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  1. Make your own paper roll princess Transform a humble toilet roll into a beautiful royal princess, dressed for the ball in her full tulle netting skirt. This is a wonderful craft for kids to show them how they can make their very own paper roll princess
  2. Simply cut one-half inch segments from paper towel and tp cardboard rolls with ordinary scissors and arrange them to create a large, eye-catching snowflake shape. Brush on or spray metallic paint on all surfaces to give your topper a gold, silver, or copper glow. It's so enjoyable to make something out of practically nothing
  3. Paper Roll Penguin Craft - Winter Crafts for Kids Or you can make a cute penguin out of toilet paper rolls
  4. Today with Pysselbolaget's help you can create your own Trolls from simple toilet paper rolls and colorful paper! This cute little paper craft doesn't require expensive craft materials and it's super easy to make which makes it a superb craft project for the kids! Besides of it: the troll's hair is a perfect scissors practice
  5. Stuff them with candy and sweets and close off the two ends to create a fun candy popper. Close off one end by gluing a piece of paper to it and use the toilet paper rolls to hold makeup brushes, markers, pencils, pens, and little office supplies. Example: Thrifty DIY Pencil Holder Turn them into colorful napkin rings
  6. Let's start off with some of the more obvious ways to use toilet paper rolls Creating fun little characters for kids to play with! These characters can be used as puppets, dolls, decorations, and so much more! No matter what animal or character your kiddo is obsessed with, you can figure out a way to make them with toilet paper rolls
  7. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids. 1. Rainbow Windsock. Source. This rainbow windsock craft is adorable and easy to make so it's a perfect craft for kids. Once it's finished the kids can play with it outside too or they can hang it up and watch it sway in the wind. Supplies: Toilet paper roll. Blue paint

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  1. To make, stuff toilet paper rolls loosely with dryer lint. Fill the roll halfway and add a few drips of melted wax (this will help slow the burning process and allow time for the wood to catch fire). Finish stuffing the roll with lint and then roll the tube up in newspaper, tucking the paper ends into the tube
  2. Use paper towel rolls (split them in half when needed) Or, you can pre-cut your toilet paper, put it into a cute basket or box and remove the roll before it enters the bathroom. And with that, here are some ideas - Happy crafting! 14 Fun + Functional Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
  3. Step 2: Wrap the balloon around the toilet paper roll and staple to secure. Step 3: Trim scrapbook paper to size and using tape or glue, wrap securely around tube. Add a handful of our favorite Fruity Pebbles cereal for easy edible confetti to each party popper and pull tail of balloon to shoot across the room or up in the air
  4. utes you can make a pillbox, an excellent way to wrap a small item, be it a piece of jewelry, a pin, or money, out of a toilet paper roll
  5. With some toilet paper rolls, googly-eyes, colorful yarn and card stock paper your kids will have fun creating some really cute squid. Toilet Paper Roll Yak by Red Ted Art. This adorable little yak is made with a toilet paper roll, paint, construction paper, googly-eyes and yarn
  6. Friends and family even collect toilet paper rolls for me so I can make more crafts with them! I like them because, well, pretty much everyone has access to toilet paper rolls. With that said, you'll want to start collecting (or hoarding) toilet paper rolls after you see these incredible DIY toilet paper rolls crafts. 1

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Shamrocks: Each toilet paper roll shamrock requires a total of 3 heart-shaped toilet paper roll pieces. Use a glue gun and glue sticks, a glue pen, or glue dots to attach 3 of the heart-shaped cardboard tubes together.; Glue a stem to the inside of one of the bottom two heart-shaped lobes of each shamrock craft as shown in the shamrock craft photo posted above This adorable toilet paper roll monkey craft is sure to be a hit with your kids! It's a breeze to make with the free template. If you're looking for a fun toilet paper roll craft idea to add to your zoo or jungle theme, you don't need to look any further. Toilet Paper Roll Monkey Craft. This is a fun recycled craft to make any time of year Attach the Toilet Paper Rolls . Begin by connecting your toilet paper rolls. We chose to use three glue-dots to stick ours together. If the binoculars are going to be played with a lot, we recommend using white glue or hot glue for a stronger hold. Wait for the glue to dry before continuing to the next step Paint all the rolls in your favorite colors and let them dry To make flags, cut triangles out of colorful paper and tape them to lollipop sticks or toothpicks. Tape the flags to the top of your towers Cut three windows out of blue paper and one door out of brown paper Here are a few tips on how to use toilet paper rolls to house seedlings: Make a series of 1 to 1 1/2-inch cuts around one end of the roll, approximately a half an inch apart. Fold the cut sections in toward the center of the roll. This will create the bottom of your pot. Place the seed pots on a tray, plate, or bowl

Start saving your cardboard rolls, you will want lots of them to make all of these super cute and clever toilet paper roll crafts.We have found over 100 fun toilet roll crafts for you to create lots of amazing animals, flowers, vehicles, casltes, hand art, and so much more! These toilet paper tube crafts are perfect for toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade studnets Instructions: 1. Download and print out the toilet paper roll rocket template. Cut out all the template patterns. 2. Choose the colored paper that you want to use for the rocket craft. Orange and yellow are perfect for the flames and the other colors can vary. Once the colors are chosen, trace and cut out the patterns 60 Empty Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls- School supplies/Arts & Crafts. CraftsNdenim. $30.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. Quick view. 24 Toilet Paper Rolls, Arts and Crafts. Empty Toilet Paper Rolls, Free Shipping. FaithIslandTreasures. 5 out of 5 stars Cut up the toilet paper rolls. Press the toilet paper roll and make 1,5 cm marks on both sides. Cut 1,5 cm wide strips. When you have a lot of paper rings, you can start making the pieces. I used a total of 121 pieces, and five long strips cut from the gift wrapping paper roll

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  1. Here's an alternative: make toilet paper roll crafts flowers. To make the flowers, cut a paper roll into several lines. To make it easier, color the paper roll first, let it dry and then cut it. Then, fold each of the lines to form a petal. A line is enough to make one. You can also use the pieces to make the branch and leaves
  2. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts and Uses. 1. Plant Starters. Cut the tube in half. Then make four shallow cuts on one end. Fold these in and place them in a plant starting tray. Fill 3/4 full with seed starting soil. Place one or two seeds in each one and cover the seeds with soil. Water and place in a sunny window
  3. 8. Easy Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder by The Resourceful Mama. This bird feeder is fun even for the non-crafty kids in your home! It's a great way to connect with nature and learn more about different types of birds. 9. Pillow Boxes by Practically Functional. These adorable pillow boxes are an easy way to spread joy
  4. Empty toilet paper rolls can be used to make holiday gifts and decorations, as well as fun toys to entertain kids for hours. Here are 15 creative toilet paper roll craft ideas that you and your kids can make and enjoy together. 1. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art. Tutorial: Crafts via Hand. 2. Toilet Paper Roll Cuff Bracelet

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This list of fun and yes, unique toilet paper roll craft ideas are great for keeping you and the kids occupied. There are cute ideas for younger kids, fun ideas for adults to decorate around the house, and even a few holiday-themed ideas thrown into the mix. Table of Contents Toilet Paper Rolls: Fun Things for Kids to Make & Do . This list of toilet paper roll crafts will expand your child's imagination, improve their fine motor skills, provide lots of fun for playtime, hands-on STEM learning as well as encourage them to get outside Incredibly enough, those are toilet paper rolls making a lovely piece of (free!) art on your living room wall. And no one has to know. Grow Seedlings. Preparedness Mama . Toilet paper rolls are the perfect size and shape to grow some seedlings. Once grown, move them into some larger pots. Plastic Bag Holder

Glue the colored paper on the toilet paper roll. Encourage your child to draw and cut out fun shapes, designs, and fringes from other sheets of colored paper. Have her glue her decorative pieces on the roll. Help your child make caps for her homemade maraca out of the colored paper. The caps should be slightly larger than the paper roll openings How to Weave Toilet Paper Rolls: Toilet paper rolls make a great woven basket.I learned this technique from Indonesian recycled crafts where plastic coffee sachet are used for the links. I found out that toilet paper/ paper towel cardboards easily available Happy new year to all my piglets! :DI've made a second channel uploading funny live-stream gaming moments! Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/Channel.. 4.Make a Santa Claus From a Paper Roll! A Santa Claus ornament for the Christmas tree made out of toilet paper roll is an excellent idea. Not only that you will keep yourselves busy and productive, but you will also have some unique decorations for the holiday. source

Imaginations will soar as kids take a plain old toilet paper roll and turn it into a unicorn, pirate, treasure chest, ninja, space rocket, or castle. The projects in this book are amazing fun for girls and boys Step by Step Tutorial. Start by painting the toilet paper blue. Let the paint dry completely before you work with it more. While you wait for the paint to dry, you can go ahead and either cut the tissue paper or punch the stars out of paper. Once the paint has dried, make two holes on one side of the paper roll (one across the other) How to make a toilet paper roll bird feeder. Clean off any extra bits of paper from your toilet paper rolls, then cover them in a thin layer of peanut butter. Pour out some bird seed onto a plate, then gently roll the toilet paper roll over the plate to pick up the bird seed. Thread a piece of string through the roll and tie it into a loop Spring Toilet Paper Roll Crafts. One of my first posts on my blog was a simple and easy Bumblebee Toilet Paper Roll. It's actually still live if you want to check out the hideous pictures LOL. I originally posted them in 2013 so I say it's about time they got the upgrade they deserve, along with some other friendly springtime critters

Cut some blue paper and wrap it around the toilet paper roll and glue in place. Add glue to the rim of the toilet paper roll and glue down the straw as hair. Add glue to the inside of the origami hat and glue ontop of the straw hair. Glue on googly eyes. Add other facial features in pen Yay for adorable toilet paper roll minions! They just make you smile when you see them around the house. You can make the 3 of the most familiar minions, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, all with different facial expressions and hairdos. If you have more toilet paper rolls around the house, you can make a whole bunch of minions

Step 2. Cut a toilet paper roll into 6 equal sections. Just like with the petal flower, flatten the toilet paper roll and cut it into 6 equal sections. We will be folding the sections in half for this flower. Step 3. Fold one section in half, put dab of glue in the fold, pinch and let dry to create a double-leaf shape Cute Toilet Tube Unicorn Craft. Use this printable template to help your kids make this adorable unicorn out of a toilet paper tube. Some colors, glue, scissors and a toilet paper roll and you are pretty much set for craft time. Unicorn crafts are always a hit so I've included a couple of different ones here

Empty toilet paper rolls are still a great option! If you're careful with where and how you make cuts, it's easy to use the rounded, bouncy shape of empty toilet paper rolls to create shapes like flowers and leaves Wet the toilet paper roll, soaking wet. Make a crease at the top. 3. Pinch the bottom together and press down. This will be the nose. 4. Pinch the top of the nose. 5. Push in the sides of the nose at the bottom and flatten an area the size of your finger on each side Instructions. Wedge toilet paper rolls vertically inside a box. Put treats inside the toilet paper rolls. Fun ways to use this toy: Put healthy treats inside some of the tunnels and watch your cat paw around for hours. 9. Put the toilet paper roll on a wand toy. Wand toys are a big hit for cats a cotton ball. a small amount of water. Directions: Paint the two toilet paper rolls with black acrylic paint. Double coat it if needed. If you want to be extra you can paint the small cardboard piece you'll be using later. Allow the paint to dry. Cut two squares from the yellow cellophane

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Recycle those toilet paper rolls and make this fun craft idea. Get ready to make the BEST toilet paper roll crafts with this easy, simple and cool toilet paper roll pinata. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts . Attach a short piece of ribbon to the inside of the toilet paper tube. Drape the ribbon over the top of the tube and attach a small square of. Our super cute Toilet Paper Roll Tiger is adorable and a fun DIY to make with your kids! TOILET PAPER ROLL TIGER. Crafts are a great way to teach your little ones about math and science and help inspire their creativity. This Tiger craft goes together quickly and is kid-friendly. They will love helping you make this paper craft 2. Toilet Paper Roll Santa . From Krokotak. Add Santa to your Christmas tree with this easy-to-make toilet paper roll Santa ornament. Red and white paper, a permanent black marker, scissors, glue stick, a piece of twine and a few steps later—a whole lot of jolly Did you know the average toilet paper roll takes 37 gallons of water to make? It's an unbelievable amount when millions of people suffer from water scarcity. Toilet paper roll crafts are taught in the preschools, where they begin with basic designs. As the toilet paper rolls are easy to use ingredients for crafts, they are widely used to make items like wall décor, picture frames, wall hangings and much more. You can found this paper patterns in different colors too, get few roll to make a craft as.

Toilet paper roll puzzle (closed version). This follows the same principle as the pyramid puzzle. The difference is that this version is closed and the structure has a fixed shape. But the point is the same: you will hide some treats inside and your cat must try to get them out. You will also need a lot of toilet paper rolls, a glue gun and a. Toilet paper rolls; Facial Tissue - Most brands have 2 layers of tissues, pull them apart and use one layer per hat so there isn't too much bulk. Scissors - Nice sharp ones to cut through the yarn. Step 1 - Cut the toilet paper roll. Cut the toilet paper roll. Glimmer Twin Fan Supplies Needed to Make Toilet Paper Roll Cactus - 2 Toilet Paper Rolls and 1 Paper Towel Roll (you can also use 2 paper towel rolls and cut 1 in half for the smaller cactus) - Googly Eyes - Acrylic Paint - Green, white and light brown.This set of acrylic paints comes with enough colors to make everything you need. You can mix the brown and orange to get a lighter brown/terracotta look. a bunch of toilet paper rolls or rolls from kitchen towels - if for whatever reasons you find those two unappealing you can now actually buy paper rolls for crafting with kids. empty cereal box or any other box with thin and easy to cut paper Step 2: Trace Circles on Cardboard. I traced a small circle on one folded toilet paper roll and one large circle on a second unfolded flat roll for each rose I wanted to make. The folded roll will produce two cut circles in the next step and the unfolded will create one large circle. Trace Circles on Cardboard

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This Halloween cat craft with toilet paper roll is perfect for kids who want to make their own witches cat this October. I love the fact that this black cat craft is easy enough for preschool children with a little help from their teacher, but also great for older kids Instructions. Lay out your fabric square. Place a roll of TP in the center. UNROLL the toilet paper 8-10 times. Then ROLL it back up, twisting and scrunching the toilet paper as you do so. This give you a rounder pumpkin shape. Grab one corner of the fabric and tuck it inside the toilet paper roll, using a pencil to push it down According to one MIT student, a standard roll of toilet paper is about 4.5 inches in diameter. The number of sheets per roll varies depending on the product. Generally, two-ply paper has about 500 sheets per roll whereas one-ply paper has around 1000 sheets per roll. Depending on bathroom habits, one roll of toilet paper may last longer for. To make Toilet Paper Roll Frida Kahlo Pinatas, you will need: Empty Toilet Paper Rolls - one per mini pinata; Recycled tissue paper (we save ours from gifts or shop packaging) in as many colours as you hav Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids. We have 20 fun crafts to make using toilet paper rolls! Your kids will love making these and parents will love that they are so inexpensive to make! There are so many different ideas that kids are going to have a blast during craft time! Craft ideas using empty toilet paper rolls are so fun to make and play with

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The truth for me is that the toilet paper rolls from Grove are so awesome and sturdy that they call out to be recycled into things like this Easy Toilet Paper Roll Firecracker Craft for Kids. Of course, larger paper tubes work too — like shipping tubes! I love painting with kids and creating decor items to celebrate the holidays He started a spreadsheet to break down the price per sheet, and the project ballooned into the Toilet Paper Value Calculator, which allows you to input the number of rolls per package, the number.

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Cut the piece of card-stock to fit the toilet paper tube and wrap it around the tube. Tape the seem with clear scotch tape. Cut triangle fins from the tissue paper for the bottom and top of the fish. *I doubled them up so there were tow fins on top and on bottom. For the tail fin, cut a longer piece of tissue paper and if you want make scallop. It is estimated that a single tree can make 100 pounds or almost 1,500 rolls of toilet paper. Trees and the Production of Toilet Paper . According to industry experts, a single tree can be used to make nearly 100 pounds of toilet paper with each roll weighing about 0.5 pounds Steps to make the toilet paper roll flowers 1. 19 toilet paper roll flowers patterns & crafts. diy tissue paper flowers make great decorations.they are so easy and inex. Today i'm going to show you how to make flowers with tissue paper (toilet paper). And cut out a smaller center using a. Paint the toilet paper rolls using green paint How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Candles. First, grab your toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I ended up with one paper towel roll and the rest where toilet paper rolls. You want your candles to be different sizes so to create that illusion I started taping things together. I would cut a toilet paper roll in half and then tape it to a whole.

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Line the toilet paper roll up with the bottom edge of the construction paper or cardstock and make a small pencil mark line to denote the length of the toilet paper roll. Move the roll a few inches down the paper and do the same thing Easter toilet paper roll crafts . It's super simple to make but makes for a cute Easter decoration, anywhere in the house.This Easter toilet paper roll crafts is a fun project to make with your toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners to hold treats for Easter.This Easter basket craft holds jelly beans, stickers or other treats for friends.. For this Easter craft, you'll need How to Start Seeds in Toilet Paper Roll Pots. The first step is to cut 4 slits in the end of the toilet paper roll. The slits should be about 3/4 to 1″ in length. Cut the slits equally spaced around the tube. Once the slits are cut, it is time to start folding. Fold the 4 flaps the same way you would fold the top of a box - overlapping.

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Stuff them with candy and sweets and close off the two ends to create a fun candy popper. Close off one end by gluing a piece of paper to it and use the toilet paper rolls to hold makeup brushes, markers, pencils, pens, and little office supplies. Turn them into colorful napkin rings. Cut them into 2 pieces Raya and The Last Dragon Toilet Paper Roll Craft. The latest Disney movie craft for 2021 lets you make The Last Dragon from a toilet paper roll. Easy step by step craft process with images, free templates and less than 10 steps to follow! Continue Reading To make the toilet paper roll crafts, you can use as many rolls as possible. In this example, I only use 2 rolls because I won't be making too big honeycombs. One roll can be cut into several parts, but make sure that the size is even - they should have the same big dimension. Once they are cut, you can paint them 8 crafts to make with toilet paper rolls. Fun and easy crafts that will make you say, Why didn't I think of that? Today's Parent staff January 17, 2013. Photo Gallery. 8 crafts to make with toilet paper rolls. 1 / 8 Photo: Erik Putz. Mini city . Kids can be the mayor of their own little city with this cute craft

Like any other ideas shared above, to make a car garage from toilet rolls, one will need some paper rolls, adhesive, colors, paint brush, color papers and a box to stack all the paper rolls together, if one wants to build a garage like the one shown in the second picture Make this super easy Fruit Craft Using Paper Roll. A easy paper roll craft for preschoolers. Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug Craft. This pretty ladybug craft is made by Easy Peasy and Fun. It's super easy to make and sure to be a favorite of any kid! Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly. These adorable butterflies are made by The Best Ideas For Kids Sustainable Toilet Roll Crafts. The great thing about upcycling toilet rolls is that it's a greener craft than buying more stuff from the store. But A lot of trees get cut down to make toilet paper, even though only 30% of the world's population use toilet paper You will need: Ruler, pencil, paint and brush, cardboard, scissors, bowl, paper plates, glue 3. Make your own bird feeder. A great activity to do with kids and a way to spend some time in the garden. Using just store cupboard ingredients like peanut butter and seeds, as well as cardboard toilet rolls, you can create a whole meal for the birds who fly into your garden

These toilet paper roll kazoos are so fun to make and gives toddlers a way to make music using materials around the house. I saved up a dozen toilet paper rolls with the intention of using them for a craft for our kids activity of the week. If you plan to just make one or two, you can get your materials ready a lot quicker 1. Toilet Paper Art. Use toilet paper rolls to make a beautiful art piece that looks like its made of iron! (Tutorial via Lauren-Likes) 2. Cord Organizer. Use empty toilet paper rolls and some washi tape to organize your tangled cords. (Tutorial via Our Thrifty Ideas) 3. Pencil Holder. Make this easy pencil holder, to store pencils, markers and. Make a hot glue circle on your wax paper and glue the rock in the middle. Then glue the toilet paper roll over the rock. Fill the inside of the toilet paper roll with newspaper. After the glue dries, you can rip or cut the wax paper off. The wax paper makes sure the bottom of the candle looks nice. I needed a pocket to put the flameless candles on

Here is the toilet paper roll crafts for kids list you are looking for. It's a funny thing how quickly toilet paper rolls can accumulate when everyone is home all day, every day. You can go from one empty roll to many in a blink of an eye. Toilet paper roll crafts for kids are inexpensive to make and fun for the entire family Use toilet paper rolls and cardboard tubes to create a dinosaur skeleton like Your Modern Family. This is a great steam activity {science, technology, engineering, art + maths} and a great hands on experience while homeschooling children. Toilet paper rolls can be used to make a number of different transient art skeletons This fun Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly activity is a great way to show the kids how they can easily upcycle things that might just be lying around the home. Plus, butterflies are so much fun to make! With just a few simple supplies and a free printable template, your little ones can have a craft that they're going to love showing off How To Make A Fleshlight With Roll Of Toilet Paper. As an alternative, are sure that you are actually using a water based fluid and also lots of it. The downpour install enables you to turn your FL right into the owner and afterwards catch it onto your restroom ceramic tiles. Of training program, this enables you to utilize it 'hands-free'

Don't throw out that toilet paper roll! You are going to want to save those tp rolls to make these super cute and fun-to-make toilet paper roll crafts for your next kids activities. Recycling the cardboard tube into cars, sharks, octopus, games, snakes, butterflies, trees, dinosaur skeletons and more is lots of fun for toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, first graders and 2nd graders too 1. Cut a U shape in the cardboard tube to make the opening for toys to sit in the car. Fold the U up and cut it again to make it smaller. 2. Paint the toilet paper tube white and set it out to dry. 3. Let kids decorate their cars with markers, stickers or paint. 4. Hot glue the wheels on and it's ready to play with You can make one using toilet paper rolls. You'll also need a knife, peanut butter, ribbon or twine and bird seeds. Cut the rolls in half and spread peanut butter on them. Roll the tubes in cereal and then in bird seed, tie the rools together and hang them on a tree.{found on tpcraft}. Mini Garden Toilet paper roll crafts are seriously the best crafting medium for kids. My daughter loves toilet paper roll crafts because they are easy to make. You can turn a toilet paper roll into just about anything! From toilet paper butterflies to super hero arm cuffs the craft options with toilet paper rolls are truly endless Toilet Paper Roll Craft Projects to DIY with Your Kids. 1. Duct Tape Toilet Paper Roll Arm Cuffs. Image via Happy Hooligans. There are tons of great craft ideas using empty toilet paper rolls. Try your hand at making these fashionable arm cuffs. These fun-to-make crafts are great for birthday parties, sleepovers, and after school activities

Plastic bottles can be your next most amazing toilet roll dispenser and you can also thread a metal pipe length on a piece of rope to make an instant hanging toilet roll holder. Repurpose oat containers to make a super secured type of toilet roll organizers and upcycle the wood and metal pipes for getting the industrial toilet paper holders Start by wrapping a second toilet roll in yellow paper. Neaten up the bee body by carefully tucking the excess paper into the roll. Now make two small cuts into the toilet roll (one either end of the paper roll) and slot one end of your black fuzzy yarn into it. This will keep the end secure as you decorate your bee I cannot agree with you more. The roll sizes have gotten out of hand! I can't even find a paper reserve tower that will accommodate the new 4=1 mega rolls. The world of toilet paper was perfect as the triple roll. I can't find the 3:1 anywhere. The industry decision to push to the 4:1 size is just poo poo!!! Repl

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Keep Your Home OrganizedThe Most Fun DIY Decor With Toilet Paper Rolls That YouHow to Make Paper Roll Christmas Wreath - DIY & Crafts25 Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art30 Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Art Ideas For Your WallSheep ~ Amigurumi Crocheted Toilet Paper Cover - YouTube

Paper tape. This one is optional. I used it to stick the fairy to the wall. Toilet paper rolls; First, we printed the fairy wings and body. Then I just put them in front of Elena, together with the coloring pens and I stepped out of the scene. I wanted to give her the freedom to do what she want, and I would only help if she'd want me to Toilet paper is a great medium to use when trying to make flowers. It is an easy way to create an interest piece for a room. Plus, you can add color, or you can use the leftover toilet paper rolls to make more flowers Paw Patrol Vehicles by Keep Toddlers Busy- This was supposed to be toilet paper rolls but they were thrown away haha. So in the event that you don't have toilet paper rolls, you can you rolled construction paper for your crafts! 10. Rocket Ship via Keep Toddlers Busy. 11. Another Paper Rocket via kidthings.net. 12 How to Make a Giant Dinosaur Skeleton. We started collecting empty toilet paper rolls and empty paper towel rolls. We saved them in our house and we had my parents & brother's family save theirs, as well. It took us about two weeks, but we finally had enough to start our project. First, you need to find a picture of the dinosaur that you want. That's exactly why we made this elf toilet paper roll craft. It's a simple elf craft that's great for young kids of all ages! We're giving you a free printable template that has 2 versions that will work for everyone. The first version is a craft template. This will help your child make their own elf craft from colored paper and pom poms