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The average price for car roof panel replacement cost for most vehicles is between $975 and $1,050. This price considers labor costs ranging between $75 and $150 per hour and the OEM certified parts to ensure the fix is long-lasting and durable. Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIV The previous owner had it fixed after a accident on the drivers quarter and it has welded up holes and filler on it. I really don't want that. So I was wondering how much to get the panel replaced and the roof had rust spots that I cut out and welded, but I kinda want a new roof skin if I'm going to replace the quarter All You Need in One Place. Along with the roof skin you will need the roof panel braces for support and the metal drip rails or gutters. Drip rails disappeared from vehicles when aerodynamics and fuel mileage became important, but they were useful features that kept water from pouring off the top into the cab when you cracked the windows in a rain storm With the original roof skin removed, you will want to prep the new panel and pre-fit it to the car before installing. Do any necessary trimming and make sure everything aligns in front, sides and back. Now that you have it pre-fitted, use some panel bond adhesive to bond the skin to the roof structure The usual car headliner repair work prices. The expenses to fix your vehicle's headliner will all depend on the expert you select, where you live, and the kind of vehicle you drive. For only the headliner part, a common four-door sedan will cost about $100, whereas an SUV or minivan will cost about $250

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  1. Joined Aug 13, 2010. ·. 242 Posts. #3 · Jul 8, 2013. I replaced the roof on my 71. The first thing I did was cut out the entire panel about 2-3 inches from the edges with a cut off disc. You don't want to be wrestling with the entire roof. Separated and cut out the metal in the window channels, and everything else except the two strips in the.
  2. The roof skin is very to replace using a Chevelle skin. The only difference is at the sail panel. Fortunately the Chevelle roof skin is reproduced and the Chevelle just happens to have excess sheet metal dangling down the monte sail panel that just needs to be trimmed up to the montes seam line. Chevelle roof fit prior to cutting sail panel area
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Your car roof liner, or headliner, can be replaced for approximately $150-$450. However, the cost varies and is determined by your vehicle's size, labor costs, and materials needed to complete the job. If you're looking for a quick fix, there are a few DIY methods you can try for a temporary solution. What is a car roof liner Roof Replacement Cost. The national average cost to replace a roof is $7,211 with most homeowners spending between $4,707 and $10,460.Roof installation cost ranges from $400 to $550 per square depending on the roof size and materials used in reroofing. Expect to spend $1,500 to $3,000 to remove your current roof before installing a replacement

Hot Rod Truck Part 4: Final Assembly. Fix A Broken Jeep Door Mount. Blast Rust With Baking Soda. How to Spot Primer. Block Body Style Lines. Fix Orange Peel, Runs and Dry Spray, Part 1. Fix Orange Peel, Runs and Dry Spray, Part 2. Airbrush Custom Graphics. Remove Oxidation and Touch-up Single Stage Paint It cost about $250 to $350 and was worth the investment. My safety equipment includes a pair of safety glasses, safety goggles, a dust/particle mask, hearing protection, anti-vibration work gloves..

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A couple of friends have said that it is unsafe to replace the roof from a structure and stability perspective (it is a Mazda CX 5). I don't have choice of repairer with my insurer and they won't write off as the repair cost estimate is under $10k and car value is close to $30k. What does everyone think and what are my options The factory body manual shows that if a body shop is going to replace a damaged roof, the whole thing from one side of the car to the other should be removed. This means that all of the cross-braces are removed. If you buy a new roof from the dealer, it comes as an assembly with all the cross-braces attached These roof treatments give a car a greater touch of class. The top consists of a fiberglass shell which is molded for the specific car, an outer skin, and in most cases, chrome moldings. The skin is laminated to the shell. The shell is then rivetted and siliconed to the metal roof, and then the moldings are screwed in place The cost to replace the roof on most homes is $4,000 to $10,000, and most spend about $8,000. The cost can be more for larger homes, homes with complex roof designs, or when installing more expensive materials. Many homes have an asphalt shingle roof, but some have wood, metal, tile, and slate which can be more expensive

If you're looking for an estimate on hail damage repair to your car, it's important to understand that costs will vary from panel beater to panel beater. On average, you can expect to pay based on the size of the dent. Small dents: between $30 and $45. Medium dents: between $40 and $55. Large dents: between $75 and $80 Finally--WOW! http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-129 Roof Skin - 68-72 Chevelle & GM A-Body Fastback (Modify for Monte Carlo & Cutlass Supreme) Click For Applications Retail: (USD) $399.99 Buy Now: 600-3567 More Info: Roof Skin - OE Style . Click For Applications. Retail: (USD) $289.99 Buy Now: 600-4060 More Info: Roof Skin - 60-66 Chevy GMC C/K Pickup. And the roof replacement (metal work) is nearly done. There was a step that I 'skipped'.. it was the adhesive or anti-flutter/rattle dots that go inbetween the roof skin and structure. I believe the factory pooped out the adhesive on the structure then welded the skin over the adhesive piles

Cost to Replace Carpet in a Car Rips, discolorations, and fading can typically make a vehicle's interior seem rather unclean. Before you take into consideration getting a brand-new vehicle, an expert auto upholsterer can repair any of these issues and even change the vehicle's whole interior to make it look new once again By Justin Benz on February 12, 2013 in Car Restoration, Classic Car Restoration Installing a quarter-panel skin on a musclecar or classic is a great way to repair rusted and damaged quarter-panels, but welding one in place and getting everything to line up just right can be tricky

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Replace roof membrane material costs : 21' = $715 25' = $850 30' = $985 35' = $1,145 40' = $1,320. Sealants and adhesives-(1)Roof Install Kit - $295 (Includes - 2 rolls butyl tape, 15 lap sealant, 1 gallon 901B, 2 pro flex. Additional Sealants for roof appliances and moldings (Lap and Pro Flex)- $15.95 eac Camper roof replacements typically cost between $300 and $325 per linear foot. For example, if your RV is 30 feet long, it would cost between $9,000 and $9,750 to replace its roof. The cost largely depends on the type of roof material, and the labor costs of the auto shop completing the job

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In the end the roof member was good but I needed to replace the roof anyway. It took almost a month for a part-time worker and the costs were : 1200$ (USD) new roof; 250$ paint job (roof and rear fenders) 800$ body works; Effective worked hours were probably 50-60 2018 Honda Accord Roof Replacement. The Honda Accord has been redesigned for the 2018 model year. Many changes came with the redesign including material use, attachment methods, and technology. A big change to take note of is the outer roof replacement procedure. This procedure differs a lot from any Honda roof replacement procedure we have. How much does it cost to remove a dent from a car roof? Cost: Depending upon the specialist's skill and reputation, you should expect to pay from $50 to $120 for a 1-inch dent. Naturally, this base price will increase with the size of the repair — about $10 to $30 for every additional half-inch. Click to see full answer The average cost to replace a roof can vary quite a bit. According to HomeAdvisor, the typical range for roof replacement costs is between $5,100 and $10,000, but roof replacement can be as low as $1,200 or as high as $30,000. Many roofing companies will charge between $3.50 and $5.00 per square foot

The total cost for me was $1750 but I had it shipped from CA to MAfreight and crating ran about $470 of that. I also spent some extra cash on having the skin made with a 6 break pattern. Total skin cost (sides, roof, and wheel well moldings) was around $1280. I'm doing all the install myselfcheap labor Car must be very solid. As for prices, it varies A LOT. I've heard people pay anywhere from $500-1000 for vinyl tops. Hereof, how do you replace a vinyl top on a car? Thoroughly apply spray glue to one seam of your vinyl top and to the roof of the vehicle along line (A). Attach top along one of the outside lines (A) marked on the roof The shop cut all 6 pillars in the middle (about halfway up the windows), and welded a whole new roof on. Mine had structural damage so they couldn't replace just the skin. New panels and supports were not available for the 2003, so the shop sourced a used roof, very similar to the donor roof pictured above Relevance Price: Low to High Price: High to Low. Method Race Wheels 701 Matte Black 16x8 6x5.5, 0mm offset 4.5 Backspace, MR70168060500. $268.55. 3m VHB 4 X8 Double Sided Foam Adhesive Sheet Tape 5952 Automotive Mounting Industrial Grade Very High Bond 5952 (1 sheets 4x8) $7.90 The price of a square depends on the type of metal roof that you end up selecting; for example, metal shingles typically cost between $10.50 - $14.00 per square foot including installation, while standing seam metal roof costs tends to be slightly more expensive, costing between $12.00 - $16.00 per square foot on average.. You should also be aware that metal roofing of any kind - whether.

A roof that is designed as a hard shell doesn't have the same bracing and structural components that a sunroof-equipped does, which enables it to handle the stresses and movements of the car. 04-08-2009, 04:18 P We opted to completely remove all four sides of our roof, as well as replace the outside edge of 1 x 2″ framing. At this point, if the water damage is extensive enough, you have the option of completely removing the skin, the foam, and all of the framing lumber and rebuilding it from scratch Imagine your car with a luxurious, premium leather interior.Maybe you've wanted a custom car interior but thought it was really expensive at the dealership. Or you didn't know that you could easily upgrade your cloth seats to custom car seats on the car you have now. Whatever your dream, Katzkin can deliver it, adding luxury, comfort and style to your vehicle at an affordable price

It adheres to the interior roof of the car using glue and adhesive. The headliner will cover all of the upper surfaces of the car. As we have mentioned, it boosts the aesthetics of the car and serves as an insulator in cold weather. The ones that are a bit thick and insulating materials can keep you toasty inside the car on harsh winter days Car bumper repair or replacement cost: $300 to $1,500+ The bumper repair cost (or replacement, if it can't be repaired) can range from a few hundred dollars to around $1,500 for the parts and labor. It's a wide range, but that accounts for fixing minor dents and scratches to complete replacements Therefore, the larger the roof, the more it will cost to replace it. However, a basic asphalt shingle roof, which is the most common type of roofing material, on average costs about $5,000, whereas more high-end roofing materials, such as architectural roof shingles, can run as high at $12,000 or more to install Well at any rate, door weather stripping is usually glued on now so it can be re-glued or replaced but the whole thing needs to be replaced, not pieced in. I don't know what the cost is. Probably $50 or so. Glass shop, body shop, dealer can do it. The windshield weather stripping is something else though The Estimated Price For Replacing A Convertible Top Runs From $900 To $1500. The price of replacing a convertible top is largely dependent on the make and model of your vehicle. But in most cases, the costs include the following: One replacement top (including pop rivets, staples, hold-down cables, and adhesive

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68 Coupe Roof Replacement. I peeled the vinyl top on my 68 coipe today and my roof is toast, it needs a skin...unfortunately no one makes a replacement skin for a coupe so I guess I will have to find a donor car. I would love to see some pics of this if any of you guys have did this on your car...Thanks in advance Typical cost for built-up bituminous flat roof replacement: $11.50 to $14.50 per square foot. Sloped roofs provide a larger variety of options for coverings. Typically, the cheapest covering is asphalt shingle. Additional options include slate or wood shingles, however, some of these materials can be expensive Again, most hail damage on a car roof CAN be repaired with paintless dent repair ALONE. There are many perks that come along with paintless dent repair but the #1 benefit is an intact manufacturer's warranty. Before you replace your car roof, read this article from Auto Consumer Info Fill in a short form and find out the cost of car roof lining repairs near you. 4.5. Excellent rating - 4.5/5 (9200+ reviews) When you need the lining of your roof fixed or cleaned. I have a replacement roof lining for a 71 ford fairlane. I will remove the rear window , and bring car to you if needbe need a quote please

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The condition of your roof structure and your choice of roof covering will also affect the cost. A garage roof replacement cost in the UK can vary anywhere between £750 and £3600. A professional roofer will remove the old felt from a roof and ensure the timber structure is in good condition The contractor cost to replace roof shingles is $195 vs. doing it yourself for $45 and saving 76 percent. Adjust the cost with your ZIP Code. National Average Improvement and Repair Cost Hours Pro 2.1: DIY 4.0: Money: Pro $195: DIY $45: Adjust cost to your Zip code. Just wondering if someone can give me a rough estimate for the cost to install a new garage roof that needs all new plywood and shingles on a detached garage?? Our 1940 detached garage roof is in pretty bad shape. When we get rain, water leaks inside, and pieces of wood from the roof are starting to break apart and fall all over the place.

A roof replacement cost UK is approximately £5500. The cost of a roof replacement will depend on the size of the roof and the location of the property. Most homeowners in the UK spend between £2200 and £7200 on replacing the roof. These are the Factors that can Increase new Roof Prices So, when it comes time to replace Car Roof Lining or Upholstery, their main objective is to bring their car's interior as close to its original condition as possible no matter the cost of car roof liner repairs. Having said that, one might also take that opportunity to add some extra luxuries which may include

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Whether you have an asbestos roof on your factory, shed or property, any project to encapsulate or replace an asbestos roof should need to budget for 4 main areas: - Scaffolding: to allow roofing access in high-risk or hazardous areas - Materials: glass fibre etc., used to encapsulate or replace your flat roof How Much Does It Cost to Redo a 2 Car Garage Floor Tear Out and New Cement Total Price? The Angie's List Answers forum ran from 2010 to 2020 and provided a trusted space for homeowners to ask home improvement questions and receive answers directly from Pros and other users 3. Fiberglass - This type of RV roof is hard to the touch, and is a bit more rare than a rubber RV roof because the material adds cost and weight to the RV. Having said that, fiberglass RV roofs require less maintenance than rubber RV roofs, which makes them preferable for some campers

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What does Chevrolet say about using adhesive bonding to replace the outer quarter panel? 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe: Are there repair procedures available for the hydroformed front lower rails? 2012 Chevrolet Avalanche: What does Chevrolet say about using adhesive bonding to replace the roof panel? 2013 Chevrolet Silverad In the content below, we'll outline the top 4 car sunroof repairs completed in the United States, and some of the average costs of completing them. 1. Broken Sunroof Motor. There was a time when a sunroof add-on was a manually operated system. The driver would unlock the sunroof latch and physically slide it open In order to get the door skin replaced you will need to look into different body shops to get quotes. Be aware of low ball quotes. If you get the door skin replaced you will also need to have it painted to match the car. I'd suggest getting at least 3 quotes from 3 different body shops. Honda Mercedes-Benz, much like any other car manufacturer, stops making replacement parts for its cars a certain number of years after the car itself is no longer in production. This is where World Upholstery & Trim comes in. World Upholstery & Trim acquires an actual factory soft-trim part, breaks it down, studies the intricacies of how it was.

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High quality replacement automotive Seat Covers from 1A Auto is just what your car or truck's interior needs to look and feel new again. Shop at 1A Auto for automobile Seat Upholstery Kits for your car, truck, SUV, or van, at great prices. 1A Auto has a large selection of aftermarket Seat Upholstery Sets for many vehicle makes and models, and ground shipping is always free Cost of replacing the boots = $275 . In reality it does depend on the the job conditions/location, height or roof, type of roof. Depending on the specific conditions it could cost more than $1,000 The costs of knocking down or updating an extension. Revamping 'The rough starting price for a revamp of an average six-by-three-metre extension would be £24,000 to £35,000,' says Peter Maton. 'It partly depends on how the existing extension has been built, as it would have to be improved to meet current building regulations.For example, on a property we are working on, the building. Building a Garage Checklist. On average, a garage build will cost in the region of £18,000 - £24,000. Prefabricated Garages are cheaper but lack the longevity of a concrete or brick garage. Size, complexity and the materials used are the key factors in dictating the price of the build

Panel beating is a necessity if you want to restore your car to how it originally looked before a major or minor accident. However, you can't expect it to be cheap. Only simple scratch repairs cost below $1,000; typical panel beating jobs start from approximately $1,000 and could go beyond $6,000 Only using the best head lining / hoodliner materials to ensure a quality match and lasting replacement. A first-rate mobile car roof lining repair, complete with a 24 month warranty. TESTIMONIAL'S - See What the Customers are saying on Facebook?..⤵ OVER 100 5-STAR REVIEWS , OVER 3000 LIKES. follow us on Facebook & Leave your review at

The universal trim-to-fit headliner replacement kits work with most vehicles regardless of interior accessories such as hand grips, dome lights and sun roofs. Many kits contain everything you need in one package, although some require an additional purchase of headliner adhesive. Variety Headliner Materials Allpar - Home Of Chrysler, Plymouth, Jeep, And Dodge Car, Truck, And Minivan Information. Be Sure To Also Use A Generous Amount Of Adhesive Spray (i.e., As Much As You Can Get Away With). To Reattach That Falling Roof Upholstery In Your Car Before It's Too Late roof skin holes...patch or replace entire skin? Discussion in ' Body Restoration ' started by VA/SC Gamecock , Jul 26, 2021 at 2:16 PM . Jul 26, 2021 at 2:16 PM # Call a body shop in your area or try the estimator at the top of the page. Perhaps buy a hood and a junk yard and put it on yourself or with friends. Hood used depending on quality, $50, and possible to find one with same color. At shop new, painted, installed could cost $500. How good do you need it rules that cost you pay There are a few you tube video, on how to remove, and replace the polycarbonate glass panel. Once you bought the panel, any glass shop. Able to replace the roof. It's no harder then a glass roof. The new clear roof, is a $760 part $$$$$$. Plus $96 for the sealer. Plus labor

AAA Approved Auto Repair includes a powerful repair shop locator tool offering detailed information about the more than 7,000 facilities in the AAA Approved Auto Repair network. Search and find a nearby facility. Use the repair estimate tool to know more about repair costs. Read articles from AAA automotive and car care experts Paul Davis. Sun 01 Jul 2012 12:00am. Hi Alison, A car port roof of a single garage size of replacement corrugated sheeting will be approx £450 - £600 depending on inspection for flashings etc. Kind regards Paul. Total roofing care

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Average cost: $10,250. Low cost: $8,250. High cost: $17,500. Below is a quick reference card to print out: As you can see in the comparative pricing table above, these are wide ranges, so it's important to understand what factors affect shingle roof replacement cost I took it into the shop at LD and they fixed for $250 (new brain) They also did a few other things (at a cost), but they suggested i get my fiberglass roof completely re-sealed. They said they have a summer special at $800 for a 34ft. I have only been rv'ing for 7 months and I don't want to get ripped off To get a 100% free roof quote, enter your zip code above and fill out a simple estimate request form on the next page. Supported Roof Types: Our calculator will estimate your total roofing cost installed, including the cost of materials, labor, and warranty for any major type of roof including 3-tab asphalt shingles, architectural and premium composition shingles, PVC, TPO, EPDM rubber, built.

2015 Ford F-150 Can Tow 12,200 Lbs, Carry An Absurd 3,300 Lbs In Bed. The 2015 Ford F-150's maximum towing capacity has been announced at a massive 12,200 pounds, whil Find the best Car Headliner Replacement near you on Yelp - see all Car Headliner Replacement open now. Explore other popular Automotive near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers The 2011 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet has 6 problems reported for convertible roof broken. Average repair cost is $1,930 at 42,850 miles. CarComplaints.com : Car complaints, car problems and. How much does it cost to replace a car headliner? A replacement headliner on a typical four-door sedan costs about $180, Zalewski says. A new headliner for an SUV or minivan costs about $350. Kent says he charges $175 for headliner replacement for cars and $200 for SUVs. Click to see full answer

Replacement cost vs. actual cash value. On homeowners, renters, or condo policies, your property and belongings may be insured for the actual cash value (ACV) or replacement cost (RCV). The replacement cost is simply the price of replacing property or a belonging. The actual cash value is the current value (with depreciation) For car roof soundproofing and car roof thermal insulation, it's key to start with the right materials. The most effective sound deadeners are made with a base of some sort of rubber - Second Skin uses butyl rubber paired with an aluminum constraint layer for mats and a water-based viscoelastic polymer for liquids and sprays Roof inspections are always part of the budget for a roof leak repair and should be done by roofing experts. Item. Cost. Inspection. $250-$500. Materials. $275. Labor. $45-$75 /hour (typically two days, $360-$1,200 Semi-Truck Trailer Roof Replacement Procedure using LORD Fusor® Adhesives Removal of Roof Panel 1. Using an air chisel and pliers, turn up the hemfl ange. 2. Punch or drill out rivets. 3. Roll aluminum skin using vise grips to stop roll-back. Note: Wear heavy gloves to protect hands from sharp edges on aluminum skin. 4 Safelite says, There are a variety of types of sunroofs, from pop-up to folding to panoramic roof systems.. According to AngiesList, says the average cost to replace to sunroof glass itself is only about $300 to $400 but the cost to replace the motor will set you another $100 to $250 or more.. Research shows 37% of automobiles sold in the US have sunroofs

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You will need to jack the car up, remove the wheel and potentially even take off the bumper. While it's definitely not the biggest cost factor, removing and refitting panels could add another $1-200 in labor costs. Average Cost For Hail Damage Repair. A true estimate cannot be given until the damage assessor has seen the car in person Tesla estimate is ~$1,650. This is on a 2021 MY that delivered in June 2021 (woof at having a glass replacement so quickly, but bad luck is bad luck). Anyhow, I thought folks might like some sort of perspective on what this costs. For labor cost perspective, this is being done in Atlanta. 0 comments

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  1. Angie's List interviewed a professional car upholster, and inside the article, he claimed a replacement headliner for a sedan would cost about $180, while an SUV/van owners should be prepared to pay $350. As for using his services, he claimed he charged $175 for cars and $200 for SUVs, bringing the grand total to anywhere from $355 to $550
  2. An aftermarket skin costs about $260 with shipping. No matter where you get your skin, open the box and check it immediately. These things get damaged even more easily off the car than on it
  3. es the possibility of window replacement. Consider labor cost of top removal when considering replacing rear window
  4. Roof Replacement Cost Breakdown. Reroofing a house costs between $5,570 and $11,415. Here is a breakdown of everything that adds to the total cost of replacing a roof: Removal of the old roof: This part of the project costs $1 to $5 per square foot or an average of $1,000 to $1,500. Roof repairs: If you have rotting timbers or need new supports.
  5. Here's an overview of how much roof repairs costs: Minor to moderate repairs: $300 to $1,100 on average; Shingle replacement: $1.20 to $4 per square foot depending on the shingle material and the roof slope; Paint fascia and soffit: $2.50 to $6.50 per linear foot (average project cost runs between $500 and $1,000) Roof cleaning: $250 to $30
  6. When dealing with rust on a car it is really just like you have always heard, that it works like a cancer and keeps eating away the metal unless you get rid of it. You can't just mask over it but have to remove it completely and replace the section with new sheet metal. This article is aimed at generally taking.

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Roof Pitch. Roof pitch is the measurement of a roof's vertical rise divided by its horizontal run. It is often compared to slope, but is not exactly the same. In the United States, a run of 12 inches (1 foot) is used, and pitch is measured as the rise of the roof over 12 inches. For instance, a 7/12 roof pitch means that the roof rises 7 inches. The cost of such services isn't expensive and starts at $150 for the simplest type of headliners. In just half a day, we will return your car with freshness and a new headliner. We're engaged in repair and restoration vehicle's headliners from simple cars like Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and Honda Accord, to top-class like Bentley, Rolls.

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In Part 1 of how to remove the pop up camper roof, I showed you how rotted away the 1 x 2 ceiling frame was on our pop up camper. We decided to replace all of the perimeter of this frame, but thankfully, once we removed that wood, we found that the 1 x 2s that ran across the ceiling, and the square in the middle for the roof vent, hadn't taken much water to cause any structural damage Two-part panel bonding adhesive is available from 3M in cartridges from 50 mL to 400 mL, and works seamlessly with 3M manual applicator guns such as 08117 and the 3M pneumatic applicator gun 09930 for the 200ml cartridges. It applies quickly from the cartridge with no pre-mixing or measuring. The adhesive contains glass beads which reduces. Volkswagen's global reputation as one of the world's best car manufacturers was cemented in the early 1950s with the production of their now-iconic Beetle, VW Beetle convertible, and Type 2 vans. These sturdy, affordable vehicles captured the imagination of an entire generation, and continue to be best-sellers today Foundation / Basement / Structural 1. Add fill dirt/regrade @ foundation $500 & up 16. Repair/replace rotted or damaged joist $100 - $250 ea. 17 Repair/replace rotted or damaged sill plate $75 - $100 plf & up 18. Underpin corner of building $1,100 - $1,300 ea. 19. Underpin/replace foundation $500 plf & u The main roof panel is the very large outer skin which needs internal braces to give it support. These internal supports are bonded to the outer skin and run horizontally across the panel. The roof rail is the section, usually about 4 in depth which in simple terms is between the door tops and main roof panel

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The new roof may either be placed directly over the old roof or after the old roof has been removed. Liquid roofing [ 3 ] is rolled onto a clean and prepared rooftop with a paint roller at a cost of about $600-$900 for a single-wide mobile home or $1,400-$1,800 for a double-wide unit and is designed to last about 10 years Garage door opener cost. The price of an opener starts around $150. According to Third Gen Garage Doors, the price of installing a garage door opener ranges from $300-$475. For some garage door replacements, you may not need a new garage door opener (the mechanism, or track, your garage door follows to open and shut) The cost of conversion is very high, and is pretty much irreversible. And in five or ten years, when you are looking for a replacement top, the company that made the kit had better still be around. You would do better to sell the car, and buy a real OTS. And you would preserve a beautiful 2+2 in the process. Pros & Con The average cost for an Infiniti G37 sunroof motor replacement is between $1,493 and $1,579. Labor costs are estimated between $330 and $416 while parts are priced at $1,163. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your unique location. Related repairs may also be needed. For a more accurate estimate based on your. How to Estimate the Cost to Replace Roof Decking & Shingles. You can't stop the ravages of time or turn back the clock. Sooner or later your roof has to be replaced. It's a major investment, and.