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Not much, as it turns out. According to a New York magazine feature by Rachel Friedman, The New Yorker pays just $460 for a 36-line poem. Does anyone pay more? Not according a survey of handful of prestigious journals It's been around forever, has a circulation of a million readers, and will pay you (about $7,500) for that short story. Does The New Yorker publish poetry? Poetry submissions: Poetry is reviewed on a rolling basis. We accept submissions via Submittable only It's been around forever, has a circulation of a million readers, and will pay you (about $7,500) for that short story. The New Yorker also accepts poetry submissions, humorous stories, and cartoons. Fiction submissions: Please send your submissions (as PDF attachments) to fiction@newyorker.com or by mail to Fiction Editor 3 Things I Learned from Publishing a Poem in the New Yorker 1) They really do accept poems from the slush pile (even when you're not famous). My acceptance came ~6 months after I submitted. 2) They pay $350 for up to 25 lines, and $10 for each additional line

The publication pays $40 per poem and $25 per haiku. Thomas says he's unlikely to buy a group of poems and is very serious about line limits - each poem should contain no more than 18 lines An anonymous, crowdsourced list of which publications pay freelance writers, and how much. Your report has been saved. Thanks for your input! powered by The Compensation Foundation. An anonymous, crowdsourced list of which publications pay freelance writers, and how much. Your report has been saved.. What they pay: pay varies for different sections and are mentioned in the guidelines. Reviews pay $500; other prose $1000 and above. 69. VOX. Vox is a news site which covers politics, public policy, world affairs, pop culture, science and business, among others. Website: www.vox.com. Contact: Features Editor Eleanor Barkhor

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The New Yorker Salaries. Job Title. Salary. Software Engineer salaries - 1 salaries reported. $99,067 / yr. Revenue Analyst salaries - 1 salaries reported. $54,501 / yr. Agency Sales salaries - 1 salaries reported Barry Blitt for The New Yorker. The New Yorker. Pays: $500 USD For: One ¼ page colour illustration (2012) Since its inception in 1925, The New Yorker has been publishing cartoons, illustrated covers and a variety of illustrations to accompany articles from movie reviews to financial analyses. Their homepage uses illustrations for navigation and their columnists images are illustrated avatars. Poems. July 26, 2021 Issue The New Yorker may earn a portion of sales from products and services that are purchased through links on our site as part of our affiliate partnerships with retailers

The New Yorker - Poetry Submission Manager Powered By Submittable - Accept and Curate Digital Content. We review poetry on a rolling basis, but ask that you please not submit more than twice in a twelve-month period. You may send up to six poems (in a single document) per submission. Our response time is around six months.We are interested in. For poetry, it pays $200 per poem (up to four). If they accept a group of five or more poems, you'll earn $1,000. Prose pays around 25 cents per word, and an accepted short story receives $1,000 or more. Book reviews earn $500 for 2,000-2,400 words The question I get asked most often as cartoon editor is: How much money does The New Yorker pay for a cartoon? All I can say about that is: sell us one and you'll find out. The second most. Description: The New Yorker is a widely known for its political commentary and coverage of New York culture. The publication's reach extends far outside NYC. The magazine is read around the globe. It is also known its iconic cover art. The weekly magazine is published by Conde Nast. Needs: The New Yorker is looking for fiction and poetry How much does the New Yorker pay for short stories? Pay: $0.80 per word for fiction, with a $100 minimum payment. About: Another journal that welcomes contemporary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction essays, The Missouri Review has been around since 1978. It publishes four issues per year and frequently publishes new writers

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No more than one story or six poems should be submitted at one time. We prefer to receive no more than two submissions per writer per year, and generally cannot reply to more. The New Yorker does not accept submissions by mail or by fax, and we cannot be responsible for the loss or return of unsolicited pieces The latter example might sound steep, but Narrativehas a generous payment structure: $150 to $350 for 500 to 2,000 word manuscripts, $350 to $1000 for 2,000 to 15,000 word manuscripts, $50 minimum for each accepted poem and audio piece, and additional payment for stories and poems of the week The Paris Review. 544 West 27th Street. New York, NY 10001. Please submit no more than one short story, one nonfiction manuscript, or six poems at a time. Be sure to include phone and (if possible) e-mail contact information. While the magazine welcomes unsolicited submissions, it cannot accept responsibility for their loss or engage in related. Hannah Aizenman holds an MFA in poetry from New York University and works as poetry coordinator for The New Yorker. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Bodega, BOAAT, Sycamore Review, Black Warrior Review, and Gigantic Sequins. Born and raised in Birmingham, AL, she now lives in Brooklyn

Renew Today and Receive: A print + digital rate of 1 year at $149.99 after your current subscription ends. A FREE 1 year gift subscription to give to a friend or family member. A FREE tote with payment. After one year, your subscription renews automatically at one year for $149.99 ($159.99 in Canada). You may cancel at any time The New Yorker magazine is unparalleled in its combination of reporting, criticism, commentary, fiction and cartoons. As you probably already know, The New Yorker is the talk of the town at meetings, on the telephone, online, over a dry Martini or a hot cappuccino. From crackerjack reporting and the world's best short stories to wicked satire and award-winning criticism, The New Yorker keeps. Thanks for checking in, Angie! The New Yorker does pay for some pieces, but we haven't seen any information about pay for short stories. I've updated the entry to be clearer, as well as a link to the Who Pays Writers entries for the magazine. If any readers know whether the magazine pays for short stories, we'd love to know! Heathe The New Yorker publishes weekly, except for four planned combined issues, as indicated on the issue's cover, and other combined or extra issues. First issue mails within 6 weeks. Plus sales tax where applicable. All prices are in U.S. dollars A free inside look at New Yorker hourly pay trends based on 3 hourly pay wages for 3 jobs at New Yorker. Hourly Pay posted anonymously by New Yorker employees

The author's first rejection slip from the New Yorker 's Daniel Menaker. Before I say what I'm about to say I need to say this: I'm a lucky writer. I've published six novels, most recently Extraordinary Adventures, which was released this past May. Big Fish, my first novel, was a New York Times best-seller and was adapted into a Tim. Okay, not many mainstream magazines buy poetry these days, but plenty of literary publications of high literary merit, like The New Yorker, still do. You can sell poems to magazines and literary journals, both large and small, print or digital, for cash. Pay rate, on average, is between 50 cents to $2 per line A new poem every week, from The New York Times Magazine. This is theme music for the end of the pandemic, and poetry to explain it all. By francine j. harris and Reginald Dwayne Betts The New Yorker is at once a classic and at the leading edge. After you install The New Yorker, just tap the red Subscribe button from within the app and enjoy. From within in the app, The New Yorker offers an automatically renewing monthly subscription for $5.99/month and a yearly subscription for $59.99/year You can try to submit your poems to big publishers like The Sun, Poetry Foundation, The New Yorker, Three Penny Review, Epoch, and Grain Magazine. For example, The Sun will pay $100 to $200 for each accepted poem

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  1. No more than one story or six poems should be submitted at one time. We prefer to receive no more than two submissions per writer per year, and generally cannot reply to more. The New Yorker does not accept submissions by mail or by fax, and we cannot be responsible for the loss or return of unsolicited pieces
  2. Mr. Young is an esteemed poet and scholar whose work has been published in The New Yorker dating back to 1999. His most recent work, Blue Laws: Selected & Uncollected Poems 1995-2015, made.
  3. The New Yorker. According to Who Pays Writers, The New Yorker pays between $0.17 to $0.27/word. This is a really good rate and having this publication in your portfolio would make future clients drool. You can send your short story submissions as PDFs to fiction@newyorker.com
  4. Françoise Mouly, the New Yorker's art editor since 1993, doesn't have normal relationships with the artists who draw the magazine's covers. Think of me as your priest, she told one of them
  5. There was a time when I was paid $2500+ by The New Yorker for my fictions, but, as an editor there at the time, Dan Menaker, said to me, You can't expect to make a living from short stories. This, I think, is increasingly true, both for writers and for publishers

18. The New Yorker. The New Yorker is at the forefront of culture and has been since 1925. They publish two poems every Monday and seek work that is fresh and emotive. The New Yorker also receives a huge number of online poetry submissions annually, which is why poets often wait 6 months before hearing back; nonetheless, a publication here is a. in 7 Simple Steps. E very Tuesday, New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff sits in his office as cartoonists pour in and out with their latest work. No appointment is necessary, so Mankoff sees. New Yorker cartoonists are paid in two tiers. More established artists receive $1,450 for a cartoon, while the rest receive $700. The sales of original artwork bring cartoonists some of their largest one-time payments, often as high as $2,000 or more. Until January 2017, sales made through the Cartoon Bank were split 70-30 between cartoonists.

The New Yorker is an American weekly magazine featuring journalism, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry.Started as a weekly in 1925, the magazine is now published 47 times annually, with five of these issues covering two-week spans The Best Comedy Writing Jobs to Pitch Right Now. 1. Clubhouse. Clubhouse magazines is published by the Christian organization, Focus on the Family. It's a children's magazine aimed at 8- to 12-year-old kids, and publishes both fiction and non-fiction humor writing, says Editorial Director Jesse Florea Final Thoughts on Selling Humor Writing. 1. Cracked. Pay: $150 for your first four articles and $250 for every one after that. If you really want to get paid for your jokes, this is the place to start. Cracked is a humor website that features funny videos, pictures, and articles

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The best advice for how to begin writing poetry is to first read a lot of poetry: contemporary and classic, translations, formal, and experimental. A good place to start is our poems page where you can browse a curated collection of over 12,000 poems. You can also sign up to receive Poem-a-Day, which will deliver to your in-box a free. Of course, everyone knows about Poetry Magazine, and I'd like to hear of a writer who isn't on the New Yorker email list, but there are so many wonderful, small publications out there, just waiting for you to dive into their websites to scan their archives, read some poetry, or submit poetry Fireside is a short story magazine that has two goals in mind: Publish great stories, and pay writers well. They pay above normal rates for their category of magazine: 12.5 cents per word, up to 5,000 words. They aim to publish 10,000 new words of fiction each month - paying writers for every word published I am guessing you are looking for something that is similar to this site? The New Yorker -- This looks to be a custom Wordpress theme. There are lots of options for you to recreate a site similar to this. I would not recommend copying it directly.. 34 reviews of EHS New Yorker Residence Since I've just checked out, I wanted to give my thoughts on the New Yorker Residence and EHS. The staff by far are the friendliest and most helpful people. From the minute you check in to the minute you leave, they are there for you. As a freshman, I was really nervous about living away from home and my friends, but between all the events here and the.

The New Yorker gets a huge number of unsolicited fiction submissions, and, once you've decided to reject a story, it's easier to send the standard, agreed-upon rejection letter than to write a. The Climate by Annelyse Gelman. ' The Climate' was published in The New Yorker in September 2019. It is one of several poems that the poet has had published in this publication. 'The Climate' takes a figurative approach to defining the climate crisis while also using easy to understand language. Gelman clearly depicts the foreboding.

The New Yorker's Stephan Marche has written that GPT-3 can write like Franz Kafka, citing a snippet of The Metamorphosis re-written by GPT-3. Also: What is GPT-3? Everything your business needs to. When it comes to great cartoons, few publications can match The New Yorker. The famous American magazine, now in its 92nd year, is well-known for showcasing the funniest, the cleverest, the most satirical, and the most poignant illustrations about life, death, and everything in-between. Take a look below for a collection of some of our favorites Comic artists doing advertising and editorial comic illustration earn top project rates. Comic book artists such as Robert Crumb and Bill Griffith earn from $1,000 to $1,700 to create a page of comics for the New Yorker magazine. Top comic strip artist Lloyd Dangle earned $4,000 for a two-page project advertising a shaving product We pay poetry contributors $50 per published piece and offer feedback on 5-10% of declined submissions. We ask for first-publication rights for print. Read our full guidelines and submit via Submittable ($3 for up to 3 poems). We also accept submissions by mail for free. Include a SASE and cover letter The following is excerpted from chapter five, Fact-Checking at The New Yorker , which is itself taken from a lecture delivered by New Yorker fact-checking director Peter Canby on February 28, 2002. Preventing errors from appearing in the magazine is not a simple process. For openers, you need to know that in addition to the basic.

New Yorker Covers Buy wall art from the Conde Nast collection of magazine covers and editorial photos. All wall art ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your favorite designs and purchase them as canvas prints, art prints, posters, framed prints, metal prints, and more The New York Review of Books (or NYREV or NYRB) is a semi-monthly magazine with articles on literature, culture, economics, science and current affairs. Published in New York City, it is inspired by the idea that the discussion of important books is an indispensable literary activity Poetry Submission Guidelines The Nation welcomes unsolicited poetry submissions. You may send up to three poems at a time, and no more than six poems during a calendar year. As of November 1, 2014. The Website Giving Rejected New Yorker Covers a Second Chance. Alexxa Gotthardt. Nov 28, 2017 6:15pm. Cover pitch by Michael Marsicano. Courtesy of the artist. Cover pitch by Jack Dylan. Courtesy the artist. Most illustrators agree: Landing a New Yorker cover is the holy grail in a competitive industry. It's a mark of being the best. The Paris Review. The Paris Review accepts unsolicited submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for the print quarterly via Submittable during the months of March and September and throughout the year through the post (see below for the separate submission guidelines for our online publication, The Daily).. Until further notice, please do not mail hard copy submissions to the Paris.

The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons: A Semi-serious A-to-Z Archive. by Bob Mankoff and David Remnick. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 242. Hardcover. $43.99. $43. Poetry is open to simultaneous submissions, but let us know immediately if work is accepted elsewhere by adding a note to your submission specifying the work that is no longer available. All poets will be compensated for published poems. For text poems, we pay $10/line with a minimum honorarium of $300 per poem The Sun is a reader-supported ad-free magazine. We've been described in many ways: celebratory, fierce, unflinching, thoughtful, truthful, dark, darkly funny, tender. Contributors tell us that after their work reaches more than 70,000 engaged Sun readers, they often hear from old friends and new admirers. To save your time and ours, we. Hughes moved to Mexico in 1919 to live with his father for a short time. In 1920, Hughes graduated high school and returned to Mexico. He wished to attend Columbia University in New York and lobbied his father for financial assistance; his father did not think writing was a good career, and offered to pay for college only if Hughes studied engineering

The New Yorker: $7,500 (estimate based on Dan Baum's tweets) Kenyon Review: $356 ($.05 per word) New England Review: $230 ($10 per page) Ploughshares: $575 ($25 per page) Genre magazines. Asimov's Science Fiction: $427 ($.06 per word) Strange Horizons: $356 ($.05 per word) Carve (Raymond Carver): $20-5 They pay $100 for accepted poetry submissions. 12. New Myths. New Myths is a quarterly published ezine edited by a community of writers, poets and artists, according to their website. They require that all poems submitted have a science fiction or fantasy element in order to be considered

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Pay: $250. Slice Magazine publishes literary works. They are inviting submissions on the following: poetry, short fiction and non-fiction. Submissions are expected to be between 500 and 5,000 words. They pay $250 for essays and prose upon publication. Slice magazine encourages new writers to pitch them, but please do check their themes before. They pay $300. Request submission guidelines. Canthius accepts submissions of poetry and prose from a diversity of established and emerging women and genderqueer writers. For those who wish to. With state and local tax adjustments, the take home pay looks even worse for a New Yorker compared to your average American. The average state and local taxes (includes income, sales, and property taxes) paid by an American is 9.8%. New Yorkers on the other hand pay 13.8% on average in total state and local taxes History. The New Yorker Magazine was founded in 1925 by Harold Ross and his wife, Jane Grant, and Raoul Fleischmann backed them.The magazine initially focused on social and cultural life in New York City; however, it later transformed into publishing short stories, cartoons, satire, poetry, essays, art reviews, fiction, and in-depth journalism If you make $55,000 a year living in the region of New York, USA, you will be taxed $12,213.That means that your net pay will be $42,787 per year, or $3,566 per month. Your average tax rate is 22.2% and your marginal tax rate is 36.1%.This marginal tax rate means that your immediate additional income will be taxed at this rate

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If you are required to supply a physical copy of your poetry, you can still submit your application and pay the filing fee through the eCO. You may register a single poem or up to 10 unpublished poems by using the new Group of Unpublished Works option. The group registration is an easy way to protect a set of poems for a single fee A 2019 New Yorker piece revealed that Phillips had been fired from his job at an employee-benefits consulting firm for embezzling at least $1 million before being hired by the NRA, where he worked for 26 years. His salary in 2018 was reportedly $840,284. Frazer's salary for the same year is listed as $439,468 If you're looking for feedback as a new poet, we're pretty sure one of the 500,000 members will be happy to help. Do they pay? They hold regular poetry competitions with cash prizes as incentives Yesterday at 11:09 a.m. 8 Must-Read Revelations From The New Yorker's Exposé on Fox News and Trump Including: Roger Ailes may have fed Trump debate questions prior to a 2015 primary debate. The New Yorker said of Don't Call Us Dead that Smith's poems can't make history vanish, but they can contend against it with the force of a restorative imagination. That imagination.

So not only you can get paid for your poems, but you can also get paid to write short stories. Here are a few poetry markets to get you started: The Sun Magazine: Pays $100 to $200. Poetry Foundation: Pays $150. Goblin Fruit: Pays $10. Leading Edge: Pays $10. Clubhouse Jr Magazine: Pays $50 to $100. Crazy Horse: Pays $20 to $200 The American Poetry Review Podcast Ep. 4: Alex Dimitrov's Love & Our Mixtapes For Our 20s. The American Poetry Review Podcast Ep. 3: Mentorship, David Baker, Stanley Plumly & Maggie Queeney. The American Poetry Review Podcast: Episode 1, with Devon Walker-Figueroa

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  1. Residents of New Jersey pay the highest on average at around $19,977 per year. West Virginia falls on the other end of the spectrum, with residents forking over only $6,837 per year
  2. 6. We strongly recommend that you stay within our length limits. As a rule, critical articles should be about 1200 to 2500 words, Table Talk items 1000 words or less, stories and memoirs 4000 words or less, and poetry 100 lines or less. (Exceptions are occasionally possible, but longer pieces will have a much harder time getting accepted.
  3. Much has been written on the city of New York. It's the eternal backdrop for rom-coms and financial thrillers, the source of Harlem Renaissance poetry and meandering web-series set in Brooklyn
  4. USD$18 per bond/instruction (into Clearstream) $10.70 (For no change in beneficial owner transfer, from CDP to PSPL custody type Accounts) Transfer Out Fee. S$100.00 + GST. Regular Savings Plan (RSP) & Share Builders Plan (SBP) RSP - Unit Trust

The Kenyon Review is a literary magazine based in Gambier, Ohio, US, home of Kenyon College. The Review was founded in 1939 by John Crowe Ransom, critic and professor of English at Kenyon College, who served as its editor until 1959. The Review has published early works by generations of important writers, including Robert Penn Warren, Ford Madox Ford, Robert Lowell, Delmore Schwartz, Flannery. How much does it cost to stay in New York? Again, it is a bit difficult to give you a very precise cost. New York City attracts a lot of tourists, the rates vary from month to month. You can find a room at $150 off-season, and pay $250- $300 for the same room during the high season

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  1. A good book needs proper formatting for paperback, hardback (if you want this) and for Ebook. Luckily, this can be included with cover design at many design firms. $50 - $300. Promotion. If you want to run ads for your site or pay your launch team in any way, these are costs you will have to cover. $0 - $500
  2. While the number of fiction and poetry books available in translation remains small, it has been rising steadily—from a total of 360 in 2008 to 587 last year, according to Three Percent
  3. New York City is the most densely populated urban area in the U.S. with approximately 8.5 million inhabitants and a large number of these people, almost a third, are immigrants from other countries. As a result, New York City has developed its own unique language that's been heavily influenced by the city's linguistic and cultural diversity.

By Nina Kahn. When deciding how much you should spend on rent, conventional wisdom states that 30 percent of your net income (earnings after taxes) should go towards housing. But with the median. The New Yorker -- Cartoons. Cartoons are reviewed on a rolling basis. Send up to ten cartoons per submission, but please submit no more than once a month. We do not consider work that has appeared elsewhere (including Web sites and personal blogs), and we do not consider ideas for cartoons; only fully drawn cartoons Per their findings, the average cost of a two-bedroom in New York is around $3,789. This means that New Yorkers would need to earn a minimum of $162,386 in order to spend no more than 28 percent. Two homeless men are seen in a subway entrance in Brooklyn, New York, on March 22, 2020. Photo: Marshall Ritzel/AP Two homeless men are seen in a subway entrance in Brooklyn, New York, on March 22. Widely anthologized, her recent poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Salmagundi, Moment, and the Best American Poetry (2019). She teaches at the George Washington University, and lives in Washington, DC, and in Vermont. [See this link for more poems by, and information on, Jane Shore.

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92nd Street Y is a nonprofit cultural and community Center located in New York City. 92Y is about people—the people of New York City and the surrounding area, the United States and the world. It's about people who entertain and challenge, inform and educate. It's about people who learn and discover, observe and participate POETRY. Angel Arms, Coward McCann (New York, NY), 1929. Poems, Dynamo (New York, NY), 1935. Dead Reckoning: A Book of Poetry, Random House (New York, NY), 1938. Collected Poems of Kenneth Fearing, Random House, 1940. Afternoon of a Pawnbroker and Other Poems, Harcourt (New York City), 1943. Stranger at Coney Island and Other Poems, Harcourt, 1948. New and Selected Poems, Indiana University.

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  1. Claudia Rankine is the author of Citizen: An American Lyric and four previous books, including Dont Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric.Her work has appeared recently in the Guardian, the New York Times Book Review, the New York Times Magazine, and the Washington Post.She is a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets, the winner of the 2014 Jackson Poetry Prize, and a contributing editor of.
  2. Targeted media outreach to online literary blogs (Paris Review Daily, New Yorker, LitHub), podcasts (LitUp), and poetry publications (Poetry, Poets & Writers) Targeted media outreach to subscription services (BOTM), and excerpts/interviews in literary newsletters (Lenny Letter, Rookie) --This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition
  3. The first chapter of Jennifer Egan's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, A Visit From the Goon Squad (Knopf, 2010), titled Found Objects, first published in 2007 in the New Yorker, explores the perspective of a woman reckoning with a dangerous habit of stealing from others while at a session with her therapist. The conversation between.
  4. Nikola Tesla would go on to make news from time to time while living on the 33rd floor of the New Yorker Hotel. In 1931 he made the cover of Time magazine, which featured his inventions on his.
  5. ous, seductive new collection from the fearless (The New York Times) Louise Glück, winner of the Nobel Prize in LiteratureLouise Glück is one of the finest American poets at work today. Her Poems 1962-2012 was hailed as a major event in this country's literature in the pages of The New York.
  6. My husband subscribes to the New Yorker (I, on the other hand, like to joke that I subscribe to piles of half-read magazines strewn across our small house, ha). With each passing issue in the pandemic and the weeks of social injustice, the covers were always so incredibly on point
  7. We accept all major credit cards. Complete the reservation or make a credit card payment over the phone at 1-800-297-4694. You may also pay with a Money Order, Certified Check or Traveler's Check made out to Educational Housing Services, Inc. Please note that EHS does not accept personal checks

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  1. At $3.038 a gallon, the price of gasoline in the New York area was close to the $3.041 national average in May 2021. One year earlier, consumers in the New York area paid 10.5% more than the national average for a gallon of gasoline. The local price of a gallon of gasoline in May has been close to the national average four of the past five years
  2. New Directions was founded in 1936, when James Laughlin (1914-1997), then a twenty-two-year-old Harvard sophomore, issued the first of the New Directions anthologies. I asked Ezra Pound for 'career advice,' Laughlin recalled. He had been seeing my poems for months and had ruled them hopeless
  3. Notice. To help stop the spread of COVID-19, many local department of social services and SNAP Centers locations are consolidating their hours until further notice. We are asking New Yorkers to do everything they can through myBenefits.ny.gov.Please call your local district or visit their website to check their operating hours
  4. Long Term Savings/ Debt Pay Off: $250/month . Retirement contributions, long term savings goals, and debt pay off. Total: $2,524.50 per month . That's $30,294 per year after taxes, which means that to live a reasonably comfortable life in New York City, a single person would need to make a salary of roughly $40,000 per year
  5. 2 To quote a perhaps unlikely source, Billy Collins has written that, in the best of all possible worlds of reading, dealing with difficulty can be listed among poetry's pleasures. 3. What I cannot bear, as a reader or as a person, is to be bored. For a poem to be boring is much worse than for a poem to be baffling