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CPUgender/HDDgender is a xenogender created by the creator of the carrd with a heavy connection to CPUs/HDDs! you may get it if youre a fan of neptunia, if not, it means Console Patron Unit. A Console Patron Unit (CPU) is a term used to classify the goddesses of neptunia Heteroflexible or Elasexual is used to describe an individual who is generally straight/heterosexual and primarily experiences attraction to the opposite gender/dissimilar genders, but is occasionally attracted to the opposite gender. Another common way to use describe term is people that are heterosexual, but from time to time can experience attraction to the same gender. When they do.

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An oriented aroace is an aromantic asexual (aroace) person who experiences a form of tertiary attraction, that they feel is significant enough to warrant a place alongside their aroace orientation. Oriented aroace people identity with another orientation label, but in a nonromantic, nonsexual way. For example, oriented aroaces may identify as a bi aroace/bi oriented aroace or gay aroace/gay. She/Moons/Pearl , Polyamorous, Demi-romantic, Lesbian, Demigirl, Xenogender, Single, SFW pfp by @CVRI_132 Genderfliud person here Reminder that you can be multi-gender AND a lesbian without being an mspec lesbian or supporting them because multigender falls under the nby umbrella and lesbianism already includes nby people U guyz gotta stop changing our definitions -

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  1. Genderfluid Bigender Agender Nonbinary Demiboy Demigirl. This is based off of stereotypes homophobic people make of gays so don't be offended. This was meant as a joke. Add to library 64 Discussion 235
  2. A they/them lesbian or theysbian refers to a lesbian who uses they/them pronouns. They/them lesbians may be a woman, woman-aligned, or non-binary. The term can be used by any woman or non-binary person who is wlw (sapphic) and uses they/them pronouns. Those pronouns can be exclusive or one can be multipronoun. It is a more specific form of pronoun non-conformity and crosspronoun usage. It is a.
  3. The aroace flag. Aromantic asexual, often shortened to aroace or aro ace, is a term that refers to a person who is both aromantic/aro-spec and asexual/ace-spec.Aroace can be used for any individual who identifies with both spectrums. For example, an aromantic asexual, an aromantic demisexual, an acespike frayromantic, and a lithromantic greysexual can all be described as aroace

Enbyhet is a term for any nonbinary person who considers their attraction straight. 1 Alternate Names 2 Etymology 3 Definitions 4 History 5 Community 5.1 General Impact 5.2 Controversy 5.3 Perceptions and Discrimination 6 Orientations 7 Related Terms 7.1 Subsets 7.2 See Also 8 Controversy 9 Gallery 9.1 Flags 9.2 Coining 9.3 Other 10 Usage 11 Sources any nonbinary person who considers their.

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