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  2. The cost for a turn-key Latham fiberglass pool installation (including fencing, coping and patio, lighting, and other accessories) might fall between $40,000 and $70,000 and up. The smaller the pool, the cheaper you can expect the project to be, but your costs will increase with each upgrade
  3. Get a Fiberglass Pool Quote From a Latham Dealer. Now that you understand the average cost of a fiberglass pool, we want to help you get a custom quote so you can start planning the pool of your dreams. Take the next step in your pool-planning journey and contact a dealer to get a more detailed price quote
  4. As we explained in our article on Latham fiberglass pool costs, your Latham pool may cost you anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 on average, depending on the pool size, your installation package, and your add-ons. Latham does not offer fiberglass pool pricing on their website, and you'll need to contact them directly for a custom quote

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There is no one cost on a Viking Fiberglass Pool as your site (soil, access, sun exposure) will dictate the cost of the installation. The age of your family members will dictate options you will want within your pool (bubblers, fountains) plus the fiberglass pool design itself will affect the price With a Latham custom fiberglass pool your options are almost limitless. Do you like the classic rectangular shape of a straight-edged pool,or is a more organic, curved design a better fit? What size is right? Finding the ideal pool is a very persona, l highly specific process..

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With over 30 years of experience building pools, Tom Mittnight, the owner of Suncoast Pools, has perfected methods of excavation and site specific design. We have chosen to work with fiberglass pools due to their durability, low environmental impact, reduced cost, and decreased amount of time to complete any pool project Escape from the world without leaving the comforts of home with Latham's fiberglass inground pools! Fiberglass swimming pools are one of the most rewarding and customizable ways to transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor sanctuary. Compared to concrete pools, fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain and have the strongest and most durable material. Read Mor All Latham fiberglass pools utilize the highest grade materials, including top-quality ceramic, resin, gel coats, and fiberglass. Meticulous manufacturing processes and total attention to each detail result in a pool that is as durable as it is beautiful

There are small variations in cost among different suppliers. If you are remodeling your backyard garden, the fiberglass pool cost alone will fall within the range of $20000 to $36000. High-end mark for fiberglass pool prices is $42000. The national average cost is $27000 Aug 25, 2020 - Are you in the market for a Latham fiberglass pool? Here is our review of Latham fiberglass pools including prices, colors, shapes, and more Fiberglass is also much easier to clean - think of the effort needed to scrub tile grout versus the smooth veneer of a bathtub. With a Fiberglass pool you won't have to factor in future upkeep expenses — like resurfacing — when estimating the total cost. A fiberglass pool also requires 30% less chlorine to keep your pool clean And the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of that pool is 43% versus the other pool types. Fiberglass pools command an average starting price of about $50,000, compared to $55,000 for.. Latham's dealer network will work with you to ensure that your pool hits all the right notes but also stays within your fiberglass pool budget. Fiberglass Pool Financing If you cannot afford the total cost for your pool, we can provide you financing information via our partners, or you can opt for external financing from a financial institution

Durability: All Latham Pools are built to last a lifetime. Latham combines premium raw materials and a unique three-stage manufacturing process, known as A.C.P.® (Advanced Composite Pool). Latham's fiberglass shell construction begins and ends with durable materials ensuring that you get a beautiful pool that is built to last Tallman Pools - the name that stands for excellence!. We are the fiberglass pool manufacturer that pioneered selling direct to the homeowner, eliminating the middle-man. This allows you to have the highest quality pool installed at the lowest possible price.. Tallman Pools has over 50 years of experience in the swimming pool industr

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The cost of fiberglass pool will be a little more as it is generally the only pool being shipped. How Much does it Cost to Ship a Fiberglass Pool. Pools 12′ - 15′ Pools 16′ Latham Pools for example has 8+ manufacturing plants that allow you to get your pool from the closest facility Fiberglass Pool Costs. On average, a fiberglass pool costs around $45,000.That includes about $15,000 in labor and $30,000 in materials. Most homeowners report spending an average between $20,451 and $38,196 but costs can get as high as $75,000 depending on size, shape and house location.Fiberglass pool installation is only slightly more expensive than vinyl lined pools at $20,000 to $40,000.

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Hydrozone™ Fiberglass Exercise Pools. The Hydrozone™ is the ultimate edge in aquatic exercise. Its depth and versatility is perfect for aquatic cross training and physical therapy, while the numerous options available with a Hydro Zone™ fit into any backyard/landscape decor. Click on any picture to scroll through all pool types Thursday Pools Headquarters. 840 Commerce Parkway, Fortville, Indiana 46040. T: 877-929-POOL (7665) F: 317-565-2674. Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm EST. Get a Pool Estimate

Latham Fiberglass Pools. Your fiberglass pool should elevate your backyard and home exterior aesthetic. Central Jersey Pools is an authorized dealer for Latham Pools. We offer a vast selection of custom fiberglass swimming pools, all with singular panache. Classic linear, free-form, Roman, and kidney styles - or a combination of a few - are. With more than 20 years experience, Jerry has been installing custom fiberglass pools in and around southeast Michigan since 1999. With thousands of pool installs in their portfolio, your best choice is Blue Hawaiian Pools of Michigan for your fiberglass pool installation experts A Latham fiberglass pool can cost, on average, about $55,000, while a comparable concrete pool can come to $75,000, Rajeski said. We are the centerpiece of the backyard, he said

Latham vinyl liner pools are specially engineered to deliver maximum quality at minimum cost. Constructed using innovative, long-lasting materials, vinyl pools harness cutting-edge technology to withstand sunlight, water, and chemicals. That means less time cleaning your pool — and more time enjoying it Latham swimming pools is proud to have created tens of thousands of stunning fiberglass and vinyl liner inground pools with spas for clients all over North America. For over 60 years, we have delivered expert knowledge, top-quality swimming pool products, and excellent customer service All areas of your fiberglass swimming pool installation are discussed upfront, including all site costs, approvals and budgets, to give you peace of mind and confidence when purchasing a Narellan Pool. Speak with us 888 342 7665. Find The Perfect Pool For You. Our range of fiberglass pools are second to none, with something to suit every backyard Fiberglass Laminate Construction. Latham's Fiberglass Pools are the strongest in the industry. With the use of Reinforced Ribbing, Carbon Fiber and Biaxal reinforcements as well as Ceramic Infused Polyester combined with Pure VE Fiberglass, Latham is able to achieve increases the strength/flexural stiffness of our shells by 32%. Auto Cover Ready

New Fiberglass Pool Installation - We install the entire range of Latham Fiberglass Pools. Latham is the largest manufacturer of fabricated pools in the world, with over six decades of experience at the center of the backyard lifestyle. Every day, families in North America, Europe and Australia enjoy the Latham pool experience This is the perfect option to make cleaning your Latham Fiberglass Pool effortless. Cascades. Listen to the intoxicating sounds of waterfalls that originate in the coping of your own Latham Pool. Latham Cascades are available in a variety of sizes and quantities for invigorating and attractive waterfalls that fit the size and landscape of your. Fiberglass Swimming Pool Kits. At Pool Warehouse our mission is to provide your family with the perfect pool regardless of shap, style or size! With that in mind we offer a great selection of quality, made in the USA, fiberglass swimming pool kits. Our passion is making your dream of owning an inground pool a reality A Latham pool is built for strength and designed to perform. Every Latham pool is made from the highest grade fiberglass and ceramic materials, and undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process. You can literally see and feel the difference in its multi-layered construction and non-porous surface. This results in a pool that is as durable as it is beautiful

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How much does a fiberglass pool cost? The cost of fiberglass pools ranges between $15,000 and $70,000. The national average cost for a fiberglass pool is about $40,000 dollars. Pricing for fiberglass pools involve two major factors: The pool shell, and installation. A fiberglass pool shell itself ranges between $10,000 and $40,000 With its fiberglass and vinyl-liner above-ground and in-ground pools, Latham continues to provide the best options for your backyard living space, along with the latest poolside technology.

**Prices based on level lot, Medford delivery, Easy Access, 1 Day Dig, Pre-Site Approval, Small Crane. Customer responsible for Electrical, Plumbing (except pool filtration), Permits, Barriers, Water, & Chemicals. Earth removal from customer's property will incur additional cost. Prices are subject to change Latham Pools - 3 Day Pools. Latham Pools admin 2020-04-10T01:19:27+00:00. Trilogy, Blue Hawaiian and Viking Fiberglass Swimming Pools all owned by Latham Pools have amalgamated into one brand Latham Pools We are very proud to be an authorized dealer & installer for Latham Pools. With many models and new 2020 models available, we feel that this. Latham Fiberglass Pool Builder for Monroe, Ontario, Wayne, & Livingston Counties. Fiberglass swimming pools are one of the most rewarding and customizable ways to transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor sanctuary. Compared to concrete pools, fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain and have the strongest and most durable material Fiberglass inground pool prices vary based on a variety of factors, including where you live and the accessibility of your yard. Our Pool Cost Calculator will provide a ballpark estimate as you plan for fun soaking up the sun. Pool Cost Calculator

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In 2019, Latham bought Narellan Pools, the largest pool supply company in New Zealand and Australia, where Rajeski says 70% of new pool installations are fiberglass. Latham has already begun introducing the Narellan brand to North American markets. We've had a lot of great success with that launch in Canada Backfill material 21 AA or pea stone $1800. Hauling or level and leave the dirt $1500. 3D imagery with multiple angles of project $1000. Permit allowance $750. Permit planning and processing $1100. Custom fiberglass crystite finish, or 27 mil vinyl liner upgrade $1500. Pool School Hands-on Customer Training $1000 Fiberglass pools do cost more than concrete or vinyl pools upfront, but concrete requires resurfacing every ten to fifteen years, and vinyl liners must be replaced every six to twelve years. You'll incur practically no upkeep costs of a fiberglass pool over its lifetime, especially because it's easy to clean yourself Size: Medium Shape: Free Form Length: 30' Width: 14' Shallow Depth: 4' Maximum Depth: 6' Water Capacity: 14000 Water Surface Area: 300 Shell Weight: 1780 Lights: 2 Above Ground Available Auto Cover Read

Latham's Fiberglass Pools are the strongest in the industry. With the use of Reinforced Ribbing, Carbon Fiber and Biaxal reinforcements as well as Ceramic Infused Polyester combined with Pure VE Fiberglass, Latham is able to achieve increases the strength/flexural stiffness of our shells by 32%. Auto Cover Ready Fiberglass pools are made with a gel coating. The gel coating is pretty sturdy, but if it cracks or needs repairs, it can be difficult to match the color of the rest of the pool. In terms of initial cost, a fiberglass pool is cheaper than concrete but still more expensive than a comparably-sized vinyl liner pool. Vinyl Liner Pros and Con An easy way to create outdoor elegance. Bubblers are available on all Fiberglass swimming pool models, tanning ledges, and fountain pans. Automatic Vacuums This is the perfect option to make cleaning your Latham Fiberglass Pool effortless. Different options are available so be sure to check with your Latham Dealer for the model that is right.

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Join us as we visit New Port Richey, Florida, to learn more about fiberglass pools from the experts at Latham Pool products. Homeowners Mark and Jan Keefer w.. In-ground Swimming Pool Steps by Latham There are several types of inground swimming pool stairs to choose from, such as drop-in steps and built-in steps. Swimming pool stairs can be constructed from a wide range of materials, such as fiberglass, steel, and polymer, which each have unique pros and cons We are proud dealers and installers of Dolphin, Latham and Imagine Fiberglass Pools throughout Southern Ontario. Installing a fiberglass pool or spa is the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and time-efficient way to bring all the fun and relaxation into your backyard. We offer over 75 pool models for installation with install times. Top Five Benefits of Fiberglass Pools. 1. Weather Resistance. You won't be hindered by weather fluctuations with these pools. According to Latham, Fiberglass swimming pools are one-piece shells that can be 'dropped in' to your yard in a very short period of time - just 3 to 5 days in most cases

East Bay: 925.839.4001 North Bay: 866.864.4559 San Luis Obispo: 925.378.575 Aqua Pool Technology provides great selection of superior fiberglass poos, spas, splash decks and pool equipment for any size project. From small plunge pools to 16' x 40' large pools We are your Authorized Latham Installer and Dealer for the Maryland Region and our Pool & Spa Experts are here to help you make your pool selection based on your home site, location, and specific family needs and preferences. View the LATHAM Brochure here for Pool Styles, and then call us at 301-475-3104. for a FREE home-site review and estimate

LATHAM, N.Y., June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Latham, The Pool Company, the leading provider of residential inground pools and accessories in North America, Australia and New Zealand, has. It also hit 2 new interactive pieces, a pool cost estimator that enables users to build their dream pool and generate an estimate for it. why fiberglass, why a Latham fiberglass pool, and then. May 10, 2019 - Explore Latham Pool Products Inc.'s board Fiberglass Swimming Pools, followed by 3718 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fiberglass swimming pools, swimming pools, fiberglass pools A Latham fiberglass pool by Bonsall Pool and Spa can be combined with an Automatic Safety Cover to provide complete protection for your family and your new pool investment. It not only provides peace of mind, but provides ongoing heating and energy savings driving down your cost to operate your new in-ground pool Cincinnati Pool Professionals offers a wide variety of inground fiberglass swimming pools and spas for a fraction of the cost of traditional swimming pools! Using only the best swimming pools, we are able to offer an impeccable warranty on all of our stock

A Latham pool is an extension of your lifestyle, not just your home. Swimming is a healthy and fun activity the whole family can enjoy together. Whether you are swimming laps or relaxing poolside, a Latham pool is the right choice. Latham swimming pools are built exactly to your specifications Exquisite Pool & Spa installs top-quality fiberglass pools throughout Flagler, Volusia & Lake Counties, featuring Viking Pools, from the nation's top fiberglass pool manufacturer, Latham. Fiberglass pools are an economical choice because they feature a nonporous finish, which allows protection of your new pool from the region's heavy.

Inground Fiberglass Pool. $5,000 to $40,000. Inground Concrete (Or Gunite) Pool. $17,000 to $45,000. Because fiberglass pools come in a wide array of designs, certain shapes may be more expensive than others. When considering the installation of a fiberglass pool, you should be aware of a few additional cost considerations Regarding the shell price, fiberglass pools are basically classified into three size groups: small, medium, and large. Small being roughly 27' long and under, medium being 28'-34', and large being 35' and up. In most cases you can expect a small fiberglass pool shell without delivery to cost $9k-$13k, medium $12k-$16k, and large $16k-$24k The advances in fiberglass technology from our manufacturer Latham Pools are first-rate: - Lifetime warranty on pool structures. - Highly energy-efficient: Heat retention is superior and water evaporation is reduced. - Less chemicals needed: Fiberglass decreases the ability of algae and bacteria to stick to the surface A swimming pool—the centerpiece of your backyard—is always a big investment. You want to be comfortable with your choices and you should be delighted by the results. Latham is the largest manufacturer of fabricated pools in the world, with over six decades of experience at the center of the backyard lifestyle

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Our pools are manufactured by Latham & Leisure Pools, the nation's largest fiberglass pool manufacturer. Latham & Leisure Pools have developed the Advanced Composite Pool, which through a ten-step manufacturing process incorporates a Ceramic Core that ensures decades of maintenance-free enjoyment by your family Discount Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pools. 7 days ago . 43 people watched. Blemished Fiberglass Pools For Sale - TheRealEstate24.com. The average cost to install a fiberglass swimming pool is $46,000 with most homeowners spending between $23,400 for a 10x20 to $59,900 for a 16x32 pool Latham Fiberglass Pool Cost . Latham fiberglass pools range from $30,000 to $70,000 installed. Latham's pools come in two installation types. Their basic installation includes the excavation, shell, backfill, and hookup, but little else. Their turn-key installation costs more but includes the pool deck or patio, lights, different finishes. Fiberglass pools by Latham Pools are an extremely durable fiberglass shell that come in many different styles, shapes, and finishes. Fiberglass pools can be installed with a shorter construction time and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the structure and surface from Latham Pools

Pools Of Paradise. 506 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, Texas 75067, United States. 469-464-3610 Fiberglass Pools. Fiberglass pools offer speed of installation and beautiful low maintenance finishes that are available in an array of colors. They can be an integral part of your family's dream backyard. Laminars_web.jpg. Latham: 518.783.8976 As soon as the rain quit, the pool was finished in a matter of days! Having a pool built is major construction, and we expected to have some dirt work and repair. Because of the rain, we had extra yard repair that needed done. Within a day, Wet Dream Pools made sure the yard was fixed and ready for sod and landscaping Pools And Palms.... We Sell only the BEST! *Viking Fiberglass Swimming Pools *Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools . NOW called LATHAM. VISIT US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE PICTURES!. Time to have BACKYARD fun n the SUN

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Special Deals. Because of our long history of installing fiberglass pools for satisfied clients, on occasion, we manage to have a special pool or spa arrive in our showroom direct from the manufacturers; a deal falls through, the manufacturer ships us an item with the wrong specifications or any number of reasons An Alaglas Fiberglass Pool opens a world of opportunities like no other home improvement can. Owning your own pool turns every day into a vacation - just step outside into your backyard paradise! Because we use only the highest quality materials in our manufacturing process, your Alaglas Pool will last for years to come Crystal Pools & Spas is a fiberglass pool builder and has over 200 designs of Fiberglass pools available to fill any design, space, and landscaping need including low cost, energy-efficient, pools. Contact us today and let a professional meet with you to discuss your pool project Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer Latham Pool Products is looking to fill over 300 positions around North America. Things were looking good before the lockdowns, but the lockdowns put everything on steroids, Bob Harper - CCEO of latham pool products. It's definitely looking that way for Latham The Coral Sea Lounger by Barrier Reef Pools. The Coral Sea Lounger comes in 2 different sizes and they are: Coral Sea 35 Lounger: 15'2 (Width) x 35'5 (Length) x 3'7-6'4 (Depth) Coral Sea 31 Lounger: 15'2 (Width) x 31'2 (Length) x 4'-6'4 (Depth) The design of includes steps at the entrance combined with a.