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Exact Wall Painting Labour Cost Calculator (Interior) Let's understand how we calculate repainting service costs in. The repainting price starts at Rs.8 per sqft (Bangalore) and it includes labour cost, material, and post-cleaning. It also includes touch up putty and two coats of paints.There are other variants in interior paints like So if you have a carpet area of say 100 square feet, painting area could be tentatively 400 square feet. And to paint 400 square feet you need roughly 3 liters of paint. But it is always better to hire a professional handyman company who does interior and exterior house painting job because they can give you more accurate estimate and hence you. It depends on experience, contractors and time. 1. A 2 to 3 years experienced painter will charge around 500 to 600 rs per day. 2. 4 to 8 years experienced painter will charge around 600 to 800 rs per day. 3. 10+ years experienced painter will cha.. Interior Painting Cost: From ₹12 to ₹35 per sq ft Exterior Painting Cost: From ₹13 per sq ft + labour charges. Cost of Painting a House per Square Foot India #2: Fresh vs Repaint A fresh coat of paint costs more than repainting. The condition of the walls is the next factor that comes into play here Painting Charges And Rates. Paint My Walls provides you a complete solution to all the pricing queries. Get our painting prices which we quote for our services at a glance, helping you compare and understand the pricing before making your decision

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  1. 3 Click Painting Cost Calculator | Estimate Your Painting Cost| AapkaPainter. I am PIA, Aapka personal painting assistant. I can recommend the right products matching your requirments and estimate the cost of painting right away. Please select your city to proceed. Bangalore. Hyderabad. Mumbai. Delhi
  2. The current Labor contractor rates in Bangalore are Rs 280 / sq ft to Rs 350 / sq ft. There are two ways to go ahead with construction for a Building its either give it to Building contractors who take care of all materials required for construction or one can give it to a Labour contractor in Bangalore who can execute the project
  3. How Much To Charge For Professional Painting. Quick Cross-Check Estimates Total Bid for painting jobs, including both material and labor Material Cost x 4, 5, 6 or 7, depending on the degree of difficulty, the time of year, and the time of day/night that the work must be performed
  4. Interior Painting Cost. Painters charge $1 to $3 per square foot to paint a room or interior of a house. The average cost to paint a room is $350 to $850, and the cost to paint a home interior is $1,200 to $3,900.Labor costs alone account for 70% to 85% of your total paint job

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For example, if you estimated that it will cost about $3,000 total to paint your house, and the area of your house is 2,315 square feet (215.1 m 2), then the price per square foot for painting your house is approximately $1.30. Method 3 Calculating the Costs for a Professional Job Download Article Depending on total square footage, job complexity and the quality of primer and paint used the cost can go up to $5-6 per square foot. When it comes to painting projects, labor constitutes 75-80% of the total cost. IF you want to have textured walls or ceilings, expect to pay at least 50% more for the job per square foot: $6-7.5 per sq.ft Painting Home painting rates depend on the type of paint you decide to do, every homeowner has individual choices in the color or maybe the textures and so on. Before painting, make sure that the condition of the wall is good, otherwise, you will have to spend more on wal In NCR, the average cost of WBP painting is Rs 22-23 per sq ft. Oil-Based Paint (OBP) is a superior quality than plastic paint and adds sheen to the wall. Average cost of OBP is Rs 18 to Rs 25 per sq ft. What does exterior painting cost? Before you start with the exterior painting of the house, undertake a few preparations

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Labor cost to paint a house exterior. Keep in mind that the majority of your painting budget will go toward labor costs. On average, a painter will charge $30 to $40 per hour. If you have an 1,800 square foot house, you will need to hire at least two painters. The prep and painting will take a minimum of 36 hours of work (sometimes even six days) The cost to paint a house. - 2BHK in Pune is somewhere in between Rs18-25 per sq.ft. This is totally dependent on the kind and finish of paint selected. Plastic, lustre, oil bound and many such options are available to suit the needs of your house. Painting cost can include two aspects - one the cost of the material and the other cost of labour

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Plumbing Services in Pune. Hire Plumbers Online at Just 150. 0. ₹300.00 ₹150.00. Book Now. Placing your request for the best plumber in your city is easy. You need to specify the requirement and select the plumber of your choice based on the location. The plumber will come to your place and help you with plumbing needs To breakdown that number by square foot the averages are $3.80 to $6.98 per square foot. This number includes the following: Average labor costs per hour in Honolulu which are typical of exterior painting projects. Materials and equipment costs necessary to paint house exterior in Honolulu, HI, as well as any applicable delivery charges The initial preparation is the key, ie sanding. I employed 2 painters for 3 day work, 1 day was fully devoted for sanding second day for staining + apply 1st coat sealer allow it to dry for 2 hrs and sanding + apply 2nd coat sealer. 3rd day sanding and applying 2 rounds of top coat. Spray machine you get it for rent at 125 rs / day Cost to paint a house. On average, cost of basic single coat of paint application on walls and ceiling in one 144 ft 2 bedroom vary from $165 to $210 excluding paint expenses and actual prices will be determined by a number of factors. Typically painting interior walls and ceiling of three bedroom, two bathroom, 1,950 square feet house with open kitchen layout will be estimated at $3,150.

For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 500 square feet, the cost to Install Gypsum Board starts at $2.01 - $2.55 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1. Set Project Zip Code Enter the Zip Code for the location where labor is hired and materials purchased So painting cost for 2000, 1500, 1300, 1600 square foot will be $2800, $2100, $1900, and $2400 respectively. How much does it cost to hire a painter to paint a room in Noida? The cost to hire a painter to paint a room can depend on the type of project, the time of year, as well as the level of skill and experience desirable Balance of 2 hr (s) minimum labor charge that can be applied to other tasks. For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Paint a Living Room starts at $3.19 - $6.61 per square foot. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project Rs.1750/- to Rs.2000/- per Sq.Ft_ Our rate for full work starts from Rs.1750/- per Sq.Ft & may go upto Rs.2000/- depending on your site location, Plinth Area, Elevation Designs & Roofing Pattern. Our full work contract rate per Sq.Ft would get fixed between this range of Rs.1750/- & Rs.2000/-; depending o

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Painting the same wall using the trade 'average' the maths are (on a 10 litre basis) 160 = $1.33 per metre for sealer 120 and 160 x 2 = $2.90 per metre for topcoats 110 totalling $4.23, the difference less than the retail cost of paint at $6.45 per square metre. Painters need to decide whether this differenc Concrete Slab Cost. Concrete slabs typically cost about $6 per square foot, or between $4 and $8 per square foot including labor. That's about $5,400, or between $3,600 and $7,200 for a typical 30- by 30-foot slab that's 6 inches deep. Materials alone cost about $4 per cubic foot. Thickness of slab. Thickness of edges Welcome to Pancham Interiors, Hello today is Monday, Jul 12, 2021 06:57:16 am, We provide an affordable price interior designing, planning and decoration on turn-key basis of Apartment, homes, flat, bungalow, villa, offices etc. Luxury interior designers, Home interior designers, find near me Wall Plaster Plaster is a mixture of construction material like cement, sand & small stones, used to coat walls and ceilings. Cement & sand mixed with water, makes plaster material, which is used to coat the wall using different techniques. Plaster gives smooth finish to the wall. Rates are calculated i

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The cost of 19 mm commercial grade plywood is around ₹100 per square foot. For better quality of plywood, it is advisable to go for marine-grade plywood because it is stronger, resistant to water and long lasting. The cost of 19 mm marine-grade plywood is around ₹125 per square foot. Take a look at wardrobes and armoires on Houzz If a part is 10 square feet, its 10 square feet to everybody, so I guess you could say it's standard practice to price per square foot because it puts everyone on the same playing field. If it takes you 4 hours to paint 10 parts @ 10 sq ft but it takes a competitor 3 hours to paint 10 parts @ 10 sq ft, he wins the contract Here's the price per square foot when painting a 100 square foot Jeep Wrangler with a cheaper polyurethane option: $150 total cost / 100 square feet = $1.50 per square feet. Body Shop Cost Per Square Foot. Let's say your car comes back from the body shop, and it cost $2000. A Jeep Wrangler, for example, has typically around 100 square feet of.

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  1. Average Cost to Paint a Brick House. The average cost to paint a brick home is about $7,000 but can range from $3,500 to $10,500 for a 2,500-square foot home.The per square foot cost generally falls between $1.40 and $4.20.The cost may vary based on labor and paint prices. The project may also require the rental of power washing equipment which can range from $40 to $150
  2. The cost of painting a house depends on the paint materials you choose and the surface area that requires painting. For a house of 1000 sq.ft (carpet area) the area of wall and ceiling to be painted would be approximately = 1000 X 3.5= 3500 sq.ft For a house of 1000 sq.ft (built up area) the How much would it cost to paint a 1000 square foot house? Read More
  3. An average construction cost t o build a 500 sq. ft. house in Varanasi, India comes about R s.700 per square feet. This is an approximate value, and sam e can vary depending on the fu rnishing. A high-quality furni shing can increase the constru ction cost of your property as compared to low or average fu rnishing. To know the construc tion cost of 1 room in Varanas i, you can check with your.
  4. TYPE Avg. Quality Good Quality Best Quality; Area of Construction: 940 Sq. ft. 940 Sq. ft. 940 Sq. ft. Construction Estimate ₹ 1363000 Rs. ₹ 1527500 Rs
  5. This cost excludes eletrical and plumbing accessories, any cost of painting other than whitewashing and furniture works. So, by above thumb rule Approx Cost of Construction of Midium Specification = 1000 * 900 = Rs. 9,00,000 Where, 1000 is builtup area and 900 is As per thumb rule assumed value
  6. ium framework, as well as labour costs — in most cases for a single level, plain ceiling
  7. The most common cost per square foot for a professionally built shed is around $50 a square foot if the interior will not be finished. If you intend to finish the interior for an office or workshop and need to insulate it and add things like electricity, expect your costs to go as high as $200 a square foot

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The national average materials cost to install stacked stone veneer is $6.71 per square foot, with a range between $5.62 to $7.79. The total price for labor and materials per square foot is $21.78, coming in between $19.21 to $24.35. A typical 300 square foot project costs $6,533.92, with a range of $5,763.05 to $7,304.80 The construction cost of a house calculates are construction rate per square foot in that area which depends on the local materials rate and the labor rate. If the area of the plot is 1000 sqft and the construction rate taken by the contractor is 1200 rs. per sqft then house construction cost will be around 12 lakh 2. Cost of tile fixing material Nowadays floor tiles are fixed with ready-made tile adhesive instead of the conventional sand and cement mortar. The basic cost of material (tile adhesive) for fixing the floor tiles is ₹30-40 per square foot. Multiply the rate of material with the total square feet of tiles to find out the total material cost This includes the cost of labor. As for a precast concrete wall's cost, it tends to be a bit less expensive. This can range between $20 and $30 per square foot. In general, the concrete wall price paid by the average homeowner is a little more than $6,000. However, your project could fall anywhere between $2,861 and $10,178, depending on a. Epoxy is a floor coating. Epoxy flooring costs between 4 to 9 per square ft with installation. Having said that the average cost for epoxy flooring would be around 35 dollars per square metre double coating if the floor surface doe not require any preparation work before applying epoxy floor coating. Rs 30 square feet

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  1. An average size kitchen has about 20 linear feet of cabinets, so your total cabinet cost will be $1,600-2,400. There are three types of cabinets you can install: Stock ($60-220 per linear foot) - these is the most budget friendly option. They are completely prefabricated and are available for installation immediately
  2. The average tile backsplash cost is about $28.85/sqft for professional installation. The full range is $18.35 to $37.50 per square foot depending on the material used and other cost factors. Average DIY. $21 / Sqft. Average Pro. $28.5 / Square Foot
  3. Construction Cost. House construction cost in Chennai @ 1600 Rs/sqft. For 1850 Rs/sqft construction plus modular kitchen, septic tank and falseceiling. Use our Calculator. Udhayakumar. March 21, 2019. 12:47 pm. 7 Comments. Construction cost for the above building is Rs. 46, 25,000/-; Scroll through for detailed information; It is an all.
  4. An unskilled labor charges Rs. 450 to 500 per day whereas skilled labor such as mason, carpenter, painter, electrician etc., charges between Rs. 800 to 1000 per day. The total cost of construction (including both design, material and labor) per square feet may vary anywhere between Rs.1350 and Rs.2500 per square feet depending on the.

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  1. The exact price of installing a subfloor depends on the size of your floor, the professional you hire and on the material you choose to use. Most contractors charge approximately $2 to $5 per square foot, which includes both materials and labor. Thus, the average cost of hiring a rough carpenter to install a subfloor on a 2,000 square foot area.
  2. Although many different factors will impact the overall cost of laying a concrete foundation for a new home or building, the square footage of the space is one of the biggest. Below is a breakdown of the national average cost for a concrete foundation based on square footage: 3,000 - 15,000 square feet: $15,046. 2,500 - 3,000 square feet: $12,240
  3. g in between $11.56 to $15.74. A typical 300 square foot project costs $4,094.56, with a range of $3,466.79 to $4,722.34

TPO Roofing Cost. All TPO roofing projects are unique in that there are plenty of considerations that can increase or decrease the price per square. Nonetheless, your total TPO roofing cost should range between $700 and $1,300 per square. Since once square covers 100sf, TPO roofing prices range between $7 per square foot and $13 per square foot The surface chips and cracks easily, meaning you'll incur extra costs and labor repairing and fixing the damaged areas. 5. Very Slippery when Wet. One serious disadvantage of epoxy flooring is that it can become very slippery especially when wet. In fact, any resinous flooring material is non-porous Choosing a paint stated another way more cost-effective could very well be the fundamental cost to you factor that can assist you to decrease your Hassle Free Interior Painting cost to you as per Interior Fresh Painting services. There is a major difference between a 6000 INR can of paint along with 1000 INR of demonstrate

such as cost per lane mile, cost per interchange or cost per square foot. Percentages can also be used to estimate the cost of project elements based on historical cost information. Parametric methods are often used in early estimating, such as planning and scoping estimates. (Source: WSDOT working definition) Risk-Based Estimate Waterproofing Service in Pune. Water proofing service starts at 200. 1. ₹400.00 ₹200.00. Book Now. Placing your request for waterproofing service in your city is effortless. All you need to do is specify the kind of service and select the expert of your choice based on their reviews and ratings

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2 Decorative Paints All India Retail Price List Effective from 27/07/2018 81 48 28.50 80 46 28.50 78.50 45 27.50 75.50 43.50 27.50 214 x 65.50 Black Rose, Cherry Snow White Deep Orange, Royal Ivory, Mahogany, PO Red, Signal Re The detailed estimate cost are: Built Area in Square Feet. Price of our report. Saving Potential. Upto 2000 sq.ft. Rs. 2.50 per square feet. Report will help you save from Rs. 25 to Rs. 50 per Square Feet. From 2001 sq.ft to 5000 Sq. Ft

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Planing machine per hour Rs: 66.00 61.00 42.75 Plate shearing machine per hour Rs: 47.00 82.00 26.70 Pug cutting machine per hour Rs: 13.00 2.00 ---Tower crane 5 tonne per hour Rs: 763.00 106.00 36.05 Welding transformer per hour Rs: 9.00 49.00 ---WAGES OF WORKERS: Per da 3)Reinforcement work for R C C -1 blacksmith or fitter and 1 beldar can bend and place in position 1 quintal (2 cwt) of steel per day. d) Stone work per 2.83 cum (100cuft)- Random rubble masonry with blue stone in foundations-3 masons, 3 beldars, 2 mazdoors and 1/4bhisti can do 2.83 cum (100cuft0 per day . e) Brick work per 2.83 cum (100cuft) Latest Update : 25 Jan 2012 Place : Bangalore Below are the Granite Laying chages in Bangalore: S No Description Price(Bangalore) 1 20 mm Granite laying charge Rs 22 per square feet 2 10 mm Granite laying charge Rs 15 per square feet 3 Border laying for 20 mm Rs 22 per running feet 4 Border laying fo Our online Construction calculator help you finalize construction cost for a given area, or define a constructible area basis a budget. Even, Try out Area calculator, EMI calculator & Stamp Duty Calculator to get a realistic estimate of your actual costs in constructing your dream hom

3. EQUIPMENT COSTS The estimate of equipment costs is the same as for labor costs. In this case, one has to consider a hourly cost of the equipment w e [DKK/h], which can be empirically estimated 1 to be about 35 DKK/h. Therefore the cost per part, related to the use of the electroplating equipment is calculated by the formula Paint Calculator. Enter the dimensions of your home into the Dutch Boy's exterior paint estimate calculator, and we'll tell you how much paint you need to complete your next project False ceiling costs are very reasonable in India. POP false ceiling rates starts from Rs. 65 per square feet and may go up to Rs. 95 or even more in some cases. POP False ceiling with complex design may cost around Rs. 120 to Rs. 125 per square feet. There are various types of designs available and when you go for straight forward plane design. Real Estate / Builders / Contractors of Kerala Construction Rates - Bangalore Total Building Construction, Alappuzha Total Building Construction Rate, kottayam total building construction rate and Ernakulum Total Building Construction Rate offered by Mpr Builders & Engineering Constructions, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu

SS Hand Rails (SS 202) with Glass Approximate cost including Non - tempered glass 3700.00: Per Meter Charupadi made from SS 304 Approximate cost: 3700.00: Per Meter Square SS Hand Rails (SS 202) Approximate cost: 3600.00: Per Meter Balcony Hand Rails SS 304 Approximate cost 4700.00: Per Meter WOODEN DECKING Wooden Decking + 570.0 Once the quantities are known, it is easy to estimate the cost with the rates prevailing in your area. Wall Area: area = width x height. Result window. Download: Use this plaster calculator offline with our all-in-one calculator app for Android and iOS. Wall plastering calculation TRY OUR FREE Construction Cost per Square Foot Applet . New home construction cost per square foot is a frequently sought reference number.The challenge with using cost per square foot as a way to budget a home is that cost per square foot excludes* the following factors:. Excludes land cost, site development costs such as drives, utilities, clearing, decks, patios, landscape or any fees or. It costs approximately $100 to $200 a square foot. Materials and labors. The price of lumber plays a big role in the total cost. The cost of labor plays less of one, but it still needs to be taken into account. In order to obtain an honest, accurate, and detailed cost estimate, it's important that you choose a trained and trusted professional. 2 Typical C Class: The cost of house construction in this type of class is about 700 to 800 rupees per square foot of construction. So, the cost of construction for a 1000 sq. ft area is between 7 to 8 lakhs to build. Typical B Class: The rate of construction in this type of class is about 1000 to 1100 per square foot. So, the cost of.

Plastering Costs. Average cost of plastering a room is £430, including labour, materials, set-up and clean-up. Drylining and skimming a wall costs on average £22 per metre square. Skimming a ceiling costs on average £25 per metre square or £260 per ceiling. Skimming a room costs on average £333 per room (Min £120 - Max £650 Estimate Commercial Construction Cost Per Square Foot. With the square foot estimate builder you can estimate large-scale projects in multiple locations across the country. Our estimating software also enables you to access material, labor and equipment costs for each line item and adjust quantities as needed. TRY FREE FOR 30 DAYS. YouTube Explore 1000's of fully customizable home interior designs. Get the interiors of your home designed by our experts at HomeLane. Book a free consultation today

My Whats'App No : 00923463785623My 2nd Channel in Hindi/Urduhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOVfqMu43Zx15lL57LJG3oAFollow me on : Facebook : https://web.fac.. Tile cost : Roughly around Rs. 1000 - 3600 for 3 boxes of 1*1 feet tiles. The starting price of a good tile is Rs. 22-23 per piece or sq.ft. while the average price of a good anti-skid tile is Rs. 42. 1 sq. ft tiles are available from Rs.22 to Rs. 80. The price goes up for a large tile from Rs.80 to Rs.150 Square-foot billing. Some architects charge by the square foot. Again, this rate varies considerably and again, the price will be hard to pin down in the early stages. If your project is small, say, a kitchen reconfiguration, the square-foot cost will need to be high enough to make it worth the architect's time. Combination fees and fixed fee MIT Powder Coating Calculator. Need help calculating how much powder coating you need for a specific job. Simply fill in the required information and find out how much powder you need as well as your cost. This time saving tool will allow you to spend less time quoting and more time spraying 'COST PER SQUARE FOOT' CONTRACT IS THE MOST AMBIGUOUS CONTRACT TO GET INTO AND WHY IT SHOULD BE AVOIDED. labor cost, taxes, transportation and his profits. Bangalore 560069 Email : [email protected] Phone : +91 80.2663.9780 / 080 2663 8204. Blo

Total Building Costs By Percentages.Having carefully estimated the costs of one or two of the large items in a building, such as lumber or millwork or labor, the total cost of a building may be approximated with a fair degree of accuracy by a general contractor by means of the following table of percentages With paint from the names you want, ProjectColor - our handy, easy-to-use paint app - and step-by-step DIY guides, The Home Depot can help make all your paint projects go smoothly from start to finish.So, get enough tarps to cover all your furniture and electronics and caulk to fix the cracks. We have everything you need to give your home a fresh coat of wall paint and keep it colorful. ₹ 1,950 / sq ft ₹ 2,300 / sq ft ₹ 2,500 / sq ft ₹ 2,700 / sq ft : Flooring : Vitrified floor Tiles of value upto ₹100 per sq ft. Flooring : Wooden flooring up to Rs 200/sq ft. Flooring : Wooden flooring up to Rs 200/sq ft. Flooring : Italian marble flooring up to Rs 300/sq ft. Windows : Honne/UPVC shutter windows with Honne Wood / UPVC frames and MS Grills with Enamel Paint 1200 sqft Cost for plan approval for A Khata plot auspicious date to start construction of house in 2020 avoid cheap cost contractor in Bangalore Bathroom Renovation Cost in Bangalore bbmp house construction rules bbmp plan sanction details bda plan approval process bangalore BESCOM approval for electricity for new building best time for bhoomi. Reduction in overall construction duration saves labor costs. Physical & Material Properties. GFRG Panel is the world's largest lightweight load-bearing panels manufactured with a size 12m length, 3m heights, and 124mm thickness. Each panel has 48 modular holes of 230 mm * 94mm * 3m dimension. The weight of one panel is 1440 kg

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If it is New foundation then the cost will be more, otherwise it is Low for Additional foundation. Finally based on the land area in sqft and all the above conditions, the cost is estimated for the construction. In the result table, Construction cost will be displayed for your land area and the cost per square feet is also available The use of a labor dollar per unit of work (ex: $15 per cubic yard for grade beams or $20 per cubic yard for walls) is only applicable when the cost history supports the data being used. The estimator must make allowance for the varying production capability that will occur based upon the complexity of a project 5. How much is the cost of wood work per square foot for Wardrobes, lofts , tv units , sofas , beds (single and double ), Main entrance door, Room doors, Bathroom Doors - Purely depends on your budget 6. How much is cost of cat5e(ethernet net wiring ) and cable wiring for tvs - Approximately 10000.00 7 Here are the base prices for popular concrete floor finishes: Stained Concrete Cost - $2 to $4 per square foot. Concrete Overlay Cost - $3 to $7 per square foot. Polished Concrete Cost - $3 to $12 per square foot. Flooring details such as the size, colors, finish, and customization can greatly affect the bottom line $225 per Square Foot. This is the cost where most of our projects fall, in between $200 and $225 per square foot. $200/sf will get you Brick house with cast stone features, standing seam metal paint grip roof, clad wood windows (Marvin or Weathershield type brands - both are excellent btw), 1/2 round paint grip gutters, and a pier and beam.

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For example, while laying tiles can cost as little as $40 per square metre or $320 for an 8m/2 floor, by the time you add the cost of the tiles and, shower sealing and waterproofing into the equation, it could cost $1,500 or more. Expect to pay between $500 and $750 to completely waterproof an average sized bathroom Mortar calculation for tile flooring. Wet Volume of the cement mortar required = Area of the room × Cement Mortar Thickness. = 12 m2 × 0.05 m. We need 1.5 m3 volume of wet cement mortar that means, we need this much volume after adding water to cement and sand mix. Dry volume of mortar is considered as 25% of more of wet volume Basic AAC block in the standard size of 8 x 8 x 24 inches costs about $2.20 to $2.50 per square foot as of July 2018, slightly more than standard concrete block, which costs about $2.00 per square foot. However, labor costs for AAC can be lower because its lighter weight makes it easier to handle and install Cost per minute/hour of laser cutting. The main cost of laser cutting is based on the time it takes to cut the parts, and this depends primarily on the engraving area, type of cutting material and thickness of the material. This is why there is a charge per minute of machine usage when cutting. This is due to the fact that what the costs the. Most house ceilings in Pakistan have a design known as a false ceiling. It would cost you PKR 65 per sq. ft. taking the total to PKR 188,500. Cost for Paint and Ceiling = 728,500. WINDOWS AND MIRRORS. For windows, you need two things: glass and aluminium. The cost of aluminium windows and glass is PKR 303,750. Mirrors would cost PKR 30,000

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You can stain paint decorate age pattern or etch your concrete floor to get the look you want one layer at a time. Total project costs typically range between 1422 and 2950 expect to pay a pro between 3 and 12 per square foot including labor and materials Lucknow. Delhi. Chennai. Birla White Wall Putty 30 Kg (Non Trade), For Construction. ₹ 600/ Bag Get Latest Price. Brand: BirlaWhite - Aditya Birla Group. Usage/Application: Construction. Type: White Cement Based Wall Putty. Coverage Area: 18.29 sqft per kg 1.5 mm coat Factors such as the savings in monthly heating and cooling costs. The specific amount of money that you'll save depends on a variety of factors, including the climate of where you live, but, according to a statistic from Concrete Network , for a typical 2000 square-foot home, it's estimated that you'll save about 20 to 25% on heating and. Same thing at Opti-coat costs around 85k with taxes and around 65k with taxes in Ceramic Pro. And for PPF it ranges from 1.5L rupees to 2L rupees for the entire vehicle. It is charged per square meter required for the wrap. Good to apply this if you own a premium luxury car from BMW, Audi,Benz, Volvo etc Average total home construction cost: $296,652 (not including the cost of the land, lot finishing, and marketing and sales costs) Average cost to build per square foot: $114.36; Conclusion: Home construction cost per square foot has risen from about $80/sq. ft. in 2011 to $95/sq. ft. in 2013 to today's figure of $114.36, per the National.