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What ethical issues are involved in fgc By Brian D. Earp (@briandavidearp) Those who follow my work will know that I have published a number of papers on the ethics of medically unnecessary genital cutting practices affecting children of all sexes and genders (a partial bibliography is at the end of this post) Harmful traditional practices, including female genital cutting (FGC), may be eliminated under the impact of internationally-respected human rights principles, guidelines for healthcare professionals and national laws. At least 2 million girls per year are at risk of female genital cutting, some in regions where it has not been prevalent Female Genital Cutting (FGC) anchored in a complex socio-cultural context becomes significant at the interface of access of health and social services in host countries. The practice of FGC at times, understood as a form of gender-based violence, may result in unjustifiable consequences among girls and women; yet, these practices are culturally engrained traditions with complex meanings.

  1. ors - are serious violations of basic ethics. More recently, Pope Francis has made explicit reference to FGM/C. On.
  2. the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other. practices that cause injury to the female genital organs whether for. cultural or other non-therapeutic reasons. (WHO 2008) The procedure is irreversible and the effects last a lifetime. The. practice of FGM has been reported in many parts of the world with the
  3. ora, with or without excision of the labia.
  4. There is a dire need for a reasoned dialogue and open debate over female genital cutting and the ethical responsibilities of physicians. As a society, we need to understand the issues at stake, carefully weigh the harms to individuals and communities, and then use law and policy to regulate the boundaries of this practice
  5. First, they affirm that God is the creator of the world, and further that God's creative work is ongoing. Second, the human race is created in God's image. In this context, the divine image in humanity is tied to creativity. God creates, so do we. With surprising frequency, we humans are described by theologians as 'co-creators with God.

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3 Recommendations of the Conference on Ethical Issues in the Legal Representation of Chil-dren, 64 FORDHAM L. REV. 1301 (1996) reprinted in 6 NEV. (FGC) are family-focused, strengths-oriented, and community-based When the participants were involved in the decision making process, they became invested in the resolution.° When par-. There are a lot of ethical issues when human subjects are involved, boards such as the IRB are in place to mediate these issues. Therefore, when working with a PAR method people would have to be aware of the ethical concerns around human subjects. The other main ethical issue that is present is the dehumanization of people concerned. FGC processes position the family group to lead decision-making and agencies agree to support FGC plans that adequately address agency concerns. Referring agencies also provide information about, and organize services from, governmental and non-governmental providers to assist family groups formulate and implement plans (FGC)/Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) may need to be offered. Providing services in this way requires additional attention to ethical, technological, privacy, informed consent, and practice issues. This Information Sheet will help you to think these aspects through carefully, while remaining true to the values and principles of FGC/FGDM an FGC/FGM and the ritual initiation associated with those practices performed. Medical professionals who work with or in practicing immigrant communities are becom­ ing more aware of, and sensitive to, the health and social .issues involved. For example, at least one clinic focused 201 on the specific health needs of women who have under

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The Agribusiness Management program prepares students for employment as an agricultural professional, manager or supervisor. The content includes, but is not limited to, instruction that prepares individuals to apply the economic and business principles involved in the organization, operation and management of agricultural businesses As an epidemiologist researching AIDS, Elizabeth Pisani has been involved with international efforts to halt the disease for fourteen years. With swashbuckling wit, fierce honesty, and more than a little political incorrectness, she dishes on herself and her colleagues as they try to prod reluctant governments to fund HIV prevention for the people who need it most: drug injectors, gay men. However, ethical issues seldom are predicated on individual rights and freedoms alone. Ethical issues surrounding cultural practices such as female circumcision require that the society as a whole examine the moral obligation individuals have to each other and specifically to the less powerful and more vulnerable members of that society. 29 Many of the area hospitals are predominately staffed by graduates of the FGC nursing programs and we continue to get reports that our graduates consistently demonstrate strong clinical competence. NUR 3826 Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care. 3. NUR 4655 Nursing in Diverse Cultures. 3. I want to be very involved in

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  3. ors — are serious violations of.
  4. ology [4,6]. For the purpose of this chapter, we will use FGC as a term comprising procedures which alter the female genital organs for cultural or non-therapeutic reasons
  5. FGC poses starkly the challenge of applying the rights of children by ending a harmful practice. It illustrates that fighting to implement human rights is rarely simple. With FGC the complex interplay of culture, religion, and modernity is the heart of the challenge. It demonstrates vividly why we need to act to carry out values and beliefs.

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Two very different views on female genital cutting (FGC) have been aired in recent weeks. Writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a pair of American obstetricians, Kavita Arora and Allan Jacobs, recently suggested that Western societies should tolerate - and doctors should perform - what they regard as mild forms of ritual genital cutting on female infants and girls if their. Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling The American Counseling Association has maintained a code of ethics since 1961. Ethics are the principals one has that directs how a person behaves. These codes are put into place to protect the individual or group of individuals being counseled as well as the counselor themselves. These codes allow the counselor a constant reminder of the guidelines set. There are a number of practices with complex ethical issues (eg, female genital cutting, female and male cosmetic genital surgery). Efforts should be made to limit attendants in the room to those directly involved with the care of the patient, ensuring privacy and patient confidentiality. Female genital cutting (FGC) and the ethics of. Female genital cutting (FGC), also called female genital mutilation (FGM), female circumcision, excision, clitoridectomy, or infibulation, ritual surgical procedure that is traditional in some societies. FGC has been practiced by a wide variety of cultures and as a result includes a number of related procedures and social meanings.. The procedure. The term female genital cutting refers to a. Ethical issues involved with in vitro fertilization AORN J. 1990 Sep;52(3):627-31. doi: 10.1016/s0001-2092(07)69891-3. Author T A Shannon 1 Affiliation 1 Department of the Humanities, Worcester (Mass) Polytechnic Institute. PMID: 2221910 DOI: 10.1016.

Ethical dilemmas: how scandals damage companies. Ethics. Values. These things are extremely important to working professionals in any industry. In fact, 71% of professionals say they would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a company that has a mission or values they believe in and share. And similarly, 39% of professionals say they would. Female genital cutting, also known as FGC, is a worldwide practice that transcends different cultures and religions and must be approached with cultural and ethical sensitivity. Non-consensual FGC is a human rights violation. In the U.S. specifically, an estimated 500,000 girls are either at risk for or have had some form of genital cutting

[This article ignores any ethical or human rights issues involved in removing healthy, sensitive tissue from a non-consenting person. A pity, because of course it would find the case against Female Genital Cutting very strong on that basis alone Access was negotiated with 11 families involved in FGC across five local government authorities in Scotland. The fieldwork took place in 2014 and 2015. Given the sensitivity of the study and the involvement of children and young people in the research, a more intensive level 2 ethical review was required and approved by the University of Edinburgh eradication of FGC, but they had very little contact with Malians on a daily basis or a facility drums speaks to the ethical conundrums involved in trying to know the world differently. human rights issues. Neither a vehicle for vilifying nor for vindicating the practice of any type of circumcision, thi Core principles of medical ethics and FGC. Given the above, FGC can be analysed vis-à-vis the core principles of medical ethics, namely beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, and justice. What is unanimous in FGC literature is that there are no known therapeutic benefits derived from removing some or all healthy tissue and organ (2)

the FGC/FGDM process may need to be offered virtually. Providing FGC/FGDM services in this way requires additional attention to ethical, technological, privacy, informed consent and practice issues. This Information Sheet will help you to think these aspects through carefully, while remaining true to the values and principles of FGC/FGDM An anthropological understanding of the ethics involved would include extended study and conversation about the reasons and meaning behind the practice. Such work would quickly find that FGC / FGM is far from a singular thing, but rather a range of practices done differently in different places 7. Evidence based clinical and ethical guidelines on the care of women with FGC should be developed that incorporate validated measures and quality improvement metrics. 8. The performance of primary FGC among minors is illegal. Discussions on the legal ramifications of performing FGC on minors should be incorporated in patient counseling and. Impacts of FGC. A girl who has undergone female genital cutting (FGC) can often face consequences that are dangerous and distressing. Many girls and women will experience lifelong negative impacts. The harmful effects can be physical, psychological and economic, often leading to difficulties throughout her childhood, adolescence and adult life FGC coordinators also added that, for FGC cases where interpreters are used, the process always involved a pre-discussion 'with the interpreter about the FGC model' to raise their understanding and awareness and prepare them for their role and responsibility. The use of interpreters was an important theme

This article is also available as a PDF downoad.. By Jeff Relkin. In 10 ethical issues raised by IT capabilities, we examined ethical issues raised by IT capabilities, issues that all of us as. It also proposes a framework to help in the proactive handling of the factors that leads to ethical dilemmas and resolv- ing the ethical issues as they appear. It adopts the four principles of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice as universal and prima facie principles, but with the inclusion of a local understanding of what of. Question: Heather Widdows, The Author Of Your Textbook, Examines The Ethics Of Female Genital Cutting (FGC), That Is, The Practice Of Harmfully Altering Some Part Of A Girl's Genitalia (by Removal, For Example). In Chapter 3, She Approaches The Problem From The Perspective Of A Kantian Ethicist. She Says The Following (with Some Of My Edits): The Kantian Would.

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Sandell, K., Webb, J., & Whitehall-Smith, M. (2000, April). Cultural Competence & FGC. An Open Space Technology session focusing on issues of diversity in FGC; Discussion of considerations for coordinators, communities and participants, especially those with special needs The FGC approach set in the wider professional framework of other conferencing and community-centered practices, including comparisons between different countries and some of the issues involved in evaluating the conferences Many Friends in BYM serve on FGC committees, attend FGC events, and participate in FGC activities, even beyond those of us who serve on FGC Central Committee. FGC's best-known event is the annual summer Gathering, which consists of six days of workshops, speakers, activities, and fellowship, and takes place over July 4th Most of the literature identified on FGC dates back at least 20 years, when FGC was a new model. Less has been written recently as newer models emerged. This paper looks at how the FGC model works and contrasts the feelings of social workers working with families involved in the child protection arena with those of the family members The authors were involved in the quality assurance of the concept study for the FGC (Minken et al. 2009). The quality assurance was carried out autumn 2013 and win-ter 2014, and the quality assurance report was presented to the Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs February 2014. As part of thi

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In contrast to the majority of evidence collected there was also an outlier in the data: Glenda, whose evidence highlights a number of issues in relation to misrecognition and FGC. The intension of this section is to offer a cross-section of the evidence, which aid an enhanced understanding of interfamily relations involved in FGC with the. Background . This pilot study explored health care providers' perceptions of barriers to providing health care services to Somali refugee women. The specific aim was to obtain information about providers' experiences, training, practices and attitudes surrounding the prenatal care, delivery, and management of women with Female Genital Cutting (FGC). <i>Methods</i> Working with Families. 6.11. The Getting it Right for Every Child ( GIRFEC ) approach is underpinned by providing the right help, at the right time from the right people to children, young people and their families from birth to eighteen years old. Families and communities are the fundamental foundation of providing the everyday care for children

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Transcribed image text: Heather Widdows, the author of your textbook, examines the ethics of female genital cutting (FGC), that is, the practice of harmfully altering some part of a girl's genitalia (by removal, for example). In Chapter 3, she approaches the problem from the perspective of a Kantian ethicist. She says the following (with some of my edits): The Kantian would need to check that. The Real Justice Center trained all mediators for the FGC sessions in this study. Part of the training involved awareness of cultural and ethical issues that were likely to affect the conference process A Facebook contact recently posed a question to Tostan asking about the use of the term female genital cutting (FGC) versus female genital mutilation (FGM) when talking about this cultural practice. Gannon Gillespie, Tostan's Director of External Relations, responded: Dear Walter, Thank you for your question, which is one we have received regularly for many years Introduction. In Sweden, the law treats female genital cutting (FGC) differently from male genital cutting (MGC). However, the comparability of the medical, ethical, and legal aspects of genital cutting of girls and boys are increasingly discussed by scholars, although little is known about how practicing communities view these aspects essential for ethical social work practice. Critical to developing and professionals involved in the FGC process. Recognition Theory is beginning to be practice issues raised in the feedback report to services made at the point of their initial accreditation

ethics and provides the reader with the theoretical tools and information necessary to understand issues of global importance. nick buttle, University of the West of England Global ethics is an exciting and growing field of study. It addresses the most pressing contemporary ethical issues, including torture, scarce resources, poverty, migration Safety, health, equity, ethics, and environmental concerns are food system issues in every society. This pamphlet is a short guide to these issues and the way they are becoming increasingly contested. It will be helpful for understanding biotechnology issues and for guidance on engaging these issues at the level of public policy for the common. Purpose of Review Based on the discussions of a symposium co-organized by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) in Brussels in 2019, this paper critically reflects upon the zero-tolerance strategy on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and its socio-political, legal and moral repercussions. We ask whether the strategy is effective given the empirical. Some became involved in general issues of social justice (like the anti-slavery campaign), and in philanthropy. By the 20th century, things had changed again. Changes in company law meant that businesses on both sides of the Atlantic were usually public companies rather than family concerns, and far fewer Quakers were involved The German regulator has reopened the review of the deal to take a closer look at the potential national security issues involved. FGC had said at the time that the letter from BMWi did not.

Chief Executive Officer. Heidi Yang, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.) is a collaborative leader with a strong vision for the future of engineering and geoscience regulation in BC. She has broad-based experience in the regulatory, forestry, and manufacturing sectors and a proven track record of building positive workplaces, developing value-added. One of our members knew that the book mentioned female genital cutting (FGC), and asked Mariya Taher, an expert on FGC, to join our discussion using Skype. Just as Melinda looked into how to empower women and grew to understand women's issues in a whole new way, our book club read a book about how women can help and learned many facets of a. Pediatrics, 131 (4), 796-800. doi: 10.1542/peds.2012-2896. Abstract: The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released its new Technical Report and Policy Statement on male circumcision, concluding that current evidence indicates that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks Casting the issue in spiritual and cultural terms can obscure the raw issues of power that are involved: the core argument that FGC is designed to control women's sexuality by curtailing their sexual desire. Men, prominently, serve as religious leaders

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1. AAP Reaffirms Its Opposition to Female Genital Cutting In airing the controversy on female genital cutting (FGC) in its April 26 policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) may have left an erroneous impression that a ritual nick is acceptable as a means of avoiding the barbaric and life-threatening FGC procedure certain ethical issues. In preparing to proceed through the university ethics process mandated by the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, questions arose about the ethics of refusing access to an approach to child welfare - namely FGC - that was widely believed to be more culturally congruent wit

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Female genital mutilation and male circumcision: toward an autonomy-based ethical framework Brian D Earp Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK Abstract: The non-therapeutic alteration of children's genitals is typically discussed in two separate ethical discourses: one for girls, in which such alteration is conventionally referred to as. Female genital mutilation (FGM) - also, female genital cutting (FGC), also known to those indulging in a particularly incapacitating dose of cultural relativism as female circumcision - is a severe human rights violation that is done primarily in sub-Saharan and eastern Africa, though it is also done in parts of southeast Asia.It is also performed illegally in Western countries where.

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Key Ethical Issues Related to Vaccinations Second only to the development of clean water and sewage systems, vaccines have been a major force in reducing the occurrence of infectious diseases worldwide. Universal vaccination programs have eliminated smallpox and reduced serious diseases including measles, mumps, rotavirus, and polio Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia.The practice is found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and within communities from countries in which FGM is common

South Dakota describes FGC's (FGDM) as a family engagement process. One of the underlying philosophies of the FGC approach is that families are the experts on their own situation and should be actively involved in and share decision‐making about children in the family, drawing upon their existing strengths and resources But even minor issues can have serious consequences. Ethical situations at work can be cause for alarm, and are also a normal part of doing business, says Detert. The key is to not let. The best ways to create abandonment is with a thorough integration of education as to health risks of FGC, along with an understanding that the rites and customs involved may still be practiced without the actual cutting procedures and an effort to include the entire community in the decision to end FGC, combined with full government support.