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Basketball Court Paint | Backyard Court | Court Surfaces. Basketball and multi-purpose courts are found everywhere from parks and schools to clubs and homes. SportMaster systems are ideal for any indoor or outdoor court surface in any part of the world. Netball, Volleyball, and a variety of activities can be played on an acrylic game court surface ★★★★★ Rating: 4.9 LIMITED TIME OFFER! FREE SPALDING BASKETBALL AVAILABLE WITH PURCHASE! Ronan Sports Original Creator of the BEST Cardboard Basketball Stencil Kit! Made in the USA. Basketball, Pickleball, Four Square Stencils. Basketball Stencils available for the whole family! Get your basketball court looking great for the whole family the the Ronan Sports Court stenciling system

Court marking kit measures the free thrown line, the key, and 3-point line. Measurement for the 3-point line is high school distance. Paint not included. Kit includes a chalk box and plumb line, a crayon, a sponge, 2 inch roller, and instructions. This kit is great for marking your driveway basketball court Melissa & Doug Melissa and Doug Decorate-Your-Own Favorite Things Craft Kits Set: Flower and Heart Treasure Box and Butterfly Bank. 0. Sold by zabiva. $30.63 $27.84. Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Paint & Decorate Your Own Wooden Magnets Craft Kit For Kids 3 Pack †Butterflies, Hearts, Flower. 0. Sold by FastMedia. $26.28 $24.98

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  1. This ensures colorfastness, durability, and chemical resistance in each and every Base Court tile. Tile Size - 12 x 12. Thickness - 5/8. Kit Weight - The 20' x 24' kit weighs 490 Lbs. and the 30' x 30' kit weighs 910 lbs. Recommended Uses - Our Outdoor Basketball Court Kits are the perfect basketball court flooring and have also been used as.
  2. Make the most of your area with our complete court marking stencil kit. Heavy pizza box style cardboard stencil with all of the supplies you need to easily turn your driveway or backyard hardscape into a high-school basketball court. Includes: Cardboard stencil for high-school dimensions including the key, free-throw line and three-point line
  3. Small kits are best for half-basketball and pickleball courts. Large kits are perfect for full basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and Pickleball + half courts. The DunkStar DIY Line Painting Kit is only available with the purchase of a DunkStar Court
  4. The FT 20 Basketball Court Stencil Kit gives an official look to your basketball court. This product has the items in it to allow you to paint a regulation lane, free throw line and a circle on your basketball court. Both residential and institutional customers can use it. The stencils can be used on either cement or blacktop effectively
  5. Paint Basketball Court Lines Marking Pattern Stencil Kit. Price: $39.95. Code: SUPCOURT. Paint your basketball court the easy way. With no measuring or guessing, you can install a regulation size basketball lane, free throw line and 3-point line. Simply unroll the precision-cut stencils, tape to asphalt or concrete, then roll the paint over the.
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The kit includes all the necessary stencils to officially mark a complete basketball court on any existing surface. The lines are 2 inches wide, which complies with high school regulation, and each basketball stencil can be reused as needed. It's made from durable and long-lasting polyethylene plastic, and can be ordered as just the center. Painting of outdoor basketball courts like concrete increases the durability of the court, bounce ability of the ball, and traction of the players. If you paint your court, it will look better, give a better feel, and improve safety. What kind of paint do you use on a concrete basketball court? It has been proven that acrylic paint is the best. First Team Basketball Court Stencil Kit Features: - Basketball Court Stencil Kit - Provides an easy way to paint a regulation lane, free throw line and circle on any cement or blacktop surface - Stencil can be used for DASHED or SOLID line. - Includes 3-point line Due to color differences in monitors, the colors on this site are for reference only

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  1. Description - Our Game Line Paint Kits are a flexible two-component type polyurethane paint that provides excellent gloss retention making it great for use on any of our court flooring products. From Basketball to Volleyball and Pickleball, we have several kits that will help you create the professional court you are looking for
  2. Typically, a basketball court is painted blue with white lines. Conclusion. Painting a concrete basketball court is quite simple when the correct preparations are taken. Taking the time to paint the basketball court and mark the basketball court lines onto the concrete will make your court much more professional and fun to play on
  3. Kit contains everything needed to paint one half-court basketball key. A non-skid, durable, acrylic sports surface refinisher for concrete and asphalt recreation surfaces. Available in many attractive sports colors
  4. Product: Superior Court Stencil Marking Kit Create Your Own Regulation Home Basketball Court in Only Minutes Superior Court TM quickly, easily and accurately allows you to paint a regulation basketball court on any driveway, patio or play area in any yard.; No Measuring, No Guesswork Simply unroll the precision-cut stencils, tape to asphalt or concrete, and you are ready to go
  5. Afterwards, I painted the basketball court key (the rectangle area under the hoop that leads to the free throw line) a yellow color using yellow latex striping paint, mixed with an anti-slip paint additive. The yellow latex striping paint adhered nicely over the dried up tournament color surface coating

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Kit contains everything needed to paint one half-court basketball key. A non-skid, durable, acrylic sports surface refinisher for concrete and asphalt recreation surfaces. Available in many attractive sports colors Basketball Court Paint and Stencil Kits An easier alternative is purchasing one of many available basketball tape kits that are pre-cut, pre-measured, and come with easy-to-follow instructions. You can also buy a basketball stenciling kit - simply lay the stencils out on your driveway, tape them down, and then roll or brush the paint over them Kourt Graphics specializes in mascot logo design and the application of center court logos and lettering on all basketball court surfaces. Interior and exterior wall graphics can be added bring the logo and the look of the floor graphics together throughout the gymnasium and to all outdoor surfaces. Wall graphics can be painted on any surface. 46' x 30' Half Court Basketball Court Kits. Be the envy of your neighborhood with our Half Court basketball court kit. With nearly 1,400 square feet of court surface, you can practice every element of your game or host games with as many as 10 players in the convenience of your backyard

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Typically, a basketball court is painted blue with white lines. Conclusion. Painting a concrete basketball court is quite simple when the correct preparations are taken. Taking the time to paint the basketball court and mark the basketball court lines onto the concrete will make your court much more professional and fun to play on Sports Court Painting: If you are looking for a company to stripe a new or existing playground, basketball court, or tennis area, this usually takes extra time to assure precise regulation measurements are given everything is square and true.Court lines are done according to the given dimensions and transformed to the canvas with great care before lines are laid > Painting & Striping Designing the layout for a wood floor is usually our clients' favorite part of the process because the paint is what everyone will see for years to come. It is your chance to give your floor a personality and it is something facilities take a lot of pride in

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  1. The Spalding outdoor basketball court marking kit gives you the tools you need to draw a three point line, free throw line and lane on your driveway. Once you're finished playing, spray away your hand-drawn lines with a hose or simply wait for rain to wash it off. Product Details. Includes lane, free throw line and three-point arc
  2. The First Team Basketball Court Stencil Kit lets you set up a regulation court quickly and easily on any blacktop or cement surface. This stencil kit contains all you need to paint a regulation lane, free throw line, and circle, and comes complete with a 3-point line. Putting together a regulation court has never been easier. First Tea
  3. Basketball & playground coating - heavy duty. NOVAPLAY is a high performance, heavy duty, color coating system for pavements that are subjected to more wear than tennis courts. The appearance of Novaplay is very similar to that of a tennis court surface, however, it is formulated with a tougher acrylic emulsion so as to be able to stand up to.
  4. The Spalding glow in the dark basketball court marking kit helps you create a glow-in-the-dark court in your driveway. It includes NBA stencils for extra flash, and it washes away easily with water. Product Details. Includes lane, free throw line and three-point arc. Washes off with water
  5. View: All | 5 Products. DICK'S Sporting Goods Courtside Traction Mat. $59.99. Shipping Available. ADD TO CART. Lifetime Basketball Court Marking Kit. $17.99. Shipping Available. ADD TO CART
  6. utes with the EZ Court™ marking system. I ended up just using duct tape and making my own stencil And painting with enamel paint. Even with the three point line I felt the string was too stretchy and that caused inconsistent part of my drawing, based on the.
  7. Basketball Court Surfaces | Construction and Painting. SportMaster acrylic basketball court surfaces are designed for use over asphalt, concrete, or existing acrylic surfaces. These surfaces are a kind of specialized acrylic paint, fortified with specially graded silica sands for non-slip textures. The round shape and fine size of the sand in.

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If painting a logo or mascot, use the stencil created during preparation steps, then paint with small brushes. Fill in large areas then create outlines when the paint is dry. If needed, lay out the stencil for the Basketball Court Lines and secure with tape as necessary (instructions should accompany the stencil) Whether it is a competitive basketball court for professionals or a gymnasium for student-athletes, Tarkett Sports offers the best basketball court Our basketball courts are fully customizable and available in a multitude of colors so you can create the perfect court for your home. Be the envy of your neighbors with a sports floor by SnapSports. Our colorful backyard court flooring is low-maintenance and durable. With superior UV stable all-weather performance, our outdoor flooring will.

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  1. How to design and Install a basketball court from a stencil kit or by pouring a concrete pad and assembling sport tiles or painting the lines The most popular court is not really a court at all. Many people use their driveway as a basketball court and install a basketball goal on the side ( view basketball goals )
  2. A drill and paddle/paint mixer we be required, since the materials contain specialty aggregates for surface texture. Note: Mix coating material to a smooth, uniform consistency. Keep well mixed prior to and during application to prevent the sand from falling out in the mix. Pickleball Court Paint Kit. Here are some calculated amounts when.
  3. My Backyard Sports is a full service company offering 1000s of products and services in over 30 sports to meet your residential, school, camp, gym or condo needs. From basketball hoops and court tiles to services such as basketball, pickleball or tennis court painting and stenciling - we are your one stop shop
  4. The Disc Golf Starter Kit is great for practicing in your back yard or take it on the go and use it at picnics, barbeques, or outdoor get togethers. The Disc Golf Starter Kit is a great alternatives to corn hole, horseshoes, or Kan- Jam. Use the 9 discs, which are included, to test your accuracy and precision at hitting the target
  5. Outdoor sports court flooring systems ideal for tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball and football or for use on multi-sport courts 086-137-2468 +27 (0)83 580 205
  6. Create your own outdoor basketball court with court stencil marking kit for the perfect basketball court. It's fast and easy. Great for playgrounds, churches, schools, and driveways. Stencil comes in six sections of stencils made of durable 30lb. fiber paper layout, tape it down and apply paint. Finished court is 13'x21′ feet and can be.
  7. Home Court Advantage is your solution if you want to bring professional basketball court lines to your home—and, at a price that's lower than you think.. Founded in 2015, Home Court has provided professional painting services to hundreds of home owners, businesses, and municipalities in the PA, NJ, and DE areas.. Using precision stencils and commercial grade equipment, our quality and.

Combining the FREE padding with a DIY stencil and you have a very cool custom home basketball court. Tools required: 3 cans of inverted Rustoleum or Krylon traffic spray paint Chalk Line w/ chalk 25' Tape Measurer Piece of chalk Two large pieces of cardboard (Backboard boxes are ideal) Two rolls of 1.88 masking tap Dunkstar® is the easy-to-install Basketball Court and Multi-Game Court made for the whole family. It's also the most affordable. So, whether you want a safe place for your kids to play or to get them outside (and out of your hair) for some healthy exercise, a Dunkstar DIY Backyard Basketball Court is the way to get you playing where you live Four-coat system for new or existing asphalt and concrete courts, playgrounds or similar surfaces. This system is effective in restoring weathered and eroded areas to a smooth, refurbished playing surface. TERRAIN STANDING PLUS has a special paint finishing, which provides extra speed to the surface Oct 20, 2014 - Explore Competitive Edge Products, Inc's board Basketball Court Marking Kits, followed by 9328 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about basketball court, basketball, basketball accessories

7. Paint the Line Markings. Either purchase a basketball court line marking stencil kit, or study regulation basketball court dimensions (FIBA, NBA, etc) then get some masking tape, paint, chalk, string and tape measure and start measuring. Watch some YouTube videos if you need inspiration Overview. These stencils will paint one half of the court at a time. This saves the customer $113.00 list over purchasing the three kits separately. There are no reviews yet. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Rate First Team FT20 Basketball Court Stencil Kit. The First Team FT20 Basketball Court Stencil Kit gives you an easy way to paint a regulation foul lane, free throw line, and 3-point line on any cement or blacktop surface. Comes with a free paint roller

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The BASKETBALL COURT stencil kit measures 12' x 25' with a 3 stroke (where paint meets the pavement.) Comes in six pieces. All stencils are made of 1/16 thick Dura-Tuff hard semi-rigid plastic and can be used over and over again. This is not a cardboard stencil! Also includes fill-in stencils for foul line, 12' and 6' circles Start With One of Our Popular Court Kits or Design Your Own Court. Design Your Own Court. Small Basketball Court Kits H1. Small Basketball Court Kits H3. Half Court Basketball Kits H8. Half Court Basketball Kits H10. Full Court Basketball Kits F13. Full Court Basketball Kits F14. Tennis Court Kits 15T Mar 18, 2016 - THE place to buy swing sets in NJ! We are located in Midland Park, Bergen County | Swing Sets New Jersey | Basketball Hoops NJ | Trampolines NJ | Playset

Game Line Paint Kits Finish your court with our game line paint kit. This polyurethane paint holds fast to your court tiles, ensuring you have the best looking court on the block. Shop Line Kits Underlayment To add more shock absorbency to your court tiles, take a look at our selection of court underlayment Below are four half-court outdoor basketball court floor kits offered in the most commonly requested sizes, ranging from 20×24-ft. to 46×30-ft. All four packages include our perforated interlocking sport tiles with white custom painted high-school standard court lines and ramp edges for the surrounding perimeter

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Arteza Acrylic Pouring Paint Art Supply Kit, 60ml Bottle Set - 32 Pack (ARTZ-9226) 391. $49.99. $49.99. Shop Now. Crafting ideas. Learn more. Our Complete Easy Court Basketball Kit gives you clean, crisp lines on your basketball court each time! Simple and easy to use Making your court look like a court is helpful during practice and makes you feel like a pro shooting free throw after free throw. Give your driveway court the treatment it deserves with a basketball court stencil or paint kit

Stencil kit is ideal for park departments, school district maintenance departments, playground installation crews or anyone wanting a quality basketball court. Kit Includes: 20 ga. steel stencils to paint 1 1/2 wide base line, lane, free-throw line, top of key and official high school three-point line. Court Marking Spray Paint is NOT Included DIY Shuffleboard Court Kits. In addition to customized court solutions, VersaCourt offers standalone do-it-yourself shuffleboard kits. You pick the tile colors and determine the court size that you want, and we will ship everything to you in a ready-to-assemble package. Below is a list of our standard shuffleboard kits

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HEADQUARTERS. 1248 Shappert Dr. Machesney Park, IL 61115. 1-800-847-4404 WEST COAST. 13741 Danielson St. Poway, CA 92064. 858-209-008 Basketball and Athletic Court Striping. We offer basketball court striping for your private or club courts. Need a free-throw line or three-point arch in your driveway? Let us do it! Our layout will be to regulate. Does your school playground need a new hop-scotch, four-square, tether-ball, or other specific game

What to know about Outdoor Basketball Court Painting. on May 26, 2014. A basketball court has to be lined properly in order to ensure the game is played properly. Any issue with the lining of the court could cause problems during play. Basically, accuracy is everything and the paint needs to be easily seen on the surface In June 2016, The MHSAA adopted a proposal put forward by the Basketball Manitoba Technical Committee to begin the transition to the new court markings to be in place by the 2019-20 season. The lines that will be transitioned to include the 4.9m rectangle (NBA style key) and no-charge semi-circle

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Combination Sports Courts | Pickleball Paint. If you are painting a court for pickleball, it is easy to add blended lines for other sports too. A common trend is pickleball/basketball courts. These are courts that don't take up a large footprint, so they can be squeezed into many areas like backyards, driveways, playgrounds, and more The Court Stencil is the best system for painting your own pickleball court lines. Includes folding stencil and paint. Watch the how-to video. Order today at PickleballCentral.com or call toll free at 1-888-854-016 Porter Basketball Court Stencil Kit. Stencil kit provides ease of painting official court lines on asphalt or other surfaces in only minutes. Stencil sections are easily taped in place while paint is applied through the stencil holes using. a roller provided with kit. (Paint is not furnished with kit Basketball Court Stencil/Marking Kit: View Cart / Check Out Order Instructions Example Pictures Specs Support Contact Us Home. Before You Start. 1 quart paint - Choose a color which contrasts with your surface: dark color on concrete or light color on asphalt. On a smooth concrete surface you may want to have silica sand in the paint to provide. Basketball Court Floor Lines. Our basketball court floor kits are painted based on high-school standards (custom painted by request). Please see images showing the floor court lines. Because the backboard is the main point of reference to where the lines end up, this basketball court floor kit may not be suitable for your particular slab

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Ohio Sports Lines specializes in painting and striping basketball lines on driveways as well as tennis court lines, four square, and other game lines. Why are we better than those do it your self basketball line painting kits We are a Surfacing and Resurfacing Paint Manufacturer for Tennis, Pickleball, Basketball, Track and many other Sports Surfaces. ACRYTECH™ Sports Surfaces is located east of Atlanta, Georgia in Decatur. We supply tennis court paint and other types of surface coatings and repair products for hundreds of installers and thousands of courts across. The Pro Stencil was created for serious basketball enthusiasts. Make your court look like a professional did it but for less than half the cost! Parks, schools, & recreational centers love this product! This stencil has even more features than the Complete Easy Stencil! For even more information about the differences please see the pictures and visit our FAQ's page.The Pro Kit is different. What is a COURTDECAL? A professional quality decal kit for hardwood sport floor surfaces. Basketball-Proof, Non-Slip, coated decals, that meet the new NCAA basketball committee rules for consistent surface. This means COURTDECALS can be used ANYWHERE on the playing court! COURTDECALS are safe, easy to apply, and come in any size! Are COURTDECAL Our basketball court painting service can provide that finishing touch that your court needs to have that professional experience at home. Our professionals can paint any color or logo you want on your court. Pick your favorite team or even make a custom family logo and wow your friends

Go Beneath The Surface. Every Robbins floor system is engineered to deliver supreme comfort and safety to improve performance. If you think all your floor options are the same, take a second look. Then, give your players the safety and protection they deserve. Contact Robbins today to talk to an expert who can help you find it. Edge. ChicagoBulls Basketball Court Dimensions. Basketball-Goals.com specializes in supplying the finest basketball equipment at the best prices. One of our best selling products is basketball court tile check out the Harlem Globetrotters playing on our backyard basketball court tile or design a court for your backyard just visit our court designer.. Basketball court dimensions are as follows These basketball stencil kits can provide a way to make painting regulation lanes and areas in a basketball court easier. The stencils allow even kids, with proper supervision, to create an accurate and at the very least, an acceptable drawing of a basketball court 14 Blank Printable Court Diagrams. Download a free, printable blank basketball court template. Select from full court and half court layouts as well as combinations. As a coach, I can't tell you the number of times I needed a blank court diagram. They work great for drawing up plays and drills for practice plans and scouting reports

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20. Since CWF Flooring, Inc. does not paint the lines on the basketball court tiles, can you recommend the paint to be used to paint the lines on the court? The court lines can be painted with TopCoat for your favorite sport. Court lines can be a DIY project or hire a contractor. 21. We love the terra-cotta outdoor tiles Painting a Basketball Court. Climb to the rim and, using a tape measure, find the center of the rim. Lower the plumb bob and put a mark on the ground where the plumb bob points. Also use the plumb bob to make a mark on the ground where the front of the rim is. These marks are the points from which measurements will be taken Color Crack Filler. Color Crack Repair is a 100% acrylic trowel grade crack filler for filling cracks up to 1 wide on tennis, pickleball and other sports surfaces. It is a flexible and tinted, sand-filled acrylic latex patching compound to repair cracks on surfaces that don't need a resurfacing. Available in Player's Choice Colors Sports Court Surfaces And Construction Tennis, Basketball & Sports Courts Let B&E Coating Services, LLC Work Its Magic to Solve Your Sports Court Surfaces and Construction Needs.B&E Coating Services, LLC, located in Mid-Michigan does a lot more than build, maintain, and repair parking lots and driveways for its customers. We also specializ

Indoor Basketball Courts & Outdoor Basketball Courts. Let us design and build the court of your dreams. Matéflex offers custom basketball court flooring tailored to suit your needs. All of our high-quality basketball floor products are designed to be safe, durable, and enhance the performance of athletes The court areas of a typical basketball court include: Three Second Area This is the area below the free throw line and between the lane lines. It is sometimes called the Paint since, in most gyms, it is painted. I f any offensive player remains in this area for more than three seconds it is a violation and the other team gets the ball

Painting Basketball Court Lines . Painting basketball court lines can range between $300 and $500 depending on the complexity of the lines you want to paint and the company you hire. If the court you are installing does not come in a kit with game lines factored in, you may want to have them painted Today, California Sports Surfaces (CSS) brands lead the industry with acrylic, high-performance, comfortable sport surfaces that serve a variety of professional, collegiate, and recreational sports. Each sport surface is tailored to meet the needs of our customers. With vibrant, decorative colors and advanced cushioned technology, our markets.

Give your family the home court advantage with SnapSports by designing either an outdoor or an indoor court. Call us today! 1‑800‑664‑3865 (DUNK) Made in the U.S.A Painting a basketball court isn't like striping a parking lot. It involves specialized tools and experience due to the unique nature of the paint being used and the precision needed to apply it. Our expertise in basketball court painting means we can guarantee the best results for your property's court 2. Place the 3-point lines 23 3⁄4 ft (7.2 m) around the hoops. Measure in 3 feet (0.91 m) along the short sides of the court from each corner and make a mark for the start of the 3-point line. Draw lines onto the court from your marks that are 14 feet (4.3 m) long and parallel to the long sides Some courts have a solid color, often made from the first grade of maple wood; others will combine grades, giving the floor contrast. From Brooklyn's eye-catching court design to Cleveland's unmissable skyline, the wood's grading (as well as paint and dye jobs), give each arena a little bit of character

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  1. Goalrilla recommends using a 180 to 200 grit sandpaper and sanding an inch or two around the affected area. Ensure no rust or loose paint remains. Once the surface has been evenly sanded down, clean the area with some soapy water and immediately dry. Since the galvanized steel is exposed, it should be primed with a water-based primer
  2. Court Dimensions: Professional NBA and College Basketball court is 94 feet (29 m) by 50 feet (15 m). International Basketball the court 28 meters (92 ft) by 15 meters (49 ft). High school, and Junior High court 84 feet (26 m) by 50 feet (15 m). The Foul Line: For all Courts, The foul line distance is 15′ from the foul line to the front of the.
  3. Pickleball Court Surfacing Products. TCS Coatings are made of 100% Acrylic Resins and the finest pigments for long term protection from all harmful elements, including superior resistance from ultraviolet rays and fading. The durability of TCS Coatings is second to none. With extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds, our 100% acrylic.
  4. Step 1: Precise measurements are important. Before you get started, it is essential to decide on the measurement of your basketball court. If you have enough space, a full-size basketball court 94 by 50 feet would be ideal. If you have a limited area to spare, try going for a high school size court which measures 84 by 50 feet or a half court.
  5. Striping gym floors and painting game lines is easy with the Court-Line™ Tape Machine. Manufactured by Treska Products, this industrial painter tape machine will also install safety lanes, warehouse lines and traffic lanes. It will make any precision line marking procedure easy, accurate, and quick. For gyms it will produce even complicated.
  6. g needs. We design and install the sports flooring, Acrylic sports coatings for ashpalt and concrete, fencing, rebounders, lights, gates, basketball hoops, tennis nets.

Novaplay ® is a high performance, heavy duty, color coating system for pavements that are subjected to more wear than a typical tennis court.. The appearance of Novaplay ® is similar to that of a tennis court surface, however it is formulated with a harder acrylic emulsion allowing it to withstand greater abuse from street shoes, roller skates, skateboards, vehicular traffic and objects such. Stenciling kit: The kit includes a pattern and paint to add a 3-point line, free-throw line and lane, baseline and more. Pole pad: This cushion around the pole eases any collisions while playing and can be customized with vinyl lettering. Lights: LED lamps illuminate your driveway and allow you to play basketball at night Bison Portable Hoop Rear Hold Down Kit - Bison Max. Compare At:$494.00. Our Price:$429.00. Bison Lockable Basketball Ball Cart. Compare At:$472.00. By using a basketball court stencil, you can paint regulation size lines perfectly on your driveway (or a parking lot if you are lucky enough to have access). This is especially useful if you. Shop Goalrilla, Goaliath, and Silverback in-ground basketball hoops, the premium basketball goals in the world. Or search for your local Goalrilla basketball dealer near you CSS Ltd. is Ontario's leader in all types of tennis & sport surface construction, rebuild, restoration & resurfacing projects. Our team is dedicated exclusively to the construction, restoration, resurfacing & repair of residential & commercial tennis & multi-sport game courts. Offering a diverse range of surface, lighting, fencing & accessory options that are customized to our clients' needs Learn More. Learn More. Learn Mor