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Pi - Proof that Pi is Irrational Proof that Pi is Irrational Suppose π= a/b π = a / b Preface: proving √2 is irrational Before we get to the matter of proving π is irrational, let us start out with a much, much easier proof. This will be an instructive example of proof by contradiction, which is the same method that will be used to show π is irrational. The number √2 is either rational or it will be irrational Apr 18 · 5 min read. C anadian mathematician Ivan Niven has provided us with a proof that π is irrational. This proof requires knowledge of only the most elementary calculus. The difficult part. The proof uses the characterization of π as the smallest positive zero of the sine function. As in many proofs of irrationality, the argument proceeds by reductio ad absurdum

The initial hypothesis Eq. 6 is therefore false and π² must be irrational. Now if π were rational, π² would also be. Hence π must also be irrational, which concludes the proof. The elegance and simplicity of this proof are undeniable Sketch of proof that π is irrational. The following proof is actually quite similar, except the steps involved require more complicated math. There are four major steps in Niven's proof that π is irrational. The steps are: 1. Assume π is rational, π = a / b for a and b relatively prime. 2 We present here what we believe to be the simplest proof that $\pi$ is irrational. It was first published in the 1930s as an exercise in the Bourbaki treatise on calculus. It requires only a familiarity with integration, including integration by parts, which is a staple of any high school or first-year college calculus course Working on the beguinnings of the non-Euclidian geometries, but also interested in philosophy and physics, Lambert is famous for demonstrating Pi 's irrationality in 1761, which we will also do

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Happy Pi Day (3/14)! Everyone knows that pi is an irrational number, but how do you prove it? This video presents one of the shortest proofs that pi is irrat.. Proof that π is irrational - Wikipedia They all do the same mistake: q, a, b are free integers, they can be any in their proofs but beginning from some definite values shown here, they all crashes their main expressions. Definitely, with a small values all their expressions are true. But it doesn't make their proof valid

Proofs That PI is Irrational The first proof of the irrationality of PI was found by Lambert in 1770 and published by Legendre in his Elements de Geometrie. A simpler proof, essentially due to Mary Cartwright, goes like this: For any integer n and real number r we can define a quantity A[n] by the definite integral / 1 A[n] = | (1 - x^2)^n. Irrationality of pi. Posted on December 7, 2009 by Brent. Everyone knows that —the ratio of any circle's diameter to its circumference—is irrational, that is, cannot be written as a fraction . This also means that 's decimal expansion goes on forever and never repeats but have you ever seen a proof of this fact, or did you just take. A SciShow video on mathematics' most delicious irrational number π (although the golden ratio φ also looks rather delicious).. Proof that Pi is Irrational: Johann Heinrich Lambert proved that Pi was irrational in 1761.Proof that Pi is irrational can be found here.. Is Pi an Infinite Number? Pi is not an infinite number, it is an irrational number @TeresaLisbon from your hint, I've thought of a possible proof: consider the expression (x − e) (x − π). Since e and π are both transcendental, at least some of the coefficients of this polynomial must be irrational; hence at least one of π + e and π e is irrational It means our assumption is wrong. Hence √3 is irrational. Question 3 : Prove that 3 √2 is a irrational. Solution : Let us assume 3 √2 as rational. 3 √2 = a/b. √2 = a/3b. Since √2 is irrational Since 3, a and b are integers a/3b be a irrational number. So it contradicts. Hence 3 √2 is irrational number

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Picture of Lambert's proof that. π. is irrational? 17. With a suitably generous notion of picture proof or proof without words or geometric proof, there do exist such proofs of the irrationality of square roots and even of the irrationality of e. However, I am not aware of anything that could plausibly be called a geometric proof of the. In the 1760s, Johann Heinrich Lambert proved that the number π is irrational: that is, it cannot be expressed as a fraction a/b, where a is an integer and b is a non-zero integer. In the 19th century, Charles Hermite found a proof that requires no prerequisite knowledge beyond basic calculus. Three simplifications of Hermite's proof are due to Mary Cartwright, Ivan Niven, and Nicolas Bourbaki An alternative title could be A proof that pi is irrational in one page so some details and constructions are skipped to put everything in one page. Someone on Sept 14, 2015 Let pi be a rational number Using pi as a name is only a very weak cue for proof by contradiction The proof for the infinite length of pi comes from mathematician Johann Lambert, who proved that pi is irrational, and therefore must be infinite. The sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet in mathematics holds as much significance in this universe as pepperoni in pizza holds for the average reader

Figure 3: The square root of 2 is an example of an irrational number . Our goal here is to provide a simple proof of the irrationality of π. In order to do that, we will follow Niven and start by defining an auxiliary function f(x). Introducing an Auxiliary Function. Let us first consider the following (apparently unrelated) function Niven's proof . Like all proofs of irrationality, the argument proceeds by reductio ad absurdum.Suppose π is rational, i.e. π = a / b for some integers a and b, which may be taken without loss of generality to be positive. Given any positive integer n we can define functions f and F as follows: . Then f is a polynomial function each of whose coefficients is 1/n! times an integer Pi is irrational Understanding the proof that the number π is transcendental, i.e. not a root of any polynomial in integer coefficients, requires substantial knowledge in mathematics. That π is irrational, i.e. not the quotient of two integers, is much easier to prove, only a good math education of a grammar school is needed

Prove: The Square Root of a Prime Number is Irrational. In our previous lesson, we proved by contradiction that the square root of 2 is irrational. This time, we are going to prove a more general and interesting fact. We will also use the proof by contradiction to prove this theorem. That is, let be Proof: The Square Root of a Prime Number is Irrational. Read More 1) Irrational numbers never repeat, 2) Pi is irrational, 3) Therefore, pi never repeats. 1) Any number that doesn't repeat is irrational, 2) Pi never repeats, 3) Therefore, pi is irrational. Something seems circular to me in this article but I ain't no mathematician! I think unless we count all the way until infinity we may never know Proof that pi is irrational. Posted by Dave Richeson on February 11, 2010. Have you ever seen the proof that is irrational? If not, I highly recommend heading over to The Math Less Traveled. Blogger Brent Yorgey just posted the last of his six part series in which he gives Ivan Niven's easy-to-follow 1947 proof of that famous fact. The proof. The case of \(\pi\) Lambert's proof that \(\pi\) was irrational as well is harder, of course. Incidentally, in Czech, we often use the term Ludolphine number for \(\pi\) because Ludolph calculated 20 (in 1596) and later 35 digits. It's a bit surprising that it doesn't seem to be used outside the broader German-speaking realm In the 18th century, Johann Heinrich Lambert proved that the number π (pi) is irrational, that is, that it cannot be expressed as a fraction a/b, where a is an integer and b is a non-zero integer. In the 19th century, Charles Hermite found a proof that requires no prerequisite knowledge beyond basic calculus

Thus, $ \sqrt{2}$ is irrational. Similarly, we can use other numbers to prove so. (3) Power Series Expansion. Some irrational numbers, like $ e$ , can be proved to be irrational by expanding them and arranging the terms. Over all, it is another form of proof by contradiction but different from the Pythagorean Approach October 10, 2016 • 1:27 pm. π, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, is an irrational number, which means it can't be written as a fraction a/b, where a and b are integers. That means that, unlike decimals like 1/4, or 0.25, or repeating decimals, like 1/3 or 0.33333333, it neither terminates nor repeats The irrationality of π was Proved by Lambert in 1761. The above proof is not the original proof due to Lambert 103.36 Three footnotes to Cartwright's proof that π is irrational - Volume 103 Issue 558 Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites A Proof of the Rationality of the Mathematical Constant, pi by Darren Stuart Embry 31 August 1994, revised 16 May 1995 We will prove that pi is, in fact, a rational number, by induction on the number of decimal places, N, to which it is approximated

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simple-proof-that-pi-is-irrational.html 1. 2 Consider 1 x2+(1 4) 2 Ifx= 1 4,then 1 x2 + 1 4 2 = 1 1 4 2 + 1 4 2 = 1 1 16 + 1 16 = 1 2 16 = 16 2 = 8. Then 1 = 8 x2 + 1 4 2! 1 = 8x2 + 1 2 8x2 = 1 2. Now,notethatx2 isequaltox. Written: Nov. 21, 2011. Dedicated to Jeffrey Outlaw SHALLIT. In 1975, high-school student Jeffrey Shallit published a simple proof that the Golden Ratio, φ, is irrational. The present proof is yet simpler, since it does not use divisibility, only additivity. Personal Journal of Shalosh B. Ekhad and Doron Zeilberger. Doron Zeilberger's Home Page Please take note that the starting point for every numerical sequence in this study always begins after the decimal point in Pi. This is only logical, as the decimal expansion after the decimal point represents the irrational side of Pi (whole numbers are known as rational numbers whereas numbers with an infinite decimal expansion are known as irrational numbers)

Hence, must be irrational. This prove is, admittedly, rather curious. Aside from the assumption that Pi is rational (leading to the contradiction) the only other properties of Pi that are really involved in this proof are that sin() = 0, cos() = 1 and we need the defining properties of the trig. functions tha In this problem, you will prove that pi is irrational. Assume that pi is rational; in particular, assume that pi = p/q where p and q are positive, coprime integers. Let A fact crucial to the proof is that F (0) + F (pi)is a positive integer. (You may use this fact without proof, but you can also prove it by expanding f (t) using the Binomial. Mar 14, 2019 - Happy Pi Day (3/14)! Everyone knows that pi is an irrational number, but how do you prove it? This video presents one of the shortest proofs that pi is irrat.. Pi is an irrational number. This means pi cannot be written as the ratio of two integers. There are many proofs to show pi is irrational. but they are all pretty involved, and not really ELI5. There is a wiki page on it. One of the properties of all irrational numbers (not just pi) is that they will always have non-ending and non-repeating.


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  1. 5 - √3 is irrational. Let 5 - √3 be a rational number. a, b and 5 are rational numbers. Then the simplified value of (5b - a)/b must be rational. But it is clear that √3 is irrational. So, it contradicts our assumption. Hence 5 - √3 is irrational. 3 + 2 √5 is irrational. Let 3 + 2√5 be a rational number
  2. A simple proof that π is rational. By Christian Lawson-Perfect. Posted April 1, 2013 in News. The number $\pi$, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, long thought to be an irrational number and commonly written as 3.141, is found in many areas of mathematics and science and has been studied throughout the ages
  3. ELEMENTARY PROOF THAT e IS IRRATIONAL. James Constant . math@coolissues.com. Introduction. The number e is an irrational and transcendental number. The irrationality of e was established for the first time by Euler in 1737 and some years later in 1776 Lambert established a stronger result. Proof that e is transcedental was made in 1863 by Hermite. 1 The number e appears in a number of forms.
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ELEMENTARY PROOF THAT IS IRRATIONAL. James Constant . math@coolissues.com. Introduction. The number is an irrational and transcendental number. The irrationality of was established for the first time by Johann Heinrich Lambert in 1761. The proof was rather complex and based on a continued fraction for the tanx function. In 1794, Legendre proved the stronger result that is irrational The idea of the proof is to argue by contradiction. This is also the principle behind the simpler proof that the number p 2 is irrational. However, there is an essential di erence between proofs that p 2 is irrational and proofs that ˇis irrational. One can prove p 2 is irrational using only algebraic manipulations with a hypothetical rational.

Homework Statement True or false and why: If a and b are irrational, then ##a^b## is irrational. Homework Equations None, but the relevant example provided in the text is the proof of irrationality of ##\\sqrt{2}## The Attempt at a Solution Attempt proof by contradiction. Say ##a^b## is.. So $\pi T/T$ defines the same Dedekind cut as $\pi$ does, which is a very accurate description of $\pi$. Indeed, any proof of the transcendence of $\pi$ must ultimately be based on the comparison of $\pi$ and its powers with certain rational numbers, which $\pi T/T$ will accomplish just as well as the real number $\pi$ Incidentally, this simple proof shows not only the irrationality of π but also the irrationality of π 2. Let f ( x) = cos. ⁡. ( x), and, as is conventional, let f ′ ( x) denote its first derivative and more generally f ( N) ( x) denote its N -th derivative (with respect to x ). Note that f ( N) = P ( y) f + Q ( y) f ′, where y = 1 4 x. Prove: The Square Root of , , is Irrational. Proving that is irrational is a popular example used in many textbooks to highlight the concept of proof by contradiction (also known as indirect proof). This proof technique is simple yet elegant and powerful. Basic steps involved in the proof by contradiction: Assume the negation of Proof: √(2) is irrational. Read More Below is a proof to show that √ 2 is irrational. It can be extremely hard to prove that a number is transcendental, but we know that Pi and e are both transcendental. The name transcendental comes from the mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646 - 1716),.

1.4: Irrational Numbers. The best known of all irrational numbers is √2. We establish √2 ≠ a b with a novel proof which does not make use of divisibility arguments. Suppose √2 = a b ( a, b integers), with b as small as possible. Then b < a < 2b so that Every circle you've ever encountered, without exception, has a rational, finite pi. No circle you've ever encountered, without exception, has an irrational pi. So, that means my claims about a rational pi are true for at least 99.9999% of all shapes that we call circles. It also means that pi is unique to any given. The negation of irrational is simply not irrational. For a number to be not irrational has 2 cases. The number must be either complex (including i) or rational. Thus your statement of what the contrapositive is is not logically equivalent. This proof must be done by contradiction not by contrapositive A proof that the square root of 2 is irrational. Let's suppose √ 2 is a rational number. Then we can write it √ 2 = a/b where a, b are whole numbers, b not zero.. We additionally assume that this a/b is simplified to lowest terms, since that can obviously be done with any fraction. Notice that in order for a/b to be in simplest terms, both of a and b cannot be even r/explainlikeimfive. Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations. Don't Panic! 19.4m. Members. 10.9k. Online. Created Jul 28, 2011

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  1. An irrational number is a type of real number which cannot be represented as a simple fraction. It cannot be expressed in the form of a ratio. If N is irrational, then N is not equal to p/q where p and q are integers and q is not equal to 0. Example: √2, √3, √5, √11, √21, π (Pi) are all irrational
  2. e a new formula for e and then we will use it to prove e's irrationality. Lemma 1. The sequence increases. Proof. We need to show which is equivalent to.
  3. The value of the golden ratio is an irrational number, a number that cannot be represented by the ratio of any two whole numbers. The discovery of this fact, along with the fact that pi is also irrational , was a cause of great concern to the ancient Greeks, whose entire philosophical world view was challenged by the existence of such numbers
  4. The proof that \(\pi\) is irrational is a little harder and can be found in [1][section 11.17]. In Chapter 2, we will use the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, Theorem 2.14, to construct other irrational numbers. In conclusion, whereas rationality is seen at face value, irrationality of a number may take some effort to prove, even though they.
  5. if ˘is algebraic and irrational. The 2 + exponent is the best possible since we have the following Proposition. If ˘ 2R is irrational then there are in nitely many rationals p=qsuch that j˘ p=qj<1=q2: Proof. This is an application of the pigeonhole principle. Two of the n+ 1 number
  6. This leads to the fact that $ e^{x}$ is irrational if $ x$ is a non-zero rational number and the irrationality of $ \pi$ follows because $ \tan(\pi / 4) = 1$ is rational. We will have occasion to discuss more about this proof of irrationality of $ \pi$ in a later post
  7. Thus, primes can never be equal to a formula that uses irrational number. Another proof is the asymptotic graph of e and comparing it to any other asymptotic graph such as tangent function when approaching pi/2. So in Old Math, those clowns replaced asymptotic approach which never intersects or meets or is equal, they replaced asymptotic.

Ivan Niven's proof of the irrationality of pi is often cited because it is brief and uses only calculus. However it is not well motivated. Using the concept that a quadratic function with the same symmetric properties as sine should when multiplied by sine and integrated obey upper and lower bounds for the integral, a contradiction is generated for rational candidate values of pi -Pi is irrational, because it does not terminate or repeat. Whenever you multiply an irrational number by a rational number (-1), the result is an irrational number The proof that √ 2 is indeed irrational does not rely on computers at all but instead is a proof by contradiction: if √ 2 WAS a rational number, then we'd get a contradiction. I encourage you to let your high school students study this proof since it is very illustrative of a typical proof in mathematics and is not very hard to follow. Find an answer to your question can you proof that pi is an irrational number justchill justchill 18.10.2018 Science Secondary School answered Can you proof that pi is an irrational number 2.1. False Assertion #1: Pi must contain every number sequence. Assertions 1 and 2 together define the properties of ALL irrational numbers, not just pi. Pi can't contain itself, or else, by definition, it would repeat. For example, let's say that pi appears within pi at position 52,672

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Posted November 3, 2011. On 11/2/2011 at 9:42 AM, imatfaal said: No - pi is irrational and cannot be defined as a ratio of two integers. It is also transcendental so cannot be the root of a polynomial with rational coefficients. Irrational Numbers. Proof that pi is irrational. Transcendetal Numbers Perform the following operations: Multiply both sides of the starting point for your proof, a 2 = ab, by π. πa2 = πab. Subtract one (equal) half of your secondary equation, 3a 2 = 3ab, from each side. πa2 - 3ab = πab - 3b2. Add 3ab and subtract πab on both sides. πa2 - πab = 3ab - 3b2 Proof that the square root of any non-square number is irrational. First let's look at the proof that the square root of 2 is irrational. First, let's suppose that the square root of two is rational. Therefore, it can be expressed as a fraction: . Then let's suppose that is in lowest terms, meaning are relative primes, meaning their greatest common factor is 1. So far, . Let's square both. Transcript. Example 9 Prove that 3 is irrational. We have to prove 3 is irrational Let us assume the opposite, i.e., 3 is rational Hence, 3 can be written in the form / where a and b (b 0) are co-prime (no common factor other than 1) Hence, 3 = / 3 b = a Squaring both sides ( 3b)2 = a2 3b2 = a2 ^2/3 = b2 Hence, 3 divides a2 So, 3 shall divide a also Hence, we can say /3 = c where c is some.

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  1. Lindemann's proof that pi is transcendental was published in 1882, nine years after Hermite's proof that e is transcendental. Lindemann used Hermite's methods, but generalised them considerably. Lindemann showed that if z is complex and algebraic (the root of a polynomial with integer coefficients) then ez+1 cannot be zero. Since by Euler's identity eiπ+1 is
  2. Let π = a/b, the quotient of positive integers. We define the polynomials $$ \begin{array}{*{20}{c}} {f(x) = \frac{{{x^n}{{(a - bx)}^n}}}{{n!}},} \\ {F(x) = f(x.
  3. In 1768, the Swiss mathematician Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728 - 1777) showed that the answer is no: \(\pi\) is an irrational number. The Hungarian mathematician Miklos Laczkovich (1948 -- ) gave a simplified version of Lambert's argument in 1997
  4. Prove that root 5 is irrational number. Given: √5. We need to prove that √5 is irrational. Proof: Let us assume that √5 is a rational number. So it can be expressed in the form p/q where p,q are co-prime integers and q≠0. ⇒ √5 = p/q. On squaring both the sides we get
  5. In 1794, Legendre proved the stronger result that p 2 is irrational . We prefer the more elementary proof given by Niven in 1947 . This proof uses again Niven's polynomials to establish the irrationality of p 2. Theorem 4 p 2 is an irrational number. Proof : Again, suppose p 2 = p/q, with (p,q) positive integers, consider the functio
  6. (Struik, 369) His argument was, in its simplest for m, that if x is a rational number, then tan x cannot be rational; since tan pi/4 = 1, pi/4 cannot be rational, and therefore pi is irrational. (Cajori, 246) Some people felt that his proof was not rigorous enough, but in 1794, Adrien Marie Legendre gave ano ther proof that satisfied everyone
  7. Any high school geometry student worth his or her protractor knows that pi is an irrational number, but if you've got to approximate the famed ratio, 3.14 will work in a pinch. That wasn't so.

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Consider the numbers 12 and 35. The prime factors of 12 are 2 and 3. The prime factors of 35 are 5 and 7. In other words, 12 and 35 have no prime factors in common — and as a result, there isn't much overlap in the irrational numbers that can be well approximated by fractions with 12 and 35 in the denominator In the 1760s, Johann Heinrich Lambert proved that the number π (pi) is irrational: that is, it cannot be expressed as a fraction a/b, where a is an integer and b is a non-zero integer. In the 19th century, Charles Hermite found a proof that requires no prerequisite knowledge beyond basic calculus List 6 - Special Numbers: Pi, Euler's number, Golden Ratio; These lists are not exclusive but do provide a way to create irrational numbers. Irrational Number - Definition. Any real number that is not rational is defined as an irrational number. Rational numbers are of the form a / b ( a, b integers, b ≠ 0 ). They are quotient by. Irrational numbers may not be crazy, but they do sometimes bend our minds a little. Learn about common irrational numbers, like the square root of 2 and pi, as well as a few others that.

the positive integer n being specified later. Since n!f(x)has integral coefficients and terms in x of degree not less than n, f(x) and its derivatives f (i) (x) have integral values for x=0; also for x=π=a/b, since f(x) =f(a/b-x).By elementary calculus we hav Proof for (8) Using the Pythagorean Theorem, OF 2 = OA 2 + AF 2. Divide each side by AF 2. Substitute using line (7) Therefore, Taking the square root of each side, and again Archimedes needs to substitute a rational approximation for the irrational square root so he uses: So, Proof for (9) Fourthly, let OG bisect the angle AOF, meeting AF in G

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Convergence of Series (How NOT to Prove PI Irrational) Someone on the internet proposed a novel approach to proving the irrationality of pi. Figuring out why this approach doesn't work led to some interesting discussion and eventually to the construction of continuous but non-differentiable functions, and the characteristic function of the rationals The best example of an irrational number is Pi () which is has a non-terminating number 3.14159265359. Here we have to prove the irrationality of \[\sqrt{2}\]. This proof is a classic example of Proof by Contradiction. In proof by contradiction, at the start of the proof, the opposite is believed to be valid Proof Pi Irrational. November 2, 2020 Chinoiseries2014 Elementary Math, Modern Math 1 Comment The following proof that cos x is irrational for non-zero rational x is adapted from that given in Niven's book on irrational numbers [1]. I have tried to simplify the proof and make the motivation a little clearer. Once again, we begin with the fact that if x is a real number One Page Proof Showing That Pi Is An Irrational Number (mcs.csuhayward.edu) 127 : More: Interesting • •.

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Since tan(pi/4)=1, pi/4 must be irrational; therefore, pi must be irrational. Many people saw Lambert's proof as too simplified an answer for such a complex and long-lived problem. In 1794, however, A. M. Legendre found another proof which backed Lambert up. This new proof also went as far as to prove that π^2 was also irrational Hence PI is irrational. The above mental picture can be viewed upon as a geometric proof that PI has to be irrational. That is, the above procedure has to be ongoing since we need to derive all points of the circle which consists of an infinite amount of points. Paradox of the circle's circumference becoming its diameter.

pi. pi, in mathematics, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The symbol π was devised by British mathematician William Jones in 1706 to represent the ratio and was later popularized by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. Because pi is irrational (not equal to the ratio of any. Eudoxus of Cnidus 2 pi r = c. d * pi =c. pi = c/d. Hence by dividing 22 by 7, we get 3.14 to two decimal places [Note: The exact value of pi can never be found... as it is irrational. But for simplicity.. we take it as 3.14

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We first prove statement A. Assume instead that \(pq\) is irrational, but both \(p\) and \(q\) are rational.. But then \(pq\) is the product of two rational numbers, so is rational.. This contradicts the assumption that \(pq\) is irrational. So statement A is true. For statement B we argue similarly How do you prove √ 2 is irrational? Proof that root 2 is an irrational number. Answer: Given √2. To prove: √2 is an irrational number. Proof: Let us assume that √2 is a rational number. So it can be expressed in the form p/q where p, q are co-prime integers and q≠0. √2 = p/q. Solving. √2 = p/q Pi is an unending, never repeating decimal, or an irrational number. The value of Pi is actually 3.14159265358979323 There is no pattern to the decimals and you cannot write down a simple fraction that equals Pi. Euler's Number (e) is another famous irrational number A Geometric Proof That e Is Irrational and a New Measure of Its Irrationality Jonathan Sondow 1. INTRODUCTION. While there exist geometric proofs of irrationality for V2 [2], [27], no such proof for e, n, or In 2 seems to be known. In section 2 we use a geo metric construction to prove that e is irrational. (For other proofs see [1, pp. 27-28] Proof that sqrt (4) is irrational: If sqrt (4) were the diagonal then the square would have side sqrt (2). Then if sqrt (4) is a/b reduced to lowest terms, (a/b)^2 = a^2/b^2 = 2+2 = 4, a^2 = 4b^2, so a = 2b. Then a/b = 2b/b has a common factor of b. Contradiction

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Pi is an irrational number, which means that it is a real number that cannot be expressed by a simple fraction. When starting off in math, students are introduced to pi as a value of 3.14 or 3.14159. Though it is an irrational number, some use rational expressions to estimate pi, like 22/7 of 333/106 Proof: product of rational & irrational is irrational. Proof: sum of rational & irrational is irrational to be rational what do I mean well what if a is equal to PI and B B is equal to one minus pi now both of these are irrational numbers pi is irrational and one minus pi whatever this value is this is irrational as well but if we add these. But multiplying through by n!, you will see that. 0 < | integer - integer | < 1/ (n+1) < 1. But there is no integer strictly between 0 and 1, so this is a contradiction; e must be irrational. Presentation Suggestions: Use the series expansion for 1/ e as a fun fact on a previous day. The Math Behind the Fact: Anytime you have an alternating.

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