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Search our world-wide directory of HypnoBirthing Educators to find one near you! As the world's largest group of qualified HypnoBirthing Educators, Hypnobirthing International: The Mongan Method have Childbirth Classes around the globe. Please enter your city in the box below to generate a list of Gold Seal Accredited Educators near you Events. Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator Training - ONLINE. July 14, 2021 - July 17, 2021; HypnoBirthing Practitioner Training - Chengdu, China. July 14, 2021 - July 18, 202 In this calm state, your body's natural relaxant, endorphins, replaces the stress hormones that constrict and cause pain. Find a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator near you. We have Educators in 46 Countries ready to support you in your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. Learn about the 5 session HypnoBirthing Course for expectant parents Prior to founding HypnoBirthing of Connecticut in 2007, Cynthia Overgard was a corporate executive and university professor. She first experienced HypnoBirthing in 2005 when she birthed her 8 lb. 14 oz. son, and again in 2009 with her 9 lb. 7 oz. daughter. Both births were completely natural and lasted only 3 and 5 hours, respectively What You Will Learn in HypnoBirthing® Classes. HypnoBirthing ® Classes are taught in a format of five, 2 1/2-hour classes. If you are very near to your birthing time, occasionally your Practitioner can make special arrangements for individual classes with you. Unit 1 - Setting the stage. Introduction to the remarkable HypnoBirthing.

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  1. The Hypnobirthing Hub Course is best-in-class. Here's how we compare to. other online and in-person childbirth education classes. HypnoBirthing Hub Course. Hospital Course Online. HypnoBirthing Face to Face. Taught by HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Pregnancy and Birth Counsellor. OBGYN and Midwife approved and recommended
  2. Become A Certified HypnoBirthing® Educator. You can become a Certified HypnoBirthing® Educator or complete other complimentary certifications that we offer to further expand your skills.For the HypnoBirthing Certification the information below outlines the details of what you will learn during your course and locate a certification class near you
  3. Certified Childbirth Educator, HypnoDoula and Hypnotist Lauralyn Curtis has taught hypnobirthing classes to over 2000 couples in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Curtis Method hypnobirthing classes are an updated, evidence-based approach to birth hypnosis, and provide a comprehensive education for a positive childbirth experience. Our live-instruction workbook, combined with online homework.
  4. From July, face to face group Hypnobirthing classes will be returning but with a maximum of 2 couples per class to ensure safe social distancing measures. This will be reviewed again following the next set of announcements by the Government. If your preference is still for online hypnobirthing classes, please get in touch
  5. Hypnobirthing class near me provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module.Hypnobirthing classes and courses in altrincham welcome to hypnobirthing with anja;Hypnobirthing classes will make a meaningful difference to you & your baby's birthing experience
  6. How do I find an Informed Beginnings Class Near Me? Informed Beginnings is a newer course, and is only offered in select locations. Visit their website to find Informed Beginnings classes near you. Hypnobirthing Classes (aka The Mongan Method) Review. Hypnobirthing takes a different approach to labor than most classes
  7. The cost of the group classes are $400 and this fee includes the HypnoBirthing® book, spiral bound handouts and practice CD. HypnoBirthing® classes are presented in a format of five, 2 1/2 hour classes. If you are very near your birthing time, it is possible to make special arrangements for individual classes

Also offered is an Independent Study, a web-based program for Childbirth Education, Refresher Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding and Baby Care. Phone: 248-273-6323 or 800-666-7377 Email: classes.beaumont.mkenerson@beaumont.edu Website: www.beaumonthospitals.com. Birthing By Calm ~ Tiffany Timmins Hypnobirthing classes teach the techniques mentioned above, such as self-hypnosis, deep relaxation and deep breathing, in addition to birth positions and the basic physiology of birth (RCM, 2008). Once you've learnt the techniques, you'd use them to help you focus and concentrate completely on your body and your baby

Other class options: Private On Land or Private Online Zoom Classes. Refresher Courses - For couples that have previously taken a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education Course. Need a refresher on the tools and techniques of HypnoBirthing? Then this 2-day course is for you! Contact me for schedulin Hypnobirthing classes covering the UKAwarded Hypnotherapist of the Year 2020/21 - Prestige Awards. Calm Mum, Calm Birth, Calm Baby! FREE weekly meditation/visualisation classes throughout your pregnancy, WhatsApp Group to bond with other mums. Pregnant mums for generations have always been told how painful and frightening giving birth is

HypnoBirthing is also a set of life skills - key techniques that will serve you well on your continued journey into parenthood! + How do I know if HypnoBirthing is for me? The knowledge gained in this class can be used by ANYONE. We all enter into a state of hypnosis 10-15 times a day, so it's something your mind and body are already used to doing All of our classes are also taught privately. This includes: Preparing For Birth, Birth Essentials, HypnoBirthing, Breastfeeding Your Baby and Newborn Care Classes. Private classes take place in the comfort of your home on a schedule that works for you There are many certified hypnobirthing instructors around the world.There is no perfect time to start but we would suggest beginning the package of education between 28 to 32 weeks gestation.These are free online hypnobirthing classes.live online classes taught by me hypnobirthing class near me provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, hypnobirthing class near me will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative. HypnoBirthing® prenatal classes help you, as a couple, strengthen your relationship by addressing fears, learning effective relaxation, breathing and stress-elimination techniques, and working together toward the common goal of the safe and natural delivery of your newborn. You and your partner enter the birth well-prepared, feeling connected.

That would look like Hypnobirthing classes near me, and you will be able to see what is available in your area. Which Method Do You Use In Your Class? Sometimes I am asked which method I teach in my class the Healthy Start Birth Prep Challenge. The truth is, I use concepts from each of them. As a doula, I have been able to witness many moms use. HypnoBirthing is also referred to as the Mongan Method. It's considered the original method and involves five classes that are 2 1/2 hours long, totaling 12 hours of instruction. There are. I would recommend the Hypnobirthing class at Flutterby to any expectant parent! Thank you! - Amy, Minneapolis, 1st-Time parent: All photography on this site has been used with permission. Special thanks to Meredith Westin Photography, Megan Crown and Danica Donnelly Each Class Includes. Series of 5 weekly 3-hour class meetings, helping you to understand how to have a calmer, easier birth. Your own copy of the Fourth Edition HypnoBirthing® Text, HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method. 4 audio tracks for your relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding (Including the program cornerstone track, Rainbow Relaxation

In-person hypnobirthing course. If you prefer a more interactive experience, we'd love to see you at our in-person hypnobirthing course! Unlike our antenatal classes, attendees aren't grouped by due date or by where they live, so you may meet other expectant parents at different stages of their pregnancy and who don't live particularly local to you You don't need to go searching for the best and most recommended hypnobirthing classes near me in the UK, US, & AU. Hypnobirthing hub is the place to be. Get in touch with us now Birthing Classes Near Me Free. 9 classes to watch whenever you want. A childbirth class is a great way to prepare for labor and birth. Source : www.pinterest.com. About child birthing classes near me. As the world's largest group of qualified hypnobirthing educators, hypnobirthing international: 21 Books To Read To Kids That Will Empower Them. HypnoBirthing childbirth classes teach expectant mothers and birth companions the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more comfortable manner. Pregnant mothers-to-be will learn how to call upon their birthing body's own natural relaxant (endorphins) and thus lessen or even eliminate birthing discomfort, labor pain, and the need for medication hypnobirthing classes near me provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, hypnobirthing classes near me will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many

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February 26, 2015. Hypnobirthing is a method of natural childbirth which uses relaxation, breathing and a range of related techniques to help mothers to give birth more easily in a natural, comfortable calm and relaxed manner. This feeling of calm and relaxation helps release any fears and anxieties about childbirth, and instead helps build. Courses will typically run across 10 hours, which can be split across 4 evenings or 2 weekend days. If time is an issue, then this can be reduced to a more intensive course if necessary. In addition, you will also receive The Calm Birth School hypnobirthing book (worth £12.99), 5 relaxation MP3's (worth £44.95), course handouts, parent pack.

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Bump & Baby Club is the leading independent provider of antenatal classes in the UK, with over 10,000 expectant parents joining us each year. We bring together local people, creating communities of like-minded parents-to-be whose babies are due around the same time. Working passionately and thoughtfully, we ensure you're feeling relaxed and. For classes further than a half hours drive from Tring, an additional £10 charge is made for travel time and fuel. NB Chorleywood, Leighton Buzzard, Kings Langley are within this time zone. Some expectant mums really benefit from booking onto our Pregnancy Relaxation classes to meet other local mums-to-be, in addition to taking a Hypnobirthing. Antenatal classes near me or hypnobirthing courses near to Tring, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Aylesbury, Leighton Buzzard, Pitstone & Hemel Hempstead. We generally suggest beginning your Hypnobirthing from week 20 of your pregnancy. This allows ample time to practice and familiarise yourselves with the techniques you will use during birth Natural Birth Classes and Doula Care servicing areas around Hinsdale, Oak Park, New Lenox, Naperville, Orland Park, Tinley Park, Palos Heights, Plainfield, Channahon, Mokena, Lockport, Manhattan, Homewood, Lemont, Joliet, Shorewood, Wilmington . Willing to travel further if there is a need. Please contact me to discuss hosting a Hypnobabies.

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  1. Childbirth Class. Saturday, September 18, 2021. 12:00 PM 4:00 PM. 12:00 16:00. Your Charlotte Doulas (map) Google Calendar ICS. This childbirth class is designed to prepare couples and individuals for birth inside or outside of the hospital environment. We will discuss the stages of labor and how to create a strategy to achieve the type of.
  2. HypnoBirthing® is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing, and stress-free method of birthing. This amazing program teaches you, along with your birthing companion, the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more comfortable manner
  3. The combined skills of Yoga and Hypnobirthing techniques has allowed me to serve 100's mums in my local area over the last 8 years. It's so lovely to catch up with parents after their birth and hear how the pregnancy classes and Hypnobirthing techniques helped to positively influence their birth

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  1. Let me teach you how to not fear birth and instead birth supernaturally. Let me teach you the pros and cons of the many options you will have during childbirth so you confidently make informed decisions on the choices that can affect you for the rest of your life. Birth is something you will remember forever
  2. In class, my hubby had dozens of aha moments while I absorbed how best to set myself up for a hospital birth. I used Rachel's audios throughout the pregnancy and used the breathing and relaxation practices during the whole labor and births. That's what enabled me to do it without so much as even an aspirin
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  4. The Hampshire Birthing Company provides no-nonsense Hypnobirthing and complete birth preparation classes near Alton. Susanna supports parents in releasing fear and building confidence toward a calm, gentle and positive birth
  5. Learn hypnobirthing techniques such as relaxation, birth and surge breathing, perfect pushing, light touch and counter pressure massage. Studies have shown that these techniques can significantly reduce pain during birth, and help you relax and focus on your pregnancy and that beautiful moment when your hypnobirth child finally meets you
  6. Find a Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor. The Hypnobabies Instructors in our directory below are trained and certified by Hypnobabies, but are not employees of Hypnobabies. Please choose your country from the drop down menu and then type out the name of your state or province, i.e.: California, instead of CA

Aromatherapy is a 4000-year-old science, using pure extracts of plants to improve physical, mental and emotional health. Join us as we explore the benefits of using pure essential oils during labor and for the first year of your sweet babe's life. Each student will create an aromatherapy product to take home. **this birthing class is NOT Continue reading Classe Whether you have always been planning for an elective caesarean or your birth plan has changed suddenly, late in your pregnancy. If you are struggling to imagine how you can make this a positive experience, then our Hypnobirthing for Caesarean Birth course is for you. Taught across 2 evenings from 7:30pm-9:45pm or across one weekend day (with a. Find a pregnancy class near me - whether you are looking for pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing, antenatal classes or baby massage - find Daisy! Find your Class. Daisy is not just an antenatal class, a hypnobirthing or pregnancy yoga alternative or a baby massage or yoga class - it offers a continuous perinatal support at a time when you need. What Is Hypnobirthing? One of the greatest gifts in life is having a baby and seeing a sweet little human brought into this world. However, the process of labor and delivery tends to be quite scary for several women. The pain associated with labor and childbirth can be excruciating, and mothers try to look for ways to deal with the pain. If you are looking for a hypnobirthing class near you. Hypnobirthing® childbirth classes, Lamaze® certified childbirth education classes, Doula services, as well as, breastfeeding classes and newborn care classes in New York City. We offer our classes either in a group setting or privately in the comfort of your home!

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HypnoBirthing® is an inclusive childbirth technique that views birth as a healthy, normal, and natural part of life, rather than a medical event. When fear and tension aren't the focus during labor, a laboring person's body is uniquely and perfectly designed to birth safely, calmly, and even comfortably. HypnoBirthing replaces the myths. Affordable 5* hypnobirthing classes with a highly experienced, accredited hypnobirthing teacher. Buy Online. Payment plans available. Classes across the UK online and 1:1 in Dunstable, Luton, Leighton Buzzard, St Albans, Harpenden, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. Prepare for a positive childbirth and pregnancy Start your review of Intuitive Birth. Mackenzie L. San Francisco, CA. 216. 14. 9. 6/24/2020. Celia is amazing! We were lucky to have Celia as both our labor and delivery doula and our hypnobirthing teacher (we took her 5 week class) and I could not recommend her enough

Virtual HypnoBirthing - Live Class with Instructor Expand Content. A fully comprehensive childbirth class that will take you through each step of labor and birth and give you the training and tools to have a more comfortable birthing experience. HypnoBirthing has proven to bring confidence, calm and comfort to the birthing mother and baby Welcome to Hypnobirthing with Anja; I offer hypnobirthing courses and classes in/near Altrincham. Mother to a little girl, I am a devoted, passionate holistic pregnancy coach, specialising in hypnobirthing, meditation, mindfulness and essential oils Aerialist Classes Near Me. Class levels are indicated by a number and description. Classes for aerial dance, silk, hoops, circus, and trapeze.Come learn to aerial dance with outstanding instructors.Come try our aerial yoga workouts. Currently, she teaches out of hunter dance center and as a guest teacher in studios across texas Hypnobirthing is all about preparing the mind for birth. The theory is that if you are relaxed and open you can lean into your birth. It can be painless, or near to it. Your body is meant to give birth. The hypnobirthing promise is that you can give birth in a dream-like or daydreaming state The cost of childbirth classes varies widely, based on what type of class you're taking and how comprehensive it is, as well as your location. Bradley Method courses in Chicago cost around $400. Lamaze courses in Phoenix cost $375. Generic childbirth classes in Gainesville, FL cost 160.00. Online birthing courses range from $100 - $400

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The Hypnobirthing Hour Classes. Interested in doing a full hypnobirthing class but would like to get some hints and tips before booking on? These 1-hour sessions are a great opportunity to learn some fundamental hypnobirthing skills followed by a guided relaxation and an opportunity to ask me any questions about how hypnobirthing tends to work Free Hypnobirthing Resources I've pulled together some of my favourite free hypnobirthing resources and downloads for you to take advantage of, try out and use who you feel comfortable. If there is anything you would like to see more of, please feel free to get in touch Classes are available to all in the area, whether you are our birth client or not. i try to make classes available for everyone by making them available on weekends and weeknights. The following classes are offered as group and/or private classes: HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education. Spinning Babies® Parent Class. Preparing For Birth Find a HypnoBirthing Class near me. Our program empowers and educates families for a positive birth experience. By adding a HypnoBirthing Class to your pre-natal care and education, you will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles CAN work in perfect harmony, as they were designed to - when you are sufficiently relaxed and you trust birth

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3 reviews of HypnoBirthing of Central Texas My husband and I took Heather and Liz's HypnoBirthing class for our second pregnancy in 2009. Since our class was in October and I wasn't due until February, I took a refresher class (for free) in January as labor was nearing and I was getting more nervous. I am the first to admit that I didn't practice nearly as much as I should have in preparing. Hypnobirthing. Courses. Pregnancy & Birth Anxiety Coaching, Antenatal Education, Birth and Postnatal Doula, In Person Groups Barnet. Online Group Courses. 1:1 Private Courses In Person & Online. Hi, I'm Claire, a mummy to two girls, a Hypnobirthing Antenatal Coach, Birth and Postnatal Doula

Pregnancy & Hypnobirthing Coach. As a pregnancy and hypnobirthing coach, I work with women in the Cheshire, Manchester and Merseyside areas to help support them during their pregnancies. I hope to enrich Mums life by helping her through the highs and lows of pregnancy. My private 1-to-1 coaching sessions are ideal for parents looking for a more. Hypnobirthing Australia™ - official website. Australia's most popular childbirth education antenatal classes for positive natural and caesarean birth. Online, webinar & face to face training available A four week antenatal video program, training women and their birth partners to create calm, joyful births from anywhere in the world. Whether you're planning a hospital, home, or midwife-led birth, you and your birth partner will be guided through The Calm Birth School hypnobirthing method for creating a smooth birth experienceall from the ease of your armchair Our Hypnobirthing classes in Cork provide you with comprehensive antenatal education & scientifically-proven techniques focused on releasing fear, embracing pregnancy & birth and empowerment of parents-to-be. There's nothing'alternative' about our classes! They are based in science and the techniques really are life-changing

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Back Classes Near Me and Online Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Classes Pregnancy Yoga Classes Baby Yoga Classes Kids Yoga Classes Zoom Classes with Jackie Heffer-Cooke Aylsham & Wroxham Bury St Edmunds Cambridgeshire Fakenham Gressenhall, Norfolk Norwich & Zoom Norwich North Somerset & Zoom Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Zoom Manchester & Zoom. Find hypnobirthing classes near me in Kent. Book now. What Does a Hypnobirthing Course Involve? There are 2 main different hypnobirthing class types available through HypnoMama and full details of what each hypnobirthing course includes as well as the costs and amount of time in involved are listed below..

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Hypnobirthing childbirth education classes, fertility specialist and birth doula services in Orange County, California - serving Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and some surrounding areas HYPNOBIRTHING CLASSES. If you're feeling anxious about having a baby, you're not alone (and you've come to the right place.) This info-packed class teaches you meditation, relaxation, and self-hypnosis techniques to promote confidence and trust in your body during birth Classes on-line and in-person. Following State guidelines, Sacramento HypnoBirthing childbirth education classes, will begin to offer blended classes, limiting class size, to allow for adequate social distancing. We will continue to offer our on-line distance learning classes through Zoom. We recognize this allows more pregnant parents to learn. HypnoBirthing classes will make a meaningful difference to you & your baby's birthing experience. Natural Birthing Is Natural. Birth is a natural process that the body is perfectly able to carry out smoothly, safely, and without severe pain. Unfortunately, misinformation creates fear that hold the body back from birthing in the way nature intended For me, hypnobirthing was a wonderful tool during the birthing process and an invaluable one to me in helping me have the natural birth experience I was hoping for. As for the baby come out session after I passed 41 weeks, it was a relaxing two-hour visit and I ended up going into labor less than 12 hrs later

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Directions: Use one of the recommended search fields to find a Lamaze class near you. U.S. residents can search by zip code. Connect with a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator - a trusted partner for one of the most important journeys of your life. Find an educator in your area to take Lamaze childbirth education classes to help you prepare. HYPNOBIRTHING, SALE. Hypnobirthing is a logical approach to childbirth based on the science of the body and mind. This practical, and easy-to-follow, antenatal education method prepares you for giving birth in a relaxed and calm way. Hypnobirthing is based on the premise that fear has a detrimental effect on labouring mothers, causing their. We offer a range of birthing, pre- and post-natal classes across the UK and Ireland including hypnobirthing antenatal classes, pregnancy relaxation and mother and baby clubs. Established in 2009 by Jo and Emily Bull, the Babies in Waiting range of courses have proved popular and have since expanded to cover a wide range of locations across the UK

All our hypnobirthing training is run face to face by me, Sophie Fletcher, author of Mindful Hypnobirthing and Mindful Mamma, and co-founder of the Mindful Hypnobirthing class. I've got 10+ years experience of working with hypnotherapy, mindfulness and birth, and of training midwives, hypnotherapists, doctors, psychologists in the use of. Give Tacoma HypnoBirthing's classes a good, honest try. If you don't think our course will help you have the birth you desire, after the conclusion of the first session, we'll refund your tuition, less the cost of the registration fee. No risk, no hassle, and no hard feelings Hypnobirthing has been helping mothers have a safe, natural and comfortable birth for over 30 years and I have over 8 years experience teaching over 150 couples, so you can feel reassured you will get the best of my training and experience if you decide to book with me

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HypnoBirthing® is a 12.5-hour comprehensive childbirth preparation class that is designed to help you achieve a COMFORTABLE and GENTLE birth experience for you and your baby. HypnoBirthing is based on the premise that birth does not necessarily need to be painful if the mother is properly prepared and relaxed Inspiring Births Classes. HypnoBirthing™ - The Mongan Method - is a unique method of relaxed, childbirth education, enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques. HypnoBirthing™ provides the missing link that allows women to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing. Unlike some courses, the Mongan method is a comprehensive course and. Private Group Classes: (Online and in person) Can't find a HypnoBirthing® class near you or that suits your schedule? Do you have friends interested in taking the class with you? I offer in home private group classes throughout the Atlanta area. Contact me for more information. Refresher Course


Prenatal exercises classes include Aqua Moms and Yoga Moms. Also offered is an Independent Study, a web-based program for Childbirth Education, Refresher Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding, and Baby Care. Phone: 248-273-6323 or 800-666-7377 Email: classes.beaumont.mkenerson@beaumont.edu Website: www.beaumonthospitals.com Maryland HypnoBirthing is affiliated with the HypnoBirthing ®Institute. HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method is the golden standerd of hypnosis birthing programs. It as much a philosophy as it is a technique. The concept of HypnoBirthing is not new, but rather a rebirth of the philosophy of birthing as it existed thousands of years ago and as it was recaptured in the work of Dr. Grantly Dick. Register for classes near you today! Hypnobirthing Classes - Live, Online via Zoom: This 12 hour class teaches relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques directed at releasing the fear causing tensions and pain. The HypnoBirthing® method, developed by Marie Mongan, utilizes a process of breathing, relaxation, visualization, and med.

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Hypnobirthing Classes Near Me admin 2019-10-31T14:38:03+00:00 We teach hypnobirthing classes in Stoneclough, Manchester, close to both Bury and Bolton. Teaching group hypnobirthing classes and private hypnobirthing classes from our apartment in Stoneclough, providing a comfortable and relaxing environment HypnoBirthing® Classes are taught in a format of five, 2 1/2-hour classes. If you are very near to your birthing time, occasionally your Practitioner can make special arrangements for individual classes with you. The next group series is January 8th, 18th, 22nd, 29th, February 5th 2017 I am a fully qualified NCT Antenatal Teacher having obtained a 3 year Diploma in Antenatal Education from the University of Bedfordshire and teach NCT Signature courses as well as private antenatal classes to couples and small groups.. I am a Hypnobirthing Practitioner having trained with Katharine Graves in 2013 and completing the Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course, which is accredited by. 19 reviews of Temecula HypnoBirthing Karen is so amazing. I learned SO much through this birth class. It helped me have such a drastically different birth from my first birth in such an amazing way! I'm so grateful that I now know the things I know through her class. It's hypno birthing plus so much more! I know so much information about birth and about what you can ask for her in the. Nicola Wilson HypnoBirthing & Baby Classes. July 12, 2020 ·. Birth doesn't have to be feared and it is not as unpredictable as you may think. Preparing for your baby's birth with HypnoBirthing can be life changing. Hypnosis prepares you with a confident and steady mindset that will see you through labour and birth, whatever comes your way

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If you are interested in attending my in-person hypnobirthing classes in/near Didsbury please complete the form below. Note: You have to tick the box at the bottom of the form for your message to be sent. I will get back to you within 24 hours. Please check your junk or spam folders in case my email reply takes a detour The group course is so much more than just hypnobirthing, I will support you every step of the way until your baby is born. It includes; 10 hours of preparation for birth. 2-hour session to write you personalised 'postnatal plan'. A Mums meet-up. Virtual drop-in session with myself and guests every Monday Hypnobirthing is regarded as the most modern & effective way to prepare for childbirth. And you deserve a positive birth. Choose from a range of pregnancy services including: Group or private hypnobirthing courses; Hypnosis for childbirth; Pregnancy hypnotherapy or free hypnobirthing classes. Book here Welcome to Pregnancy Yoga with Hypnobirthing Online. In these challenging times, to support our mums-to-be we now have an online membership where you can join a class at any time in the comfort of your own home. These online classes will teach you how to stay healthy, get baby in the optimal position, and how you, as the parent, can help your.

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Hypnobirthing gives comfort & control back to parents. KGH provides Parent & Online Courses, Books, CD & MP3 Audios & RCM Accredited Teacher Training Course. An in-depth antenatal training program designed to release fear & build confidence during birth Committed to empowering women and their birth partners to create positive birth experiences. On a mission to make hypnobirthing more accessible for everyone. Home of the world's most affordable and accessible online hypnobirthing program. Monthly group Hypnobirthing classes in London, Devon, Birmi Blossom and Birth classes are currently held online. Text Supriya to set up a time to talk and schedule your private comprehensive course from the comfort of your own home. Blossom and Birth is South Jersey's leading natural birthing class. Blossom & Birth is dedicated to empowering more families to have a drug-free births, and drug-free babies Group and Private Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Classes in South London and Surrey, with Rachel Cunliffe HbDip(KGH), a qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner. For a positive, mindful, and confident birth Hypnobirthing Home Visit. In-person private hypnobirthing classes delivered in the comfort of your own home at times that suit you. Up to 4x sessions (10-12 hours total), plus ongoing support until you are holding your baby. Available in Portsmouth, Fareham (Hampshire) and all surrounding areas. Available for first & subsequent pregnancies