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Sorry for the necro, but I have to correct you guys. Yes changing your resolution from native to res and vice versa DOES in fact change your sensitivity. When you stretch your res you're increasing your vertical fov, and by doing so there will be a difference in distance from where your target used to be displayed on the screen and where it is now Calculate the Aspect Ratio (ARC) here by entering your in pixel or ratio . Change the image aspect ratio via this Ratio Calculator . The pixel aspect calculator makes it extremely easy to change any W:H format with custom a width or height Resolution Height. Result. Usually being used to a sensitivity means that your brain associates distances on your mousepad with distances on the screen, not with angles you turn ingame. So this calculator will help you keep your muscle memory when it comes to flicking to enemies that you see on the screen You can learn more about this calculator and get answers to frequent questions in the sections below: Why Use This Sensitivity Converter. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has been one of the most continuously popular competitive FPS games since its initial release in 2012

If you change your m_yaw, you're effectively changing your sensitivity. I don't use a stretched res so I can't give you personal advice, but most people recommend leaving your m_yaw alone and getting used to the new FoV. level 2. Original Poster 1 point · 5 years ago. confused. thanks btw :) level 1 The formula for how many degrees (horizontal) you turn per mouse count (eg. 400dpi mouse gives 400 counts per inch, multiplied by windows sens factor if m_rawinput 0) degrees turned = counts * sensitivity * m_yaw So as you see, when you decrease m_yaw, you ARE changing your sensitivity. 3a) When you use a stretched resolution, things get. Match instead to 0%, and divide your CS:GO sensitivity by 3.370 (This is accurate to +- 0.001 units of Valorant sensitivity). This will give you a cleaner conversion in the region of your monitor from 0% to about 115% off your screen, with the MOST conserved sensitivity region being closest to your crosshair As far as I'm aware, going from a native 16:9 res (e.g. 1920x1080) to a lower 16:9 res stretched to aspect ratio (e.g. 1280x720) should result in the same exact movements in CS:GO relative to monitor distance and 360 distance, as there is no change in FOV and everything is the same (IRL) size relative to the other 16:9 resolution due to stretching

Consider the below photo which is a comparing the FOV of a 1080×1080 stretched resolution vs the native resolution of 1920×1080. As you can see, with the stretched resolution you get about half the horizontal FOV. Because 1080 is roughly half of 1920. A stretched resolution gives you more FP Horizontal/Vertical FOV Calculator. This calculator will convert an aspect ratio and horizontal FOV to a vertical FOV, useful for setting your favorite horizontal FOV in a game that uses vertical FOV. You can use either an aspect ratio, or, if you do not know your screen's aspect ratio, you can input your screen's resolution To readjust your sensitivity in general: type to console sensitivity and multiply that by 1.3333 (eg. with sens 2, type sensitivity 2.6666) This is true for 4:3 stretched changed from regular 16:9. If you change to 5:4 stretched from regular 16:9 you need to multiply your sensitivity by 1.4222 In practice this means that, the smaller this mouse sensitivity multiplier number is, the more precise control you have over the 'actual sensitivity' of the game. As an example: 50 sensitivity with the default multiplier of 0.02 results in an 'actual' sensitivity of 1, while 50 sensitivity with a multiplier of 0.00223 results in a much.

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  1. Our Fortnite Stretched Resolution guide will walk you through how to stretch your resolution for both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards! It will also explain why this is starting to be used by pro players and streamers, and explain the advantages vs. regular resolution. Stretching your res is starting to gain popularity in the Fortnite [
  2. TenZ Valorant Settings - Sensitivity, Crosshair, Gear & Setup TenZ Tyson TenZ Ngo is a Canadian former professional CS:GO player and the first professional Valorant player to be signed by Cloud9 on April 12th, 2020
  3. CS:GO - eDPI Calculator. eDPI Calculator. eDPI. Sensitivity. mouse DPI. Dots per inch (DPI) is a measurement of how sensitive a mouse is. The higher a mouse's DPI, the farther the cursor on your screen will move when you move the mouse. A mouse with a higher DPI setting detects and reacts to smaller movements. Chris Hoffman ( www.howtogeek.com
  4. Changing aspect ratio and resolution can be a crucial factor in a player's performance. They have their own good reasons why they chose the 4:3 stretched aspect ratio over 16:9 and vice versa. First of all, the 4:3 aspect ratio can be divided into 2, namely stretched and black bars, with both configurations having its own advantages
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After you have chosen which mouse you are going to use (check out our recommended mice for CS:GO here) you might be wondering which ingame settings you're supposed to pick.There are a couple mouse settings that have to be configured optimally. You might have already heard about terms like sensitivity, raw input or mouse acceleration.This guide will walk you through everything you need to know Valorant Sensitivity Converter / Calculator. You can use this Valorant sensitivity converter to find the equivalent Valorant sens to what you use in games like CS:GO, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow 6, Fornite, and many more! You can also use it to find the equivalent sensitivity in other games from your Valorant sens Second is sensitivity. For the calculator you will need a few different pieces of information. Your games sensitivity, your mouse sensitivity and your mouse DPI. These will all be used as inputs for the calculator and can be found in your game settings and your OS mouse settings

Save time and effort by using the calculator. Apex Legends is based on the id Tech engine, which uses a simple sensitivity formula, Sens * Yaw = Degrees turned. Yaw is 0.022°. The game internally scales the sensitivity for zoom by the change in magnification, before using the user's zoom sensitivity multiplier Wide-angle online ArmA FOV calculator by Hi,A3. Версия на Русском • Data Input. Enter a width value of your resolution (example: 1920x1080) Enter a height value of your resolution (example: 1920x1080) Enter a target horizontal FOV angle (must be > 70° and 120° #consleeditdelay #stretchesresolutionps4 #mousesensitivityps4https://www.paypal.me/destinyshard ROAD TO PC $6/$70 no, its the same on every resolution. most people think using stretched resolutions results in a faster sensitivity but its bullsh!t Partially true. It feels faster and in stretched it does get changed as going side to side will feel like it's moving faster then going up and down Beaulo is R6 Siege professional player, hence he plays and streams mainly Rainbow Six Siege. Before R6 Siege, Beaulo played CS GO. Though, as of 2020 Jason also streams a bit of COD Warzone (about 20% of the time)

Color Black White Red Green Blue Yellow Magenta Cyan Transparency Transparent Semi-Transparent Opaque. Font Size. 50% 75% 100% 125% 150% 175% 200% 300% 400%. Text Edge Style. None Raised Depressed Uniform Dropshadow. Font Family. Proportional Sans-Serif Monospace Sans-Serif Proportional Serif Monospace Serif Casual Script Small Caps I think im correct. But allso you need to change your game sensitivity for 5:4 ratio Defoult m_yaw is 0.022. If my game sensitivity was 2.0 on 2560 x 1440 my native resolution 16:9 My new sensitivity for 5:4 is: 2 * 0.022 / 0.01546875 = 2.844444444444444 .I checked in game. THen you move mice target lands at the same spot.

NRG Esports benjyfishy Fortnite Settings, Keybindings, Gear, Setup and Config - Including: Sensitivity X/Y, DPI, Resolution, Video Settings, Monitor, Mouse, Mousepad. Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Riot Games. A tactical 5v5 character-based shooter set in a near-future version of Earth. Some people describe Valorant as the perfect coming together of CS:GO and Overwatch. As Valorant is a slow-paced, tactical shooter we recommend a slightly lower sensitivity. Once you've entered all 5 required inputs, the converter will automatically give you your converted sensitivity and in/360 (cm/360) for both games. If you don't know your mouse's DPI, but plan to use the same mouse/mouse settings for both games, you can leave the default input values of 800 for both DPI fields Data Flag,CC,Player name,Team name,cm/360° (y, x),eDPI,DPI,Hz,Windows sensitivity,sensitivity,zoom_sensitivity_ratio,m_pitch,m_yaw,Mouse acceleration,m_rawinput. That's only true if you play stretched, on blackbars your m_yaw should be the same as on 16:9. You only need to change your m_yaw to 0.0165 when you stretch a 4:3/5:4 resolution to full screen. 2017-02-10 02:0

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The resolution slider works by rendering the game at a fraction of whatever your PC's base resolution is at. For example, if you are playing at 1920x1080, a Resolution setting of 0.6 would mean that the game is rendering at 6/10ths of 1920x1080. In general, if you are using something like a Chromebook, keep the resolution between 0.3 and 0.6 SUBSCRIBE to never miss a video from Jaeky!Join the notification squad by clicking the bell!Social Media ☁️ https://linktr.ee/jaekyBusiness Inquiries j.. Sentinels TenZ VALORANT Settings, Gear, Setup - Including: Sensitivity, Resolution, Crosshair, Keybinds, Monitor, Mouse, Mousepad, Keyboard, Headset Bugha uses an X and Y sensitivity of 12%, a targeting sensitivity of 30%, and a scoped sensitivity of 40%. These are quite low and allow for very exact movements and aiming. His scoped and targeted sensitivities are even lower still. These choices for Bugha's Fortnite settings allow him to make more exact movements

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Mongraal's sensitivity is set to 33% when targeting and scoped. General sensitivity is 5.8% on X and Y. This is slightly higher for targeting and scoped when compared with most players. His general is set quite low, which kind of evens this out. It makes his quick maneuvers when building even more impressive though A fundamental parameter of the strain gauge is its sensitivity to strain, expressed quantitatively as the gauge factor (GF). Gauge factor is defined as the ratio of fractional change in electrical resistance to the fractional change in length (strain): The Gauge Factor for metallic strain gauges is typically around 2 We have gathered the CS GO config, sensitivity, settings, crosshairs, mouse, keyboard and other hardware of all players of the 16 teams of the last Major for you. The table is even sortable by player name, team or sensitivity. This can be an incredibly valuable resource if you want to get your CS:GO game to the next level Valorant Pro Player Settings & Gear. From the release of its first trailers, Valorant has been anticipated to be one of the most popular competitive shooters. Many believe it could be a CS:GO killer because it takes skill-based shooters to the modern era. In fact, ex-professional CS:GO players, like Brax, declared they were making the.

100 Thieves Hiko VALORANT Settings, Gear, Setup - Including: Sensitivity, Resolution, Crosshair, Keybinds, Monitor, Mouse, Mousepad, Keyboard, Headset Hi, I want to change my in game resolution from 4:3 stretched to 16:9, but if I do so, my sensitivity feels different. Is there any way to 'keep' my old sensitivity? Somwhere on the internet I found people are using m_yaw command, but afaik it helps if u're changing 16:9 -> 4:3 not vice versa 400 dpi to 800 dpi converter fortnite Abhimannu Das5/Apr/2021 07:34 amValorant eDPI Calculator can help you find the right sensitivity settings in-game without changing your DPI for everyday use.Finding the right sensitivity is based more on personal preference and less on what other pro players use.You should find a comfortable eDPI that helps yo 800.327.7727. In metrology, using the correct terminology can be critical in getting the measurement information required. Three terms that are often incorrectly used interchangeably are accuracy, precision, and resolution. When speaking about the accuracy of a measurement, you are referring to the data's correctness

The second method is to have your Rust client show your FPS. After starting the Rust client, select F1 and go to the console screen. Type perf 1 (without the quotes) and hit ENTER. View fullsize. Once you connect to a server, your FPS will be shown in the lower left corner, in a large white font. This is only for Rust and will not be. Fortnite Stretched Resolutions Used By Pros & Streamers. Using a stretched custom resolution in Fortnite has become widely popular amongst many pro players and streamers. Many players report benefits of using a stretched resolution including a better field of view, and higher fps. If you wish to learn how to get a stretched resolution yourself. This showed that the power supply equipment had surprisingly high sensitivity, further confirming its feasibility as a precision pressure strain sensor. Download : Download high-res image (1006KB) Download : Download full-size image; Fig. 7. (a) PPS-2 hydrogel was used as an electrolyte to form a self-powered device with primary battery structure

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With particular reference to PDF, it refers to the measurement of the resolution of a computer display, correlated to the size of the display in inches and the total number of pixels in the horizontal and vertical directions. For instance, a 300 dpi PDF is a document that contains raster information sized to 300 PPI at the defined output. Sensitivity: 2.00. DPI: 400. Zoom Sensitivity: 1.10. Mouse type: VAXEEZYGEN NP-01 GLOSSY 6. Nicolai dev1ce Reedtz. Nicolai was born on 08 September 1995 in Denmark and currently plays as an AWPer as well as a rifler for Astralis. He is a consistent player, having played with Xyp9x and Dupreeh all his career and taking himself to the very top 1280x1024 if black bars on a BenQ monitor, since they recognise 1280x960 as 1280x1024, which will then shrink the image to a 5:4 res. Also, 1280x1024 has less image blur compared to x960 at the cost of 4* fov

Since the default FOV for CS:GO is 90, the below command would make your field of view larger by setting it to 120 (meaning you can see more in your camera): fov_cs_debug 120 Copy. And this command would make your FOV smaller by setting it to 50 (meaning you'd be able to see less than usually: fov_cs_debug 50 Copy I agree, completely. It does. But there is some to be studied here. My case: Two laptops, two screens - two outcomes. 1. 2K screen (2880x1800 - shown as 1440x900) - Retina 15 (2013) - glossy. I can read from it hours, and hours. I spend like 9h pe..

2021-02-25 — Present. Team Liquid. Elias Jamppi Olkkonen (born July 22, 2001) is a Finnish player who currently plays for Team Liquid. He is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who was most known for his time at ENCE Sensitivity to temperature is also intrinsic to a fiber Bragg grating. In this case, the main contributor to Bragg wavelength change is the variation of the silica refraction index induced by the thermo-optic effect (fig. 4). There is also a contribution from the thermal expansion which alters the period of the microstructure We demonstrate that excess intensity noise of soliton fiber lasers in the average power regime exceeding 10 mW can be reduced by increasing the intracavity dispersion and reducing the pump power. Based on this strategy, we present a polarization-maintaining picosecond Yb fiber laser mode-locked by a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror whose excess noise is equal to the shot noise at an optical.

This calculator helps you convert mouse sensitivity between games. Just pick your games and enter your sensitivity. If you type in your mouse DPI, it also shows how many centimeters (or inches) of mouse movement it takes to make a 360° turn in game. This is a better way to compare your sensitivity settings with others To calculate your total/true mouse sensitivity, you have to take your DPI/CPI and multiply it by your in-game sensitivity. If you for example got a CPI of 1200 and your in-game sens is 2.5, your total mouse sensitivity will be: 1200 x 2.5 = 3000. This requires that your Windows pointer speed is 6/11 (default) or you have set Raw Input ON. The database includes pro player settings, sensitivity, the best gaming gear, configs, setups, mice, keyboards, monitors, headsets, GPUs, statistics, and much more! The Purpose of ProSettings.com The site was founded by people who have been gaming for more than 20 years Learn about Shaiiko settings, gear, content & Shaiiko sensitivity (updated in July 2021) Shaiiko ABOUT: Shaiiko is an ESL player from France. Shaiiko reached 2nd place in Six November 2020 Major (Europe) as a member of the BDS team

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Nevertheless, the overall gains are small as the signal intensity is governed by a thermal population difference, determined by the Boltzmann factor: (1) P = tanh γ ℏ B 0 2 k B T. Here, P is the spin polarization, γ is its gyromagnetic ratio, and ℏ and k B are the reduced Planck constant and the Boltzmann constant, respectively. Besides the variation of the external magnetic field B 0. You can modify the m_yaw setting to make the X and Y axis 1:1 on a stretched 4:3 resolution, but this step will change your horizontal mouse sensitivity and a probably mess up your muscle memory. You can use our interactive comparisons to check the differences between both aspect ratios and see the advantage of fatter player models You could use 1600 x 900 to get more FPS, but your game will look slightly worse. These resolutions aren't stretched as the aspect ratio is 16:9 and you can follow this guide to using a stretched resolution in Fortnite. Frame Rate Limit: 240 FPS - This setting will depend on the refresh rate of your monitor The inclined-tube manometer has better sensitivity and resolution for low pressures. Figure 8. Low pressure and low differentials are better handled with an inclined-tube manometer, where 1 in. of vertical liquid height can be stretched to 12 in Follow My Twitter! https://twitter.com/itsjerian In this video, I compare all the major stretched resolutions that have become popular in Fortnite Battle Roy..

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In fact, playing on stretched resolution may make character models appear slightly smaller overall. 2) Vertical FOV. Even though stretching resolution in Fortnite doesn't increase hitbox size, it does increase vertical field-of-view (FOV). This means that players can see slightly more of the Y-axis on their screen Detection of the body S = K × T + C 40 < d ≤ 70 1.57 < d ≤ 2.76 K = 1600 mm 62.99/s (approach speed [assuming the walking speed of a person]) T = Maximum time required by the machine to stop + response time of the light curtai Albralelie's video settings. Some pros prefer playing with stretched aspect ratios like 4:3 and 5:4. But Albralelie, on the other hand, prefers playing at 16:9 for visual clarity. Stretched. Download : Download high-res image (163KB) Download : Download full-size image; Fig. 1. Two kinds of fatigue tests. (a) Introduce an initial cut in a sample, cyclically stretch the sample, calculate the amplitude of the energy release rate, G, and record the cut growth per cycle, dc/dN The Fortnite Pro sheet contains the latest Fortnite pro settings from the best competitive esports organizations out there. On this page you will find an updated list with the best gear setups (keyboard, monitor, PC, headset, mouse, gaming chair, microphone etc), video settings (graphics, resolution, aspect ratio, refresh rate etc.), mouse settings (sensitivity, polling rate, DPI,), keybinds.

Mouse Curvature Circumference Mouse Setup Sensitivity Zoom Raw. Razer Viper Ultimate: 1584 MPI 1.039 deg/mm 13.6 in/rev 34.6 cm/rev 800 DPI @ 1000 Hz 1.5: 1: On: Last updated on 2020-07-29 (352 days ago) Response from Tim at Thorlabs: Thank you for contacting us. We could stretch the OSA203 wavelength range towards 900nm while keeping the upper at 2500nm. However, the sensitivity will be lower below 1000nm. A typical scan rate can be ~2Hz for low resolution and low sensitivity and ~0.11 Hz for high resolution and high sensitivity

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both the sensitivity and resolution are increased compared to traditional IR. FTIR is much slower than traditional IR . 15) A primary difference between UV/vis spectroscopy and Atomic Absorption spectroscopy is: a) analytes must be aqueous soluble for UV/vis spectroscopy. b) AAS uses a hollow cathode lamp that emits IR radiatio The large physical separation between beads in the stretched sample allows for single bead resolution and the production of ion images with a high degree of uniformity. In relation to tissue section analyses, this bead separation allows for the detection of rare signals that may arise from a single or small number of cells to be more accurately. Combine your sensitivity with the magic number. To get your VALORANT sensitivity out from CS:GO, simply use a calculator or do a simple calculation on Google. Divide your CS:GO sensitivity by 3.18. The results will be the perfect sensitivity for your game in VALORANT. You can go ahead to your VALORANT client to apply the updated sensitivity you. A 1.5 GHz passive third harmonic superconducting cavity was proposed to improve the beam quality and lifetime in the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility Phase-II beamline project. Lifetime improvement highly depends on the resonant frequency of the passive third harmonic superconducting cavity. It is important that the operating frequency of the cavity is within the design range and the.

This resolution, will always provide you with 1:1 pixel ratio in your mouse movement, as it will not be stretched. So, for most, the native resolution, or some variant of it's aspect ratio (16:9 for 1080p / 720p or 4:3 for old CRT monitor resolutions such as 800x600 / 1024x768) will be perfectly fine Benjy David benjyfishy Fish is one of the most talented Fortnite players in Europe. Hailing from England, benjyfishy put himself on the map during the Fortnite World Cup 2019 qualifiers and.

2020-01-27 - Present. Sinners Esports. Sebastian beastik Daňo (born January 5, 1998) is a Czech professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who currently plays for Sinners Esports Twistzz. Team Liquid Russel Twistzz Van Dulken is a professional CS:GO player from Canada. He was born in 1999 and is currently playing for Team Liquid name as a rifler. Which Devices and Hardware

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Sensitivity achieved for the proposed sensor is 35.7 MHz / μ m — Monitoring of microdisplacement with ultrahigh resolution: 155: Wedge-shaped sliding block and T-shaped cantilever: Sensitivity of 2086.27 pm / mm with high resolution of 0.48 μ m achieved: Prestressed FBG bonded on frame from ends: Submicron deformation detection: 20 1. Aim Sensitivity: 0.2 and Below. Combined with the most comfortable mouse DPI, aim sensitivities that go from 0.2 and below often yield the most accurate and best results for all gamers. For the third time, though, your personal preferences are key. While it will help with your overall accuracy, it should be used only if your mousepad space. This ankle dorsiflexion can also be applied at the end of the SLR (knee extended) to stretch the roots further .This is known as the Bragard test ().Additional ankle dorsiflexion reduces the angle of the SLR by 9.5 ± 8.3 degrees (i.e. 21.5 ± 18.8%) in men and by 15.2 ± 9.5 degrees (25.9 ± 13.9%) in women .In a prospective study of 203 sciatica patients without a positive Lasègue test, the. In pregnancy, these lesions can appear on the abdomen, legs, arms, and buttocks. Stretch marks . Skin that's been stretched by pregnancy or weight gain, or shrunk by extreme weight loss, bears a. Boombl4. Team Natus Vincere Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov is a professional CS:GO player from Russia. He was born in 1998 and is currently playing for Team Natus Vincere as a rifler and in-game leader. Which Devices and Hardware. is Boombl4 using

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Here, we show a badge-reel-like stretch sensing device with a grating-structured triboelectric nanogenerator exhibiting a stretching sensitivity of 8 V mm−1, a minimum resolution of 0.6 mm, a. To fix it lower the r_res_vert value by the distorted pixel height (f.e. when running the game in 1080p change the value from '1080' to '1040'). Fix Diary notes not being saved [ edit ] If you have this issue, make sure your user.cfg file is not set as read only Reduced stretch reflex sensitivity and muscle stiffness after long-lasting stretch-shortening cycle exercise in humans. Eur J Appl Physiol 78: 403-410, 1998. Crossref | ISI | Google Scholar; 2 Benz RJ, Friden J, and Lieber RL. Simultaneous stiffness and force measurements reveal subtle injury to rabbit soleus muscles. Mol Cell Biochem 179: 147. Average baroreflex sensitivity to rising arterial pressures was similar among young and older men and women. The average number of DBP bins used to calculate baroreflex sensitivity to increasing and decreasing DBP was not different between groups and did not depend on whether DBP was falling or rising (ANOVA; P > 0.05, Table 3) B, Peak force versus number of stretch-release cycles. For stretches to SLs longer than ≈2.1 μm, force decreases linearly with the logarithm of the number of stretch-release cycles. At shorter SLs, force is more stable. C, Sensitivity of hysteresis and peak force to the number of stretch-release cycles (maximal SL, 2.35 μm)

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If you use different Windows sensitivity, check out this eDPI calculator and use it to find your eDPI. Your eDPI should range from 500 to 2000 depending on your playstyle. Everything above or below that isn't good so consider changing it. The zoom sensitivity refers to sensitivity while using the scope on rifles The resolution of the ionic touch strip will be limited by the resolution of the current meter. With a current meter, which has a resolution in the nanoampere range, the strip showed a resolution on the order of 10 −4 m (fig. S6). The gel strip was stretched to two times its initial length [stretch (λ) = 2, length (L) = 30 cm]

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The stress-stretch curve of the uncut sample may still exhibit a small hysteresis in the steady state. In the literature of cyclic fatigue crack growth in elastomers, to calculate W(λ 0), some authors integrated the loading part of the curve (Thomas, 1958), while others integrated the unloading part of the curve (Gent and Lai, 1994; Gent, 2012. To investigate the performance of diffusion-weighted (DW) MRI with mono-, bi- and stretched-exponential models in predicting pathologic complete response (pCR) to neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) for breast cancer, and further outline a predictive model of pCR combining DW MRI parameters, contrast-enhanced (CE) MRI findings, and/or clinical-pathologic variables In my example setup, I have a 14-inch laptop with a 1920×1080 screen resolution, and a 24-inch monitor with a 1920×1200 resolution. Windows can detect the difference in sizes and adjust itself accordingly: it's set the laptop to 150% visual scale (on-screen items are 50% larger than standard) and 100%, or default, for the monitor • Super high resolution at Full HD/1,920 x 1,080 created by high sensitivity MOS image sensor. • Maximum Screen Size is 2,048 x 1,536* @30fps, H.264 * Used by super resolution technology • Enhanced Super Dynamic*1 and ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch) technologies deliver 133 dB wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras • Super high resolution at Full HD/1,920 x 1,080 created by high sensitivity MOS image sensor. • Maximum Screen Size is 2,048 x 1,536* @30 fps, H.264 * Used by super resolution technology • Enhanced Super Dynamic*1 and ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch) technologies deliver 133 dB wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras