-00-2011 4. TITLE AND SUBTITL In addition, we excluded 34 488 veterans listed in the roster who were seen at a VA facility during the study period but prior to their OIF and OEF service separation date. We excluded 57 726 OIF and OEF veterans who had enrolled in the VA but had not yet had a VA clinical visit prior to March 31, 2008, the study end date

This study projects prosthetic- and assistive-device costs for veterans with limb loss from Vietnam and injured service members returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom OIF and Operation Enduring Freedom OEF to inform the Department of Veterans Affairs VA for these veterans future care. The 2005 Medicare prosthetic device component prices were applied to current prosthetic and assistive-device. To date, of 42 veterans of OEF and OIF seen, 35 (83%) were seen by a mental health specialist immediately following their primary care visit. In the future, expanded telephone and Internet-based mental health treatment options may help to overcome additional barriers to care among OIF and OEF veterans OIF Drawdown. Beginning with the drawdown aspects of the ongoing parallel commitments, Col. (Promotable) Edward F. Dorman, deputy commanding general, SDDC, acknowledged that, while Iraq may not be the nation's No. 1 combat effort at this time, We certainly met the 30 August 2010 timeline where we are down to 50,000 personnel

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  1. OEF, OIF, Program Managers North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System , Seamless Transition Description: This document contains contact information for the North Florida/South Georgia OEF OIF Program Managers Last modified by: Snook, Cindy (NF/SG) Created Date: 3/19/2021 10:16:00 AM Company: Department of Veterans Affairs Other title
  2. OEF/OIF Team for specific resources that address your needs. Helpful Resources for Legal Service Freedom Friends OEF/OIF Newsletter Page 2 Other News We'd like to warmly welcome our new staff members— Barbara O Hanlon, OEF/OIF Social Work Case Manager & Carol Cashin, LCSW, OEF/OIF TBI SW Case Manager. Their efforts are much appreciated
  3. g involved in combat has increased within the past 10 years. Research exists on the transitional challenges of male veterans. However, little research exists on the reintegration challenges faced by female veterans

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  1. Publication Date: 2016: Page Count: 37: Abstract: The specific aim of this study was to explore the relationship between self-reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in burned military service members injured while on combat duty in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
  2. To compare at mid-treatment, post-treatment and 3 and 6 months follow-up, the clinical efficacy of two 8-week interventions for co-morbid PTSD and MDD in 200 OIF OEF service men and women. Specifically, to compare: (1) an innovative intervention combining Behavioral Activation and Therapeutic Exposure (BATE) and (2) Therapeutic Exposure (TE) alone
  3. The amount of variance in depression scores explained across the four regression models ranged from 54% to 61%. Conclusion: Results point to the importance of screening and intervening in mental health treatment with depressed female OEF/OIF/OND veterans around financial and employment concerns, as well as referring to psychopharmacology
  4. CONCLUSIONS:: Among OEF/OIF Veterans, epilepsy was associated with previous TBI diagnosis, with pTBI having the strongest association. Because war-related epilepsy in Vietnam War Veterans with TBI continued 35 years postwar, a detailed, prospective study is needed to understand the relationship between epilepsy and TBI severity in OEF/OIF Veterans
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  6. ation, or repeated thoughts about negative experiences, is associated with worse PTSD, depression.