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Cancellation WUSV World Championship 2020 Ladies and Gentlemen: It is with enormous regret that we need to inform you about the cancellation of this year's WUSV World Championship in Györ/ Hungary as a result of the Corona Pandemic. Given the insecurity of the circumstances that do not allow any of us to reliably arrange for any kind of. 26.-29.11.2020 - Frankreich (Straßburg) - Club du Chien de Berger Allemand (CCBA Event: WUSV World Championship 2020. 7. Oct - 11. Oct 2020. You have not said whether you will be attending the event yet Semua informasi pada acara WUSV World Championship 2020 dari MNJK di Gyö

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Join to our facebook event now!https://www.facebook.com/events/355115865080334/Director & Post-Production Generalist: Scrabo ShepherdDP: Tamas HelenyiVoice-o.. SV Championship Rally Obedience with venue in Merseburg (National Group of Saxony-Anhalt) - scheduled from August 29 th, to August 30 th, 2020. Cancellation of the event and postponement to 2021 - the venue remains the same and the date subject to confirmation. SV Conformation Show BSZ - SV-Bundessiegerzuchtschau - with venue in. Kaikki tiedot MNJK:n järjestämästä tapahtumasta WUSV World Championship 2020 paikkakunnalla Györ

Vse informacije dogodka WUSV World Championship 2020, ki ga organizira MNJK v Györ Schweizerische Hauptzuchtschau für Deutsche Schäferhunde. Samstag, 26. Juni 2021. Sportanlage Kleine Allmende, Frauenfeld. Hier finden Sie den Meldeschein und weitere Infos zur Veranstaltung. Homepage: www.hauptzuchtschau.ch Thank you for your interest in representing USA on one of the three possible world teams: WUSV, WUSV UNIVERSALSIEGER, FCI. This is a tremendous honor that takes considerable time and commitment. We appreciate your interest and support. Should you have any questions, please feel comfortable calling anyone on the World Championship(s) committee Veškeré informace k akci WUSV World Championship 2020, pořádané MNJK v Györ All events 2020 . All events 2021 2019 WUSV-WM - IGP World Cup. Event: WUSV-WM 2019 Category of event: WUSV Weltmeisterschaft Results list name: Please make sure that you clearly state where and when the championship took place. If possible, include the names of the judges and helpers..

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Updated: Hip & Elbow Screening for WUSV. Recently, we received a number of requests with regard to the future requirements for the participation in the WUSV World Championship and the Universal Championship. Clarification was in particular required in terms of the HD/ ED diagnostics. Please be informed that from 2020 on only HD/ ED diagnostics. I will be judging 2020 FCI IGP-FH championships I have been participating in FCI annual training seminars for judges 5 times (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018). aus der Königshöhle (all of them from my own breed), I took part at the WUSV World Championship, 3 times at the FCI World Championship and WUSV - UNIVERSALSIEGER - Championship Q&A part 4 at the WUSV IGP World Championship in Modena, Italy. Killing time between obedience and protection phases. Answering questions on photography work flow, lens choices and Photographic style Annulatie WUSV WK IGP & Agility Hongarije 2020. Cancellation WUSV World Championship 2020 Ladies and Gentlemen: It is with enormous regret that we need to inform you about the cancellation of this year's WUSV World Championship in Györ/ Hungary as a result of the Corona Pandemic WUSV World Championship winner Sharon Ronen From Israel with a high score of 291.http://www.german-shepherd-dog-breed-store.com/ Prices or out of you league?..

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Alle Informationen zur Veranstaltung WUSV World Championship 2020 von MNJK in Györ Universal Sieger NOW CANCELLED. Jul 21, 2020. GSA Ireland. Events, International News, News & Announcements, Shows, Trials. 0. The WUSV Universal Sieger World Championships in Strasbourg, France, set for June 2020, postponed until November due to the Covid-19 crisis, has now been cancelled for 2020. Dear WUSV Member Clubs - Ladies and Gentlemen

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In 2013 I worked the GSDCA-WDA Nationals and at the Nationals I was selected as one of the helpers for tryouts for the WUSV World Championship. After other tryouts and cuts, I was selected to do the Front Half of the WUSV World Championship for 2013. I am honored to be selected as a helper for the 2020 GSDCA National IGP3 Championship. I. the 3rd place on german championship SV BSP IGP 3 the 15th place on WUSV World championship (C-96 p.) the 1st place on USCA GSD nationals IGP 3 (99,97,97) the 1st place on SV LGA IGP 3 (98,91,97) SV Körung SG HD normal, ED normal, DM N/N, LÜV 0 WANDA MORAVIA ARTEX IPO 3 the 3rd place on czech junior championship Kkl 1 S the 2015 wusv world championship winner. WE ARE SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE STEEL IN OUR FAMILY AND BREEDING PROGRAM. HIS TEMPERAMENT, PERSONALITY, TRAINABILITY, HEALTH AND LOOKS ARE TO DIE FOR!

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Recent events have been FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (2017) and German Shepherd's WUSV (2015). Finnish way to organize events is proactive and meticulous, we wanna make plan B and plan C before event. The organizers of 2020 Championship competition are very experienced people CACIT Dobris 2020 - IGP 3 : Championship of Estonia 2020 - IGP 3 : KD Ljubljana Drenigov memorial 2020 - IGP 3 : VVDH Open Wedstrijd Veerle 2020 - IGP 2 : 1. V.D.H. WUSV Qualifikation 2020 : 2020 Brugshundeprøve (IGP) kreds 63 Hobro - (ingen IFH prøver) - IGP 3 : RSCE Selectiva Zona Centro 2020 - IGP 3 : KUCBH Championnat Nationale U.R.C.B.B.

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  1. Thus, it was decided to have the WUSV World Championship (IP) 2021 also hosted by the WUSV member club in Spain from October 31 st, to November 07 th, 2021 with venue in Lerma as well. The judges' availability is currently under review and details will be published on the WUSV homepage in a timely fashion
  2. 2021 WUSV World Championships 2021 USCA Working Dog Championships PLUS he has trained 8 dogs to SchH3 / IPO 3/IGP3, 3 dogs to FH and has competed with 7 of those dogs at National Championships, 3 dogs at World Championships, 3 dogs at World Championships
  3. WUSV Universal Sieger Program. The Universal Sieger program was designed to promote the breeding of the German Shepherd Dog in the United States of America, addressing both physical qualities and character attributes. The Universal Sieger reveals the most impressive feature of the breed's versatile working abilities
  4. Gringo Ja Na Ka on top of the World. Posted on January 27, 2020 by workinggermanshepherd. Gringo is the new WUSV World Champion! He was born in 2014 in Czech Republic. His breeder is Jan Chudy, owner of kennel Ja Na Ka. YouTube
  5. Brongo and Frans Slaman competed in 8 National Championship trials and 2 International trials over their career together. Allie followed in her sire's paw prints, by being the first female German Shepherd in over 20 years to qualify for the United States team to compete at the 2019 WUSV, the German Shepherd World Championship
  6. WUSV World Championships, Modena, Italy Chris and Gerro accompanied by Joanne trecked across Europe bound for Italy as part of team GB to perform in the WUSV World Championships. A great start with 91 points in tracking on alfalfa grass - a performance and score not to be sniffed at as alfalfa isn't exactly grown in the UK to practice on.
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Full Results 2013. GSDL All Breed National Championships and WUSV/FCI World Championship Qualifier. 18th & 19th May 2013 at Epworth, Lincs. Hosted by Sheffield SC. Judge: Volker Behrens (SV) Short Work Helper: Mark Rigby (GSDL WB) Long Work Helper: Danny Roberts (GSDL WB) Tracklayers: Ian James (GSDL WB), Danny Roberts (GSDL WB) Place 注文住宅の依頼先には、ハウスメーカーや工務店、設計事務所などがありますが、知名度の高さや実績の豊富さ、安定した品質などのメリットがあることからハウスメーカーへの依頼を検討している方も多いかと思います。しかし、日本国内には数多くのハウスメーカーが存在するため、どの. 2020 1 sable male, 1 sable female MALE Tom European K9 training base IPO 3 the 1st place on german championship IPO 3 (100,93,96) participation on WUSV World championship 2x winner SV LG-FCI SV Körung SG HD normal, ED normal, DM N/N, DNA gepr. JUDD GREY WOLF-MORAVIA World champion WUSV, HD normal. Bleia von der Mohnwiese IPO 3, SchH 3.

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  1. IGP. (Internationale Gebrauchshunde Prüfungsordnung) formerly known as Schutzhund/IPO. Hello and Thank you for visiting New York Schutzhund & Police Dog Club. Our club is a non-profit organization. The club is formed of a group of breeders and working dog enthusiasts who love the sports and most of all love to work with their dogs
  2. V Qvido Vepeden 2X WUSV World Champion (2016 & 2018), IPO3, 3X WUSV, 3X UMM ČKNO, his daughter Dalai of Sapphire Mountain:) February 11, 2020 February 11, 2020 Daughter of our SG Unie Denbrix; 5U1/P I. tř., HD/ED (0/0), IPO 3 (by age 2 years!), BH, ZVV 1
  3. Rank 4, GSDL WDG National Championship 2020 - IGP 3 graphical season. Performance. Number of starts and ranks. table of successs. Show statistics 2019 WUSV-WM - IGP World Cup - C . 2019 WUSV-WM - IGP World Cup - B . 2019 WUSV GB Team Joint Selection Trial - IGP 3 - C
  4. 2016 wusv world championship competitor. he has an amazing temperament, very social, level headed, lovely personality! a huge thank you to russ fox for allowing us to own this beautiful boy!!!!! meet our new stud brisco 2016 wusv world championship competitor. he has an amazing temperament, very social, level headed, lovely personality
  5. 2015 Vice-Sieger GSDCA National Championship 2015 WUSV Universal Sieger - Qualifier - Italy 2015 WUSV Combined World Championship Qualifier 2014 WUSV World Championship Qualifier -Turkey 2014 German LGA Competitor. Dam: Xina Ira Ja-He, I searched for a female with Cherokee von der Wolfen and Vito vom Waldwinkel as the grandfathers
  6. December 27, 2020 • 4 Comments. This blog post is about Frank Phillips. In 2021 he will be the Judge for obedience phase at the WUSV IGP World Championship and will be a competitor at the FMBB IGP World Championship with his dog Ender. In my travels to photograph IGP championships, there are familiar faces that I see frequently..
  7. Team Captain for Great Britain World Championships WUSV Universal Sieger Belgium 2018. Team Captain for Great Britain World Championships FCI Germany 2017. Hohenburg puppies: World Championship competitors, UK National Championships, German National Championships, Spanish National Championships and UK Police Forces
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2012 WUSV IPO World Championships 9th place 93-94- 95 Fido von der Hagenmuhle 2015 WUSV World Championships 26th place 84-92- 92 (only passing dog in flight for Phase A) 2016 WUSV Universal Sieger World Championships. National Champion of Norway #1 in show and #3 overall. Ace von der Herzen Haus 2018 USCA Mid Eastern Regional Championship 1st Plac February 2020. The official dog trainer for the Mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn Chris Meverden with Danger selected as one of the teams to represent America at this year's FCI IPO World Championship in Switzerland. June 2015, The German Shepherd Dog Review. WUSV World Championship XXVI - Team United States - 5th Place! Chris Meverden. 2021 USCA GSD National Championship . Co-hosted by. O.G. Indianapolis Schutzhund und Polizei . Dates: October 8 - 10, 2021. Thank You to our Sponsors.

If, for example, the two clubs agree that a total result of 250 points, with at least 80 points in phase C, (maybe from a pre-qualification trial within the club) is the requirement to be admitted to the joint qualification trial, in addition to the health certificates required for the WUSV-World Championship, so those would be the rules International Trial 2020 Details Geschreven: 10 maart 2019 Afdrukken E-mailadres On 9 and May 10, Sport Dog Club De CoenStadt organizes The International Schutzhund Trial. Vertaal. 2015 Team Canada Application Revisions. 2015 Team Canada Letter of Intent. Please note 43i to 43s is for the Universal Team. Section 43 - QUALIFICATIONS FOR TEAM CANADA WUSV Mandatory as of 2012, All Competitors must have a minimum of 80 points in each phase, and a minimum of 250 points total to enter. 43 (a) It is the handler's. Rank 35, 2019 WUSV-WM - IGP World Cup latest result at: Rank 2, GSDL WDG National Championship 2020 - IGP 3 graphical season. Performance. Number of starts and ranks. table of successs. Show statistics Participated events. All (11) Semi-International (2) National (6) Regional (3) IGP. 2019 Dutch Shepherd World Championship IGP III's. 2019 Dutch Shepherd Nationals: Back Half IGP III's. 2019 DVG Nationals: Back Half IGP III's. 2019 AWMA preselected. Thanks to AWDF committee and helper selection committee for letting me apart of this years 2020 great National AWDF event

WUSV 2013 Team Results 1. Germany 2. Belgium 3. Netherlands 4. United States 5. Czech Republic 6. Denmark 7. Italy 8. Canada 9. Japan 10. Switzerland View complete team results here. WUSV Individual Results 1. Helmut Huber with Hank vom Weinbergblick 2. Robbie de Jong with Glenn vom Haus Valkenplatz 3. Padraig Flanagan with Sepp von Haus Silma 4. Bjorn Reckmann with Life vim Furstentum Kaunitz. Thus, it was decided to have the WUSV World Championship (IP) 2021 also hosted by the WUSV member club in Spain from October 31st, to November 07th, 2021 with venue in Lerma as well. The judges' availability is currently under review and details will be published on the WUSV homepage in a timely fashion

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Two different locations. Six handlers. Same weekend. Congrats to all competitors! 10/17/2020. Club members Chantal and Lindsey doing us proud in their BH tests at Sturgeon Schutzhund Club two weeks ago. Next weekend we have 5 more dogs going for titles in two provinces so good luck to them. 09/20/2020 WUSV World Championship 2013. 17. Okt 2013 - 20. Okt 2013. Please send us any missing points tables so that we can improve and add to working-dog˜s results service even more. Please make sure that you clearly state where and when the championship took place. If possible, include the names of the judges and helpers WUSV Universalsieger World Championship 2018. 1,470 likes · 1 talking about this. 8th WUSV Universalsieger World Championship German Shepherds. June 22-24 2018, Warandestadium Diest - Belgium Omer.. Competed in 2013 National Championship with an overall score of 269 (94SG, 81G, 94SG) Took second place in 2013 Southwest Regionals (97V, 90SG, 97V = 284) with High Protection; Competed in the 2012 WUSV Universal Sieger World Championship. Placed 13th (96V, 83G, 95SG = 274) Competed in the 2012 National Championship

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Sieh dir auf working-dog alle Informationen der Zucht des Zwingers Love & Spirit (breeding rent): Klassik Allert Lerroy und Love & Spirit Bastinda an Mira en working-dog todas las informaciones de la camada del criador d'Altabix: Carlos vom wilden Süden und Gera vom Haus Lohe an See all information about the kennel z Mamutího údolí's breed: Passat Eqidius and Agatha Agatova hôrka on working-dog

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All informasjon om arrangementet WUSV World Championship 2020 på %organizer% i Györ All information on the event WUSV World Championship 2020 of MNJK in Györ

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Toutes les informations sur l'événement WUSV World Championship 2020 de MNJK à Györ Alle informatie over het evenement WUSV World Championship 2020 van MNJK in Györ Todas as informações do evento: WUSV World Championship 2020 do(a) MNJK na cidade Györ 活動: WUSV World Championship 2020. 添加進日曆. 編輯活動. 時期: 7. 十月 - 11. 十月 2020 參加者/出席者: 3 / 3 參加費用: EUR 0.00 人場費用: EUR 0.00 種類 todas las informaciones para el evento WUSV World Championship 2020 de MNJK en Györ

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  1. Tutte le informazioni sull'evento WUSV World Championship 2020 di MNJK a Györ
  2. Вся информация о событии WUSV World Championship 2020, организованным MNJK в Györ
  3. 活动: WUSV World Championship 2020. 添加进日历. 编辑活动. 时期: 7. 十月 - 11. 十月 2020 参加者/出席者: 3 / 3 参加费用: EUR 0.00 人场费用: EUR 0.00 种类
  4. 2016 WUSV joint qualification trial (back half alternate) 2017 WDSAA National Championship (front half) 2018 USCA S.W Regional Championship (back half) 2018 GSDCA National Championship (front half) 2018 USCA PNW Regional Championship (front half) 2018 DVG National Championship (front half) 2019 USCA SW Regional Championship (Back half
  5. With Imzedrifts Claudia, Natalie has compete two times at the FCI world cup, and they are also this year qualified for 2019 WUSV worldchampionship. 2019 Natalie and her dog Claudia wins the titel Universalsieger in Sweden and are therefore qualified for the WUSV Universal worldchampionship 2020
  6. 2015 WUSV World Team Qualification Trial - Buffalo, NY with Dasko von der Rennbahn, IPO3, FH. 2015 WUSV World Team Member USA-06 - Lahti, Finland with Dasko von der Rennbahn IPO3, FH. 2016 USCA Working Dog Championship - Chelsea, Michigan - Falco von der Rennbahn, IPO 3 - 23rd out of 54 overall, 13th place HOT

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  1. World Championship WUSV 2017. 4.-10.8.2017 in Tilburg, Netherlands. Kay Wissenbach visited the German team in Tilburg and, among many others, met Hartmut Setecki, General Manager of the World Union of the Associations of German Shepherds (WUSV)
  2. least the WUSV World Championship in 2020 which will be held in . Györ. So I kindly ask all of you to support this new development in every possible way and seek amicable cooperation with your national FCI clubs. Please work together as best as possible and keep peace for i
  3. Find out about Mike diehl, his/her dogs and successes or contact Mike diehl by sending him/her a message via working-dog
  4. He was the primary Helper for the first American K9/Handler Team to win the WUSV World Championship in 2015. Joe has been OG Keystone Schutzhund Club's Training Director for the past 10 years. Joe owns and operates IBSO K9 LLC, a multifaceted Dog Training Academy located in Millerstown, Pa

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  1. General Guidelines WUSV World Championship 2019. General Event Schedule and Activities . The WUSV World Championship in 2019 takes place from . October 2nd - 6th 2019 in Modena - Italy. The following overall timetable shall apply: Arrival of the Team Members . Arrival of all participants shall be on Sunday 29.09.2019. at the latest
  2. Find out about Johannes Stie, his/her dogs and successes or contact Johannes Stie by sending him/her a message via working-dog
  3. Mark's achievements include; USCA Master Gold Sport Medal, SV Master Gold Sport Medal with Diamonds, and WUSV Klass I Sport Medal. Mark has trained and titled 17 dogs to SchH3, 3 dogs to Schh2, 4 dogs to Schh1, and 7 dogs to FH. His accomplishments include multiple V scores in tracking, and qualifying for the 2001 FCI FH2 Championship in Finland with Gringo von Malsegg

All events 2020 . All events 2021 2019 WUSV-WM - IGP World Cup. Jabina Soro (DSH) 2019 2019 WGSDCA National Championship - IGP 1. 2018 WGSDCA IPO National Championship Begleithundprüfung - WGSDCA IPO National Championship. Kanikular Asterix (DSH) Free registratio 3. loc, GSDL WDG National Championship 2020 - IGP 3 desfășurare grafică a sezonului. Evoluția performanțelor. Număr de starturi și clasamente. Tabel evidență succese 2019 WUSV-WM - IGP World Cup - B . 2019 WUSV-WM - IGP World Cup - C . 2019 WUSV GB Team Joint Selection Trial - IGP 3 - C Between the years 2015-2017, I represented Israel in a number of IPO world championships (FCI WM and WUSV WM) with my dog, Mitos. For me this project is a personal passion, fulfilling my childhood dream of trying to understand dogs 2013 WUSV Worldchampionships Competitor. 2012 WUSV Worldchampionships Competitor. 2008 WUSV Worldchampionships Competitor. 2007 NorthAmerican Championships 10th Place. 2007 NorthAmerican Championships High Female. 2007 Northeastern Regional Championships 3rd Place. 2007 Northeastern Regional Championships High Female

Established in 1980 by Mike Hamilton as the Western Indiana Schutzhund Club, this full-member USCA club has fielded world team members well over a dozen times, including two current members for the 2017 WUSV World Team: Mike Diehl and Sean O'Kane. O.G. Indianapolis, or 'O.G. Indy', also has members competing at national championships. Θα βρείτε όλες τις σχετικές πληροφορίες, εικόνες, βίντεο και το αναλυτικό pedigree του Viper z Nového Draka στο working-dog He was the 2020 AWMA champion, 2019 AWDF Champion, 2nd at 2018 AWDF, and 3rd at AWDF 2017. He has competed 4 times at the world championships, coming in 6th at the last FCI Championships, the 2019 event in Austria. His generous offer to instruct helpers at summer camp is one we are very grateful for Grazies dam Quaste v Ankenruett SchH3 FH1 was 2nd at the 2003 SV Meistershaft and 3rd at the WUSV World Championships.Quaste is Dam of 2008 SV Bundessieger winner Javir vom Talka Marda SchH3,Javir was also 11th 2007 WUSV championships and 3rd 2007 SV Championships Nordenstamm Flax is a calm sociable very versatile dog who possesses good nerves. Estimated delivery date: 07 mar 2020. Linebreeding - 5 generations Inbreeding coefficient; Father - Mother Who Wright's Hardiman's; 4 - 4: SG Tom van't Leefdaalhof WUSV WORLD CHAMPION 1999, Belgian Working Champion, SCHH3, IPO3, IWR3, 3X WUSV: 00.78%: 03.17% ↳5 -