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LOADING DOCK SAFETY CHECKLIST. 2 Yes No LOADING AREA Are dock approaches free from potholes or deteriorated pavement? Are dock bumpers in good repair? Are trailer positions marked with lines or lights for accurate trailer spotting? After trailers are spotted, are trailer dollies dropped Loading Dock Checklist: For the loading dock and surrounding area: Keep the dock and surrounding areas well lit; Keep the floors free of debris and moisture; Make sure the dock equipment is maintained; Ensure that your dock equipment is sufficient for cargo; Keep fire extinguishers and first aid kits nearby and well marked

Loading Dock Safety Checklist The following is a list of possible hazards at the Loading Dock area (Maintenance Services) in addition to hazards listed on the Workplace Inspection Reporting Form (OHS-5.1.1a). Loading dock inspection findings are to be detailed on the inspection form. This checklist can be attached, where applicable Loading Dock Safety Checklist Safety officers can use this loading dock safety checklist to ensure that the loading dock is free from preventable hazards. Ensure that the loading dock and surrounding areas are well lit, the floors are free from debris and moisture, and dock equipment is maintained to prevent malfunction and incidents Systems, LLC W194 N11481 McCormick Drive Germantown, WI 53022 800.643.5424 fax: 262.255.5917 www.loadingdocksystems.com techservices@loadingdocksystems.com ML-PCL REV A Mechanical Dock Leveler PM Checklist Customer: Store #: Date: Address : Equipment Model : WARNING Always read and understand the Owner's/User's Manual and become thoroughly familiar with the equipment and it

Loading Dock Safety Checklist. On loading docks, workers must not only be careful about what they are doing, but they must also be aware of others working around them, particularly of co-workers using various forms of material-handling equipment. This inspection should be completed regularly by dock supervisors or safety managers to ensure OSHA. On the checklist below enter the job and product information and document the results of your audit. If any one of the answers to the three questions below is negative (see the three Shaded Columns), then intiate an Internal Rework per PQC018 - Control of Nonconforming Material

Loading dock safety guide. 2 An FTA guide: Loading dock safety guide Risks 3 Risk assessment 3 Key loading dock hazards 3 HSE site inspection - workplace transport checklist 27 Contents Introduction FTA Loading dock safety guide Edition 1 • August 2012 Editor: Sally Thornley Production: Hilary Kingdo Safe Loading and Unloading Checklist Page 2 Safe Loading and Unloading Checklist General 1. Is the vehicle/ trailer combination type suitable for the load type, size and mass? 2. Is the load platform and other working areas clean, dry and free from grease? 3. Are all involved personnel wearing appropriate PPE? 4 PROBLEM: Catastrophic Trailer Separation Accidents 4. Trailer Pop-Up / Up-Ending Pop-Up: the weight of a forklift sends the rear of the trailer forward and down, causing the nose to rise. Up-Ending: the weight of a lift truck sends the trailer's nose down, causing the rear end to move up and away from the building. Remember, positioning of the rear tandems is important Operators Daily Checklist for Dock leveler Circle Check Walk around the Dock Leveler and take note of obvious damage that may have been caused by operation during the last shift. Check that all capacity, safety, identification plates, etc. Are attached and legible

This checklist is designed to help you identify potential hazards of a loading dock operation. Conduct a thorough review of your specific operation to develop a list of items for inspection. Space is provided at the end to add location-specific items you feel are necessary for the safety of your loading dock operation Safety officers can use this loading dock safety checklist to ensure that the loading dock is free from preventable hazards. Ensure that the loading dock and surrounding areas are well lit, the floors are free from debris and moisture, and dock equipment is maintained to prevent malfunction and incidents Make sure that there are no objects that do not belong when a trailer is approaching or leaving the loading dock area. Keep hands and all body parts from moving parts. Please do not use a damaged dock leveler, and make sure that you have a reputable service company check your repair equipment

Trucks or Trailers to a Loading Dock - Special Addendum. A. Purpose. This instruction allows the use of a mechanical means which secures trucks or trailers to a loading dock in situations in which they provide the equivalent protection of wheel chocks. 1. A positive mechanical means to secure trucks or trailers to a loading dock Loading Dock Inspection and preventative maintenance checklist: Power to the loading dock equipment will be shut off and locked out as required All garbage is removed and disposed from the dock pit, hinges and surrounding area. All structural welds and steel are inspected for any cracks or wear

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Loading dock inspections It is important that loading docks be well-maintained at all times. Consider these items during regular inspections: • General housekeeping and maintenance practices are being followed. • Passageways and stairs are kept free of obstructions. • Mirrors are installed at any blind corners checklist - blue giant dock leveler - operator and planned maintenance program INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Indicate OK for USE with a check mark in the appropriate box of each inspection point. Forward this checklist to the person responsible for dock equipment maintenance Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Loading Dock Levelers. Aside from checking the general condition of the loading dock equipment and your surroundings, you can increase safety and prevent accidents by making a maintenance checklist that you can use to perform regular maintenance on equipment A company's loading dock safety checklist must include safety barriers. According to OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.28(b)(1)(i), a dock that creates a drop of four feet or more must be guarded with a barrier. Chains are one-way employers can create a barrier, but bars are often recommended. Bars often have less give than chains and can prevent a. Loading dock: Check vehicle inspections . Next up in this warehouse safety checklist you need to make sure that both your vehicle inspection checklist and forklift inspection checklist are being run regularly. You don't need to actually inspect the machines yourself.

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Loading dock edges are marked and guarded. Loading dock gates are closed properly when not in use. J. CHEMICAL ASPECTS . Chemical Inventory and MSDS available. Spill kits are available and maintained. Containers are labelled with chemical names and Class diamonds. Chemicals are stored safely, correctly, bunded and segregated from all drains Utilizing the loading dock and warehouse management safety app as part of a routine maintenance program helps protect loading dock employees and others who frequently use your warehouse staging area safe from harm. Use this safety inspection checklist to promote and improve overall warehouse safety procedures in your facility Daily operator safety checklist Loading Area Are dock bumpers in good repair? Are dock approaches free from potholes? Are trailer positions marked with lines or lights for accurate trailer spotting? Are wheel chocks used to prevent trailer movement during loading and unloading? Are there two trailer wheel chocks for each trailer?. Employees who work on loading docks face constant special safety issues. Dock workers must not only be careful about what they are doing, but they must also be aware of others working around them, particularly of co-workers using various forms of material-handling equipment. This inspection should be completed regularly by dock supervisors or safety manager

With that in mind, you should perform three different kind of loading dock inspections, each at a different interval. 1. Daily Inspections. This type of inspection looks at the day-to-day operations that take place at the loading dock and ensures it's a safe place to work. Daily inspections should check on things like: 2 4,800 are due to a fork truck running off the loading dock. • 10% of all workers compensation losses are a result of loading dock injuries. • 11% of all medical costs to a company are from loading dock injuries. • OSHA fines continue to increase! The average serious citation penalty is now over $2,000 with fines possible up to $7,000 Get the free loading dock safety checklist form. Metal and aluminum ladders are not used for electrical maintenance. Location-Specific Items References Reset Form These Liberty Mutual Insurance Risk Control references provide additional information. Dock Operations Loading and Unloading Trucks and Rail Cars RC 153 Electric Lift Truck Inspection.

There are rules to follow and equipment like loading dock ladders that make access on and off the dock safer. DockLadderDepot.com offers the following safety checklist to ensure safety is priority # 1 when using your loading dock. All personnel need to be trained in dock safety and ALL rules must be enforced Rapidly generate a Osha Loading Dock Safety Checklist without needing to involve professionals. We already have more than 3 million customers benefiting from our rich library of legal documents. Join us right now and gain access to the #1 catalogue of online blanks Think Safety Checklists The following checklists may help you take steps to avoid hazards that cause injuries, illnesses and fatalities. As always, be cautious and seek help if you are concerned about a poten-tial hazard. General Safety Exposed or open loading dock doors and other areas that employees could fall 4 feet or more or walk off. Walkway from shore to dock shall be free from excessive spring, deflection or lateral movement. _____ If a floating walkway is being utilized, check for proper flotation. _____ Walkway cannot be less than 3 feet wide

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Loading dock equipment can many times be one of the most dangerous parts of a warehouse and need to be respected as such. Installed and used based on the manufactures guidelines, as they are there for a reason. Generally things occur when people decide to vary from what is prescribed. Please use these tips as an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure! Be familiar with what is called for by the. Loading docks pose numerous risks for injury or property damage to include: falls from unguarded dock edges, Keep Forklift Inspection Checklists for at least the last 5 uses. For example, if you use the forklifts on a daily basis, then keep 5 days worth of checklists. If you use the forklifts less often, then keep for the dates of the last. Doors opening onto the loading dock are kept locked when not in use. All truck shipments (incoming and outgoing) are monitored by food service employees. FOOD DEFENSE PLANNING FOR RETAIL FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS. A SELF-INSPECTION CHECKLIST, Continued. Property, Continued Yes No Action Taken Products are inspected upon delivery Use this warehouse audit checklist to: Provide general information about the business and an evaluation of warehouse location, dock areas (exterior and interior), equipment, and sanitation. Take photos of noted findings and easily attach it to the checklist. Issue findings to concerned personnel and set deadlines (with corresponding reminders.

3. Keep Dock Plates in Place. Check dock plate load capacity to be sure it can handle your load. Secure movable dockboards in position, so they won't slip. Slide—don't drop—dock plates into position. 4. Take Precautions to Prevent Falls. Walk, don't run, on loading docks. Don't fool around or push someone, even as a joke Loading dock security; Barcode scanner; Receiving documentation; You can also reference our comprehensive loss prevention checklist. Make your loss prevention inspections easier with a tool like Compliant IA. Compliant IA has checklists, tasks, and secure communication to help you protect your brand, reduce errors and make sites accountable

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M aking a Warehouse Loading Dock Safe Maintaining warehouse loading dock safety can often be challenging and an ongoing endeavor. Having a checklist at hand will make it easy for warehouse supervisors and managers to ensure complete safety. • Train all personnel at the loading dock about safety and ensure those rules are enforced The loading dock in a business is a high hazard area, with many different risks. With freight and powered equipment moving through the area, injuries can be significant, an easy way to reduce risk of injury is by providing employees with this loading dock safety training

INTERMODAL CONTAINER INSPECTION CHECKLIST Figure A-1. End-Opening Van Inspection Checklist . Defense Transportation Regulation - Part VI June 2018 Management and Control of Intermodal Containers and System 463L Equipment VI-A-2 Figure A-1. End-Opening Van Inspection Checklist (Cont'd). inspection_checklist_for_a_jib_crane 2/6 Inspection Checklist For A Jib Crane [Books] Inspection Checklist For A Jib Crane International Health and Safety at Work-Phil Hughes 2015-09-16 International Health and Safety at Work has been specially written in simple English for the thousands of students who complete the NEBOSH International Genera

In order for your workforce to start work straight away, the facility's lighting needs to be functioning. So, now you need to check that all lights work and that there are spare bulbs in case anything breaks.. Much like the last few steps in this factory inspection checklist, work through the sub-checklist below to cover the basics. After that, record what you find in the form fields at the. Warehouse Inspection Checklist by. HSE Documents on. February 08, 2021 in HSE Checklists. Loading Dock Edges (LDE's) are clearly marked and Safeguarded. Loading Dock Gates (LDG's) are closed when not in use. 10- CHEMICAL ASPECTS . Chemical Inventory and MSDS available Nevertheless, loading docks are often the workplace's most overlooked areas during monthly inspections. Loading docks just don't get the same attention that your lifting equipment or racking systems might get, says WSPS Warehouse and Racking Specialist Chuck Leon. Sometimes, they're not even included on an inspection checklist

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Sometimes, loading docks aren't even included on an inspection checklist. But not everyone overlooks loading docks. Government inspectors write orders for inadequate inspection and maintenance of shipping and receiving areas related to loading docks. Loading dock hazards can result in injuries and even death. The hazards include Use this free commercial pest inspection checklist to inspect and help prevent rodents, wildlife and insects from sneaking into your business. Download Commercial Pest Inspection Checklist/a> How to Spot Pest Activity. Regularly deep clean the loading dock and surrounding pavement

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  1. 7.2 operator daily inspection 11 7.3 routine servicing and maintenance 11 7.4 planned maintenance program intervals 11 7.5 maintenance sequence 11 7.6 daily maintenance procedures (dmp) checklist - hydraulic dock leveler 12 8.0 operating instructions 13 8.1 functional description 13 8.2 deploying the dock 14 8.3 storing the dock leveler 1
  2. Form FDA 2682 - Beverage Plant Inspection Report Free Download from www.formsbirds.com This template checks if floors, loading docks, and storage areas are freed from obstacles or blockages. A warehouse checklist is an essential process to ensure hazards are identified and communicated
  3. Inspection Booklets provide a detailed checklist for marine inspectors. Marine Inspection Notices provide clarified and updated information for marine inspection activities. (Keywords: inspection booklets, marine inspection notices, barge, dry-dock, hull, machinery, offshore supply vessel, small passenger vessel, tankship) View Document

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Reduced probability of your doors, operators and dock equipment malfunctioning. Extended safe and useful life of your doors, operators and dock equipment. Decrease in long term repair expenses. Each PM service call includes a written checklist of work performed, along with recommendations for any needed repairs or product replacement CUSTOMER DOCK # DOCK # DOCK # DOCK # Leveler Model: Serial # Serial # Serial # Serial # 1 Clean debris from pit 2 Inspect deck and lip 3 Inspect toe guards 4 Inspect any weather seal 5 Tighten all nuts & bolts 6 Inspect all welds 7 Inspect rear hinge 8 Inspect & lubricate front hinge 9 Inspect hydraulic cylinders & hoses 10 Inspect/tighten as req'd hydraulic fitting Inspecting Technicians thoroughly inspect loading dock equipment and are trained to bring small problems to your attention before they become big issues. Predictive maintenance solutions are offered as needed. Looking for a dock leveler maintenance checklist? Your planned maintenance team will check all regular operations and inspect the following Ramp Inspection Checklist (SAFA) Code Item Checked Remarks B11 Cabin crew members B12 Access to emergency exits B13 Stowage of passenger baggage B14 Seat capacity C. Aircraft Condition C01 General external condition C02 Doors and hatches C03 Flight controls C04 Wheels, tyres and brake Loading Dock Safety Form. Forklift pre-start checks. Vehicle Inspection Checklist. Warehouse Inspection Checklists. Cold Storage Inspection Checklist. Incident/Defect Reporting Form. Covid-19 Prevention Checklists. Seeing is Believing. We are confident that our product will speak for itself: let us set you up, at no cost

Note: This eTool is intended as a resource for providing training under OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck standard.This eTool focuses on powered industrial trucks commonly used in general industry. It is not a substitute for any of the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, for the powered industrial truck standard, or for any other OSHA standards inspection programme, replacing the original system established by the SAFA Directive and its implementing regulations with a new system represented by the new EU Ramp Inspections Programme. Under the EC SAFA programme as implemented until the 28 th of October 2014, foreign aircraft (either EU or third country) ma

A health and safety inspector explains what he looks for during a loading dock inspection.Workers are known to face a variety of high-risk hazards in indoor. Sample General Inspection Checklist: (This the sixth in a series of safety and health bulletins on specific issues developed/adapted for the GCC by Dan Huziak of Toronto 100M.) Bulletin boards and signs. Are they clean and readable? Is the material changed frequently Once the occupational safety inspection is complete, you can save the form for your safety training records for employees. Warehouse managers can sign off on the results electronically and save them for their records. For more mobile inspection forms, check out our loading dock inspection checklist This checklist should be used only as a guide to developing your own inspection checklist that addresses concerns you may have in your individual workplace. It is by no between a loading dock and truck or rail car? q Is there a regular program of inspection to assure the safe operation o

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  1. Forklift & Motorized Pallet Jack Safety. Purpose. Material handling is a significant safety concern. During the movement of products and materials there are numerous opportunities for personal injury and property damage if proper procedures and caution are not used
  2. PDF Template, This warehouse safety inspection checklist template is used to evaluate work areas, emergency exits, storage areas and general environement of workplace to ensure it is in safe conditio
  3. Industrial work is labeled as such when the work place includes an environment, machinery, elements, or chemicals that increase the risk of injury and death. From art studios to research labs, industrial safety is an important part of many learning and work environments at the university. Learn about best practices and guidelines for operating equipment and working within a variety of.
  4. The walkthrough inspection will start with the complaint area(s). Be aware of other areas and activities that might impact the complaint area such as loading docks, parking garages, kitchens, print shops, roofs, basements, and exterior grounds. Expand your inspection to include those areas as deemed necessary. Also, at th
  5. Ensuring loading dock safety requires a proactive approach from both the management and employees of the warehouse facility. While you're doing the inspection, it also helps to check on the cleanliness of the docks. including a 25-Point Lead Generation Checklist. 5/28: Business Software for Construction Learn about state-of-the-art.

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Making Warehouse Loading Dock Safe Maintaining warehouse loading dock safety can often be challenging and an ongoing endeavor. Hence, having a checklist at hand will make it easy for warehouse supervisors and managers to ensure complete safety. Here is one warehouse loading dock safety checklist that you can look at and expand Are available as warehouse dock safety loading checklist to. Have identified and aerial ladders themselves falling from the rated capacity labels, for the inspection sheets, back rest extension is important. Here to osha would require all outside trainer, docks are emergency equipment checklist mobile forms for large pneumatic tires The maximum grade percentage from the loading dock to the vehicle is determined by the height of the dock (discussed in detail in Set the Dock Height on page 10). When using electric powered loading equipment, the maximum grade percentage is 10%. For gas or diesel powered loading equipment the maximum grade percentage is 15%. If these grad

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Loading docks (clean, in good working order) 09/01/2012 03:38:00 Title: Checklist - Warehouse Inspection Last modified by: Rebecca A. Martin Company: CRS-ERT (Kenya). All of our loading ramps were designed with safety and convenience in mind. Getting a Dura-Ramp setup and ready to move freight can be done in nine easy steps. If you follow every step carefully, you can be loading or unloading quickly and avoid any injuries. Here is a checklist for your ramp DESIGN REVIEW CHECKLIST. HEATING, VENTILATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING. Outside air intake louvers must be away from loading dock and truck waiting areas, and emergency generator exhaust etc. 3. sections, and details etc. Show existing utilities through actual inspection at the site and discussions with the medical center

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  1. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INSPECTION REPORT Inspection Co.: A.R.T. Asset Management, Inc. Management Co.: front office area additional office area loading dock over materials/before cleanup recycling area/after cleanup 2 acre vacant/before brush hogging. Title: Commercial Property Inspection Checklist
  2. g Arts - Shop and Workroom Safety Inspection Checklist (continued) Loading Docks Yes No N/A Corrective Action/Date Completed 54 There is a warning stripe or barrier at the edge of the loading dock area. 55 Wheel chocks or dock locks are present to secure vehicles being loaded/unloaded. 56 Handrails are present on dock access stairs
  3. istration (OSHA) has quite a bit to say on the topic. Much of their advice is common sense, but it never hurts to have a refresher and a checklist of requirements for investing in dock ramps
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3. Loading Dock Procedures & Safety. Warehouse accidents often occur on loading docks. But many of these problems can be eliminated by following these safety procedures: Avoid hazards like wet floors, unsecured dock plates, improper lifting, and carelessness while operating machinery A solid maintenance plan begins with a good thorough inspection of the gangway equipment in service. An annual inspection of your access gangway is crucial to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly and is providing maximum safety as it was designed. SafeRack in partnership with our sister company, SafeRack Construction Services, offers an annual gangway safety maintenance inspection. Loading dock safety checklist. There are many different safety hazards within loading dock areas. Although there are many risks, some common safety hazards are as follows: Slips, trips and falls: Many times loading areas start out clean and uncluttered. However, during the unloading or loading process the loading dock can become a congested. Safety Reports provide preloaded checklists for any number of industries, such as construction, general industries, D.O.T, and more Safety-Reports.com™ EHS Safety Software is a simple, affordable solution for construction, general industry, safety consultants and contractors