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Lava Rock is suitable for all marine and fresh water aquariums. Lava Rock Improve the filtering effect. Natural Red Lava Rock Ideal for Aquascaping but can be used as filtering media. You are buying 380 grams of Red Lava Rock ** Picture above is for information purposes only ** Red Lava Rock 380g Filter filtering media - Aquarium DECORATION 100% Natural. 3.2 out of 5 stars 5. $24.18 $ 24. 18. FREE Shipping. Balacoo Lava Rocks Volcanic Lava Stones Decorative Rocks Fish Tank Filter Material 450g Aquarium Landscape Ornaments Decoration 3~6CM. 3.7 out of 5 stars 22

Below a video of it working in my bio-fractionator. koi pond fractionation. The tube is about 4 ft tall, 6 in diameter and filled with a bag of lava rock from the garden center, working a 500 gallon koi pond. The water is pre-filtered in a box in the pond filled with Poret foam/sponge. Reactions Re−usable Filter Media; 0.5 Cubic Feet, 5 Year Warranty; 25% Lighter Than Lava Rocks; Atlantic Bio Rocks are the perfect accessory for Atlantic FilterFalls Pro Series and Oasis Series Waterfall Filters to keep water healthy and clear. The 0.5 cubic feet pond filter rocks have all the surface area but weigh 25% less than traditional lava rocks and half the weight of gravel, expanded clay Lava Rock Filter media with Filter able to filter up to 15 gallons. Lava Rock never wears out can be cleaned and used over and over. Shipping USA $17.00. Contact - email me for any questions. Out of USA send me your postal code and I will give you shipping cost Volcanic Rock (Lava Rock); Aquarium and Pond Biological and Mechanical filter media. • Can work for de-nitrifying (nitrate removal) due to deep pores and over all surface area in comparison to over all size and surface area exposed to water flow & oxygen. We hand select this volcanic rock VERY carefully for the size that is best for most.

This thread is to discuss advantages / disadvantages of using lava rock as the media for biological filtration. I have a new canister filter that did not come with adequate bio-media. I will take as a given that the all-too-expensive specialty bio-media is probably superior to lava rock in applied mathmatics... With an assortment of filter media out there in the pond world from filter pads to bio-ribbon to lava rocks to bio balls. The purpose of your filter media is to house billions of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms that keep your pond alive, crystal clear and algae-free. Let's take a look at the lava rock versus bioballs debate. Lava Rocks Lava rock - the igneous rock that forms as. Cheap Aquarium Bio Media, DIY filter media lava rockLava rock is an outstanding and extremely cheap high performing alternative for your aquarium bio media.t.. A typical large canister filled with ceramic rings, lava rock or BioHome filter media will give good ammonia oxidation with 80 five-inch mbuna and crystal clear, healthy water with 4 five-inch mbuna. Otopharynx tetrastigma Media Ranking and Selection Lava Rocks for Filter Media . Instead of buying ceramic rings for your canister filter, consider using lava rocks. They are inexpensive and offer a huge surface area for bacterial colonization. Be sure to use only new lava rock, as a rock that has been used in landscaping may contain residual materials from lawn treatments that could add toxins.

Maintenance - 8 - very easy to rinse and no jagged sharp edges like lava rock. It's lighter than lava rock. So carrying a canister filter filled with this. The round shape lead to less clogging and the round shape made it easy to rinse. Durability - 9 - it's lighter than lava rock, but still very durable. And it's a ceramic media Atlantic Bio Rocks Filter Media. 5.0. (2 Reviews) Lighter Than Lava Rocks Atlantic Bio Rocks are the perfect accessory for Atlantic FilterFalls Pro Series and Oasis Series Waterfall Filters to keep water healthy and clear. The 0.5 cubic feet pond filter rocks have all the surface area but weigh 25% less than traditional lava rocks and half.

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  1. Bacti-Twist Biological/Mechanical Filter Media. #PBBT12. View Details. Starts at: $15.99. Select PBBT12 - 1/2 cu ft Media Bag [$15.99] PBBT1 - 1 cu ft Media Bag [$27.99] PBBT2 - 2 cu ft Media Bag [$47.99] PBBT5 - 5 cu ft Media Bag [$103.99] Qty. Add to Cart
  2. Adding lava rocks in the aquarium not only enhances your aquarium beauty but also makes a more comfortable and home-like environment to your aquarium inhabitants. So, adding lava rocks is definitely going to help you and your aquarium in many ways. This guide is to highlight all the possible ways on how to prepare lava rocks for the aquarium
  3. By putting in biological media and properly taking care of it your tank will stay balanced. Biological media comes in a few different forms to choose from. Rock like bio media can fit in the small spaces of your canister. This type of media is commonly made from lava rocks and are easy to find. Another common type of bio media are plastic bio.
  4. There are many choices for filter media. Some are inexpensive and are very expensive. Some argue that pot scrubbers and lava rock do just as good a job as.
  5. LAVA rock is a high pleasant natural rock with remarkable homes for water filtration. Excellent organic media for any aquarium. Use in any type of filter out compartment* with a massive surface location and porosity it provides an ideal domestic for all styles of critical beneficial bacteria
  6. Lava Rock Bags found in: Mesh Filter Media Bags, BioBalls Versus Lava Rocks, secondary filtration media these Mesh Filter Media Bags can handle it. The ultra fine 1/8 mesh on our Fine Mesh Filter Media Bag is ideal.

In this video I spewed out some of my knowledge on filtration. I hope this is helpful.If you have not yet checked out my social mediaInstagram: http://www.i.. Lava Rocks. Lava rock - the igneous rock that forms as an erupting volcano's molten lava cools and hardens - is very porous. When chunks of it live in your filtration system, you provide a lot of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and grow. That's what makes it such a great filter media. Does lava rock affect pH Lava Rocks act as another form of filter media. It has a rough textured surface that is great for holding bacteria and a good area for bacteria to colonize. Our lava rocks come in a 3-gallon container that has holes in them to help filter your water. Place this lava rock filter on the bottom of your pond. Created with Sketch

Lava rock - the igneous rock that forms as an erupting volcano's molten lava cools and hardens - is very porous. When chunks of it live in your filtration system, you provide a lot of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and grow. That's what makes it such a great filter media. Clogs up: Over time, the porous rock can become. Equipment > Filters and Skimmers > Filter Media: Mats,BioBalls, Media Bags > Bio-Balls/Lava Rocks > Bio-Blox Filter Media. Bio-Blox Filter Media . 1 cf -BBM1 . Bio-Blox Filter Media . Write a Review. Starts at: $14.39. Brand: EasyPro. SKU: BBM0

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The filter media used were compost, compost with cane bagasse, lava rock and aerobic sludge previously dried to 60% of water content. Air Pollution Prevention and Control: Bioreactors and Bioenergy N. Akdeniz, K.A. Janni and I.A. Salnikov, Biofilter performance of pine nuggets and lava rock as media , Bioresource Technology , 102, 4974 - 80. Location. Ottawa , Ontario , Canada. you have to get the right type of lava rock it needs to be 100% volcanic , and not that other crap I have it in my canister instead of biomax and bioballs, and in my 2 hob marineland 50g rated filters aslong as your first media tray has a coarse sponge the second can be lava rock then third , seachem. Lava rock as filter media suggestions? Just wondering where you guys buy your lava rock from to use as filter media, which kind is best, and if there is anything I need to steer clear of? I'm looking at some lava rock on Amazon right now, and they have a lot of variations of lava rock — red, black, decorative, made for plants, etc Mesh bags for biological pond filter media. Compatible with lava rock, foam cubes, bio-ribbon, bioballs, and much more! Sturdy construction ensures years of use. Features a drawstring and plastic toggle to hold bag closed. Allows for easy handling and cleaning of filter media Seachem Matrix filter media is used to harbor anaerobic bacteria. It works best when seeded with Seachem's bottled bacteria starter as it holds both aerobic and anaerobic. So since you just added lava rocks, you might want to try their bacteria starter, at the very least, to speed up colonization. Yes, I have experience using both products

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  1. Superfish Lava Rock 10L Natural Filter Media. Natural Filter Media. The coarse structure of Lava Rock provides outstanding filtration characteristics with optimal biological action. This lava rock is great as substrate addition or replacement within an aquarium. Many people use this as a base for rocks or as an economical way of increasing.
  2. The Savio Springflo Pond Biomedia Mesh Bag can be used to update any competitive filter that operates with bio balls, lava rock, or filter mat. EDITOR's Note: Momotaro Koi Farm of Japan sells a highly regarded media, known as Bacteria House
  3. Now Only: $239.98. The Aquascape BioBalls Biological Filter Media Bulk 1,000 Count supports effective biological filtration by providing textured surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and colonize. The bulk 1,000 count provides a cost-saving option that is ideal for larger filters or multiple installations
  4. I purchased a bunch of them from the local dollar store and loaded one of the media trays in my sun sun 525gph filter. And I also have followed advice on Internet to load the bottom with some ceramic rings, then the trays as follows from bottom to top: Coarse, medium, fine pads Aquatic Arts FilterPlus biomedia - kind of like lava rock
  5. The Hidden Benefits of Lava Rock. Lava Rock which is formed from the intense heat of volcanos has many hidden benefits for the aquarium that many hobbyists are not even aware of. This blog post on The Hidden Benefits of Lava Rock will give an insight into how this rock really does help
  6. Biofilter media types include wood-chip/bark media, soil/sand media, inorganic gravel-substrate media, lava rock, recycled glass and oyster shells. Wood-chip/bark media generally possess a large diversity and density of microorganisms, accepts moisture relatively well, has low initial costs, and is readily available

Red Lava Rock 380g Filter filtering media - Aquarium DECORATION 100% Natural. Average Rating: (0.0) stars out of 5 stars Write a review. Aquarium Supplies. $22.98 $ 22. 98 $22.98 $ 22. 98. Qty: Add to cart. Free delivery. Arrives by Thursday, Jan 7. Or get it by Wed, Jan 6 with faster delivery The filter media pad is very coarse and can easily be cleaned with a hose. The picture above was taken after four months. The back-breaking job of shoveling and washing twenty 5 gallon buckets of lava rock each Spring is now but a fading memory

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Lava Rock Media 15-25mm. Lava Rock Media 20-30mm. Lava Rock Media 30-50mm. The advantages of using our lava rock media over traditional media are numerous and include the following: Low capital and installation costs. Low pressure drop during the life of the plant. Allows high bed depths and therefore small installation footprint Biological Filters. Biological filters use plants and useful bacteria to break down algae and other sediment in your pond's water. A growth medium such as foam mop heads, lava rocks or other. Moreover, you can use lava rocks as filter media in your biological filter unit. If you are tired of spending tones of money on biological filter media, lava rocks are a dirt-cheap alternative. You will get large bags of these rocks in your local hardware store, sometimes for as little as five dollars

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Water exits the filter via an extra-long spillway to create a waterfall. Ridges on the underside of the spillway prevent dripping. Mechanical Filtration Pond water is pumped into the bottom of the filter. It rises upwards through a fiber mat, which traps suspended dirt and debris. Biological Filtration - Lava Rock or bio-media in Mesh Ba Dump the lava rock into the bucket, and rinse well to get any dust or small particles out (before it goes into the pond). Drill a larger hole in the lid of the bucket to insert the hose of the pump. Lots of bucket lids have a hole already in them, so if it fits, omit this step. Place the bucket higher than the koi pond, and hide it with some. Whatever filter media you chose to use I would put it in a netted bag so you can occasionally pull it out and rinse it with water from the pond. I use lava rock this way also covered with quilt batting to keep the media clean. This keeps the muck from clogging your media and allowing maximum water flow through the nedia The first section is a good place to add good pre-filter i.e. filter media to filter aquarium waste, like filter floss, sponge or filter socks, UV sterilizers, and heaters. The second chamber will hold biological media, typically in a submerged sump, the biological media of choice are, ceramic media, citric glass, and lava rock, something with.

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  1. Volcanic Lava rock is an excellent biological filter media commonly used for water filtration in aquarium and ponds. Volcanic Lava rock has a large service area and is a perfect media for the growth of healthy bacteria. Once healthy bacteria has formed the bacteria is effective in the removal of ammonia and nitrates and helps to stabilise PH.
  2. Long lasting Polyester filter material will last for years. Low cost approach for small or large ponds alike. Available in a 1/3, 1 ,2, 4, 6 ,8,1 0 or 25 cubic foot box. Select Media Amount: Select size BIOBITSB - Bio-Bits 1/3 Cu. Ft. w/ 2 Media Bags BIOBITS1 - 1 Cu. Ft. Bio-bits Bulk BIOBITS1B - 1.5 Cu. Ft. Bio-bits w/ 18x30 Media Bag BIOBITS4.
  3. Lava rock will also gro anaerobic bacteria if piled up in the corner of a tank etc. Obviously do not disturb it, and your get an anaerobic centre Steve Fishfur : Very interesting. As it happens, I use small pieces of lava rock for filter media, I had a fair bit of it that had broken up into pieces too small for other uses
  4. ating clogging in other areas of the filter
  5. The Laguna Biological Filter Media Lava Rock is the ideal host for large populations of beneficial bacteria. Placed in the appropriate pond filter media chamber, the lava rock encourages the growth of friendly bacteria, which are essential for biologically filtering out harmful toxins and creating optimal conditions for clean and clear pond water
  6. Biological filtration has been improved with the conversion to Bio-Lava rock filter media. The Bio-Lava rock provides increased surface areas which promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, resulting in cleaner healthier water (Biological filtration not included in Pressure Flo 1000 model number PT1725)
  7. Aquarium Filter Media Volcano Rock Lava Stone Net Bag Fish Tank Internal Decors. $10.79. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 10pcs Filter Media Bags Reusable Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Net Mesh Bag White US. $7.99. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping

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Lavarock Lava Rock Media Filter Rumah Bakteri 5kg di Tokopedia ∙ Promo Pengguna Baru ∙ Cicilan 0% ∙ Kurir Instan Add additional Filter Media .Filter pads, bio balls, Kaldness and filter ribbon are all products that you can add to you existing filter to increase its effectiveness. Which product you add depends on the style filter and personal preference. · For example, waterfall filters often come with 1 filter pad and a mesh bag in which lava rock is placed

Lava Rock Filter media with Filter able to filter up to 15 gallons. Lava Rock never wears out can be cleaned and used over and over. Shipping USA $19.00. Contact - email me for any questions. Out of USA send me your postal code and I will give you shipping cost. Click Image to search Google for the photo to see if used elsewhere The filter baskets in the external filters and filter modules in the internal filters aquaball and biopower are ideal for partial cleaning. EHEIM LAV Natural volcanic rock for biological filtration. EHEIM LAV consists of volcanic rock and is a natural product Laguna Filter Media Because of its large porous surface area, Laguna Lava Rock is the ideal host for large populations of beneficial bacteria. Placed in the appropriate pond filter media chamber, the lava rock encourages the growth of friendly bacteria, which are essen If you want to make a DIY pond filters in an hour, this is the one to watch. Neat and clean. This one also used a readymade small solar system to power the pump. A bucket, lava stones and some PVC pipes were used and it was ready in no time. The supplies and steps needed to be followed are also listed for making this Quick DIY filter

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Drip filter. The third option is a filter that allows the water to drip in from the top. It passes through the filter box which is full of lava rocks, oyster shells, or another similar bio medium with lots of surface area Lava Rock Chips 1Ltr - Aqua Zones. Click to enlarge. Home FILTERS & MEDIA Filter Media. Lava Rock Chips 1Ltr. Previous product. Ocean Free Iron Supplement P3 120ml Rs. 400.00. Back to products. Next product. Ocean Free Japan Mat Sponge 20 X 20 X 1 Rs. 975.00 Using Lava Rocks To Remove Nitrates from Aquarium Water. Click here now to shop for a bag of Lava Rocks.: Every freshwater aquarium and fish bowl should contain the appropriate amount of Lava Rock, which provides the ideal living environment for beneficial denitrifying bacteria Hi Neo, I have just used scoria (Lava rock) as substrate in all my shrimp tanks on my rack. I have also been using it for many years in caninster filters. I will remove the various things like bio-balls or noodles etc and replace with scoria. It is a fantastic filter media and allows beneficial bacteria because of the amount of holes in it

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  1. Step 1: Add your rocks to the empty bucket. Step 2: Add water to the bucket until its full and scrub the rocks, pour the water and repeat the process until the water is clear enough. Also, you can rub two rocks together to remove any sharp edge that may harm your fish. Step 3: The final step is drying your rocks
  2. Whether lava rock is used for filter media, or plastic jujubes, is really immaterial. All that counts is that it do the job. I like lava rock because it is relatively cheap, gives a big bang for the buck in terms of surface area, does not break down or wear out. And it can provide quite a bit of detritus removal as well, depending on the grit
  3. Trickling Filter in operation - note Dura-Dek® installed to protect Dura-Pac® media below, not visible in photo. Trickling Filter with Bio-Pac® SF30 installed in operation. Case Study Bio-Pac® and N-Dec® Retrofit from Lava Rock Media at Bucks County WWT

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There is no mechanical filtering ability with live rock or lava rock, unless you actually like elevated nitrate from deitrus. If you just need hard media in your sump by all means use it. Biological filtering area is irrelevant because your biological filter grows according to bio-load, not the type of media in your tank Gravel: A cheap media but has most of the problems mentioned above; it compacts down, is difficult to clean and very heavy. Aqua rock: This is either crushed lava rock or clinker, the waste from kilns.It is very difficult to clean and has a poor surface area to volume ratio. Lytag: An expanded clay pellet that has a large porous surface area and often floats

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Does lava rock filter water? When it rains there, an almost everyday occurrence, the water flows down the volcano and through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock before exiting at its source. As it passes through the lava rock, the water is filtered to a degree that is almost incomparable to other filtration processes Volcanic Stone Lava Rock Filter Media 17oz is used as a chemical filtration media. It helps remove organic and inorganic materials, odor Biological filter media including, : Bioballs, lava rock and Spring-flo biomedia. Biological filter media including, : Bioballs, lava rock and Spring-flo biomedia Bio Filter Media. Sort & Filter. Show12 24 36 48. Evolution Aqua K1 Media - Biological Filter Media. From $19.99. Ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariumX-Lava media housing for beneficial bacteria and supply mineralsConsidered as best source for bio trace elements for aquatic animals. Hang-On Filter Rocks Marine Accessories X-Lava 100% Natural Filter Media All / X-Lava 100% Natural Filter Media. X-Lava 100% Natural Filter Media. 2 sold in last 8 hour Lava rock - the igneous rock that forms as an erupting volcano's molten lava cools and hardens - is very porous. When chunks of it live in your filtration system, you provide a lot of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and grow. That's what makes it such a great filter media


View Full Version : Lava rock as filter media. Dibs. 03-19-2010, 08:46 PM. I recently bought a used 65 gal tank, came with a Tetratec pf500. I cant seem to find crap on these filters, but instead of buying a new filter i want to try and use what i got. I got to thinking how i can spend the least amount of money on my setup due to limited budget. Lava rock as bio media in DIY filter. Jul 30, 2013. Aremid. Member. Even as a newbie I am already finding that having extra biomedia might be beneficial to the tank. I've read that moving media might be better, while others think that static media is better. Anyways, on to my question. I've busted up with a hammer and boiled lava rock Lava Rock Filter media with Filter able to filter up to 15 gallons. Lava Rock never wears out can be cleaned and used over and over. Shipping USA $19.00. Contact - email me for any questions. Out of USA send me your postal code and I will give you shipping cost The Alfagrog range of porous ceramic filter media is made under controlled conditions in Staffordshire, UK.. Selected clays and raw materials are rapidly sintered at high temperature to produce a foamed ceramic porous mass, which is crushed and sieved to a convenient particle size

***UPDATE 04-30-2021. Lava Rock still works great over 5 years later. That's the benefit of using lava rock for soil, it lasts nearly forever. I add sphagnum moss and bark nuggets every now and then. You might be thinking, Why would anybody want to crush lava rock, or any kind of rock for that matter Fish 101 Filter Media Nitric Base - Lava Rock 450gm - AU$8.95 - 1 x 450gm Net Bagged, Suitable for both fresh and marine aquariums. Ideal replacement media for all types of filters. Biological filter media. Produced from natural lava rock. Highly. Fiberglass screen door material was later added on top of the grate to prevent the biofilter media from falling through. While I preferred to use a light-weight filter media, there was no way I was paying $1000 for it. Lava rock is cheap, but it clogs easily and is difficult to remove With this filter, your fish is going to thrive and easily grow to its full size. It has the usual mechanical filtration and comes with three foam filters that are going to be able to get through a lot of the work. Additionally, there is a bio-lava rock that will help to develop healthy bacteria that a thriving pond needs Details about VOLCANIC LAVA ROCK BIO FILTER MEDIA AQUARIUM FISH TANK POND . VOLCANIC LAVA ROCK BIO FILTER MEDIA AQUARIUM FISH TANK POND . Item information. Condition: New. Weight required: Multi-buy: Buy 1. £1.95 each. Buy 2. £1.85 each. Buy 3. £1.81 each. Quantity: 4 or more for £1.76 each.

Packed media filters are designed to trap suspended solids - those that maintain neutral buoyancy - and carried around the system in suspension. There are a variety of different types including manufactured media (using Kaldnes K1 - or similar - filtration media), filter mats and brush filters. Scoria/lava rock; Oyster shells are. Cheap Filters & Accessories, Buy Quality Home & Garden Directly from China Suppliers:Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Media Volcano Rock Lava Stone With Net Bag Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Lava rocks are really heavy, which is why I don't use them. However, I would think it would be just like any other bio media, definitely reusable to a point. If you can, I would just put some pond water in a large container of some kind, like a large trash can or something of that nature, and just agitate the bag of bio media to dislodge the crud

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The filter media helps with the removal of fine to medium-sized particles. The larger debris was already removed by the skimmer. As the biological filter fills, it will overflow and cascade over its waterfall lip, cascading down rocks that have been set to create a beautiful, natural-looking waterfall Filter media designed for biological filtration is essentially a mansion for beneficial bacteria. Let's take a closer look at some of the best and most popular bio filters around. Ceramic rings. Check price. Suitable for both nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. It's no secret that my personal favorite biological filter media is Siporax

Fire Media. Before we delve into lava rock in fire pits, it's good to know the terminology associated with gas fire pits. Fire media is a term used to refer to lava rock, fire glass, ceramic logs, stones, or other pieces that you fill your fire pit with. Fire media are essential for the effective operation of any gas fire pit Lava rock will clog much faster than bio balls and need to be cleaned more often. When the water slows down, it's time to clean. Just lift the whole filter unit out, remove the lid and pump at the same time, remove the matting and either wash it out well or replace it The lava rock had a lower pressure drop across the media and maintained higher media depth. Gas reduction efficiencies were highest for lava rock at 5. s empty bed contact time and 90% humidity. The reduction efficiencies at these conditions were 56%, 88%, 87%, 25%, and 0.7% for ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, total reduced sulfur, methane and.

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I used lava rock as the media, and it has been working great for me so far. Some people say lava rock is difficult to clean, and I will find out when the time comes. The filter will work with any media which does not float. Let me know what you think, I am constantly changing the pond in some way (kind of an obession I guess) so I am open to tips Perlagro Volcanic Lava Rock Filter Hydroponics Media Aquarium Pond 5L 10L 30L. Lava Rock is a great media for drainage and water retention. It is the best replacement of Clay Pebbles ( Leca) Lava rock has neutral Ph. It can be used many times at hydroponic culture after washing

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Using Lava Rock to Remove Nitrates : Hello, my name is Bill and I was interested in some info about lava rock and denitrification. I am trying to determine how much lava rock per gallon to use and if the size of each rock matters for denitrification. I have a 135 gallon aquarium and a 90 gallon sump. My goal is zero nitrates. Thanks for you hel Lava Rock (Sold by weight in Kg) Lookup Code: LAVAROCK01. Lava Rock - perfect for creating interest and personalizing the space inside your unique underwater world, Price is per KG. Simply order the weight you require and we will make up the weight with the appropriate piece or number of pieces. Learn More With very little effort, you can beautify your landscape with red lava rock. This 0.5 cu. ft. bagged decorative red lava rock from Vigoro is all you need to add a pleasing touch around trees, shrubs, decks and more. It's rich, red color will instantly update the appearance of your outdoor setting without fading or getting washed or blown away Item number: 2520800. Filter cartridge. Different filter cartridges perform various functions. EAN: 4011708260784. Item number: 2617411. EHEIM LAV 1010g. The main task of biological filter media is to offer the best colonisation conditions for the bacteria cultures, so that after a short time a bacteria lawn.. Oct 24, 2005 #2. 2005-10-24T15:15. Hi John, Volcanic rock is also. called lava rock as they are the same thing. Volcanic rock is used in bbqs and i would. assume is the same thing but i would check the packaging. before you buy to check any additives and or coatings etc. that may be harmful to your tank